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World Chaos

What the Hell is going on?

This page used to be dedicated to all of the lies, manipulations and fraud going on in the world today. I spent years on this page providing my research and facts. So why did I delete it?

I came to see I was focusing so much on the negative that it would keep me stuck there, in 3D and in the negative timeline that I didnt want to be in.  I need to focus more on bringing in 5D and the healing of humanity.


When it comes down to it, these things do not matter in the big picture. The big picture is what we all must focus on now. 


So what is going on? -All darkness is coming to light. Thats it. All the lies and manipulations and fraud and evil...its all being disassembled and everything is coming to the surface to be healed and released. You may be seeing this in your personal life with yourself, job and relationships. Many people are seeing relationships fall apart and repressed memories coming to the surface. Everything that needs to be healed and released will come to the surface. You must pay attention to it. Do the work. Heal and then help others heal. 

I will now use this page to post positive things happening in the world.


.*I have seen people say on social media they have had student loans, car loans and mortgages wiped out. Last year a personal friend of mine had her $3,000 student loan wiped out. Saturday I received an alert from credit karma so I log in to see what the alert was and my student loan of almost $8,000 was paid off...and not by me! This is evidence of the benevolent monetary system coming.

Debts being erased

*Dr. Steven Greer did a 4 hour national press conference today.
He has briefed several presidents and CIA/FBI directors and Military commanders who have all been kept in the dark about black op alien encounters/technology.
This conference starts at the 50 minute mark. He provides many witnesses, documents, air force video, slideshows etc.
This video confirms Raytheon Technologies along with Lockheed Martin are the ones doing the fake alien abductions.

*After the land grab in Maui with the cutting off of power, keeping kids home from school, shutting off of water and blocking the roads, the people are waking up as shown in the many comments of Oprah's fund.

people are waking up maui land grab oprah

The video below is Alex Collier speaking after many years in 2021. If you dont know who he is, he has been a contactee via Andromeda's for 30 years. 

In this video, he talks about Earth's true history, humanity's true history, the awakening happening now and what is coming.

He also talks about how to handle the difficulty going on now, which I feel is most important.

France issues arrest warrant for Syria's President Bashar al-Assad.

Crimes against Humanity and War Crimes!!!

LINK To Reuters Story

Because I have become disgusted with the medical industry, and people I know who have gotten the Vax and are suffering from side effects, I have started to create my own supplements/cleanse line. The focus will be on heart health, diabetes, boosting the immune system, brain health and removing heavy mentals from the body. Once done, I will add a page to this. 

Not to mention Sports Illustrated basically shut down. What is happening to the media?

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