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The Matrix & Those Without Souls

How This Matrix Works

This matrix is essentially a computer. This program has a virus. The virus are mainly the reptilians. They hacked into this program and started emitting low frequencies all over the world to keep us at a low vibration. Over 12,000 years have passed and these machines all over the world are failing so they have had to decide where to focus the remaining machines at. The most are aimed at USA & Europe. The least amount of negative frequencies are Africa, Brazil & parts of Asia. These machines failing is what accounts for "glitches" people are seeing. People are also experiencing seeing more "paranormal" situations.The veil is being slowly lifted.

This matrix was to be a self-rehabilitation program, which it still is, however, the reptilians made it nearly impossible for anyone to be able to get out. The job of this matrix is to create situations which cause a reaction in you. If you are at a bar one night and some guy looks at you 'the wrong way' and you decide to beat him half to have failed your test. You must start over. You will keep having similar situations until you learn to let it not bother you. Then you have passed the test and you can move on to another one. You must control your emotions and control how to react to all situations. 

If something starts to happen to you, say, a sexual assault, you must stand your ground and say out-loud "NO! I DO NOT ACCEPT THIS". The matrix will insist you be a victim to this. Keep saying that statement over and over. Under Universal Law, the attack must stop. (Unless this is karma you must repay). The attacker is likely a non character player (NCP) and part of the matrix program, so they must stop.

Anytime I start to get a headache (for example) I say out loud: "This headache is unacceptable and I reject it. " Sometimes I will add "Remove this headache from my experience". Sometimes you will need to say it several times, but it will stop if this is a part of the matrix and not karmic reasons.  

As I went into on other pages, you must think of this place like a computer game. I use "The Sims" for examples. The matrix reads your thoughts and emotions and then sends you what you want. So, if you focus on what you dont want and negative issues like gossip, relationship problems, drinking, drugs etc, the matrix will send you more of this. So for example, if your focus is on partying with drinking or drugs, the matrix will ensure you encounter a problem. It could be jail or an addiction. If you have an anger problem, the matrix will send you people and situations which will test your anger. This is why many people practice "The Middle Path." That is, remaining in a neutral spot the majority of the time. This way, the matrix cant 'play' with you. 



People Without Souls


There are a lot less people in this world then you think. By that I mean, souls. *And before I get into this, let me just say that a person with or without a soul is still a person. They can be hurt and feel pain, so no one is to be treated as "less of a person" then anyone else. *


So, here on earth, there are "real people" and there are non character players (NCP's). "Real people" are those with a soul. NCP's are people with no soul inside. They are part of the matrix program and part of a hive mind. They cannot think for themselves and cannot be woken up. Many humans here have a reptilian soul that desires to be rehabilitated, others are original human's and part of Yahweh's group consciousness and then you have starseed's. Some starseeds have no mission and have just come for the thrill of it, so they usually cant be woken up either. Therefore, its nearly impossible to tell who has a soul and who doesnt. 


The information that I got is that 1 in 5 people have souls. It is those who manifest this reality. A person with no soul CAN obtain one if a walk-in soul wants to come into that body. NCP's are sometimes referred to as "Background People" as coined by Delores Cannon. These people do not exist when you are not looking at them. Example: You go out to dinner. the other people in the background that you wont interact with are probably all background people. They are only there as "extra's" for your experience.  All that exists right now, is what you are seeing. Everyone has their own personalized experience here. 

The video below is the BEST Ive seen about the matrix, how it works and how we are controlled by it. 

***Several have reported that they are being heavily distracted while trying to watch this (myself included. I had to watch it 4 times) Ironically, this is the matrix trying to stop you from watching it***

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