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Alien Abductions & The Grey's

Im sure some of you have had an abduction experience either being taken or almost taken by "the grey's". I have come across new information that is credible and my mind is just blown. 

The majority of these alien abductions (by the greys) are not being done by aliens. They are being done by the military all around the world. 

The negative agenda  knew they couldn't stop disclosure forever, so they decided if this was coming out, they would spin it in their favor. Instead of benevolent aliens coming to earth, they would create fear in all of humanity and tag them as our enemy. This is exactly what they do with other countries they want to go to war with. They get the media to lie about reasons we need war and then get us scared and angry and we agree to it. For the most part, none of it has ever been true. This is what happened with Nine-Eleven. The US government/military was responsible for that. All you have to do is look at all the witnesses that started ending up dead, and you will see something shady was going on. So they carried out Nine-Eleven and targeted our new enemy and what happened? Americans started losing their minds and attacking anyone who remotely resembled someone from the middle east and/or Islamic.  The negative agenda is highly intelligent and they know how to get away with these things. So, because of Nine-Eleven, Americans didn't object to a ramping up of national security. You see this anytime you go to the airport. Its all theatrics. Now, you can be arrested and held under a matter of "national security" and you have no rights under the constitution. 

Since they couldn't stop disclosure, they had to create a new enemy for us. -The aliens. The technology they have is 500 years ahead of what we are allowed to hear about and use. Free energy/zero point energy, healing, zero gravity...they have had it for many years. They created biological clones/android and started doing the cattle mutilations and abductions. Now you have a wave of horrific things being done at the hands of "evil" aliens, when none of it was actually them.

There ARE other alien races who do abduct humans, but these are other races and not the standard grey alien. 

They use very advanced technologies so covert programs can carry this out. The operation is being run out of a facility in New Mexico or Utah. This is very calibrated psychological warfare. If they put out enough scary information about aliens, humanity will support a war in space! The public is being dis-informed under the pretext of being informed. There are willing and un-willing participants in the UFO community. An example of an un-willing person would be David Icke who believes this is all true. An example of a willing person would be the founder of a particular UFO investigation group who hides any positive alien encounter and asks the person the leave the group.

This is the rule you can go by: if there is a lot of negative information and fear being projected along with a lot of money behind it (example, Hollywood movies), you can assume it is disinformation. 


Some of you have probably heard about Dr. Steven Greer M.D. He has written several books and made several films and also speaks at conferences like "Contact in the Desert". Dr. Greer was a medical Doctor who worked in ER. He had a near death experience which allowed him to fully awaken and with that, he began have alien encounters. He knew his mission from then on was to get disclosure done and he has been working on it since the early 90's. Dr. Greer ended up meeting with many, many political and military officials including the CIA director in 1993. The majority of the political figures had no idea any of this stuff was going on. They had no knowledge of UFO's, Aliens, advanced technologies...nothing. And when they asked about such things, they were warned or threatened. Even the president of the United States was not given any information. This is why Dr. Greer started gathering credible witnesses, whistleblowers and documents and started briefing these politicians and military officials. After the briefings, the majority were too terrified to do anything about it. They knew what would happen to them. The thing they DO all know about is this rouge, shadow government, break-off group- that is trans-national, pure evil and that operates outside of the law. Everyone outside of this group is their hostage. This group has very advanced technologies that they keep to themselves. Even the FBI, CIA and NSA have nothing compared to what this group has. Many prominent corporate people are kept drugged by this group as they use their money to back their projects. They are the single biggest threat to the future of humanity. They could end world hunger, poverty, illness and give us free energy, but they never will. 

As Dr. Greer was working to get disclosure off and running, one night he experienced sleep paralysis. He knew right away that this was a direct electromagnetic weapon and that they were trying to extract his astral body out of his physical body. Many alien abductions are done this way- with the removal of the astral body. They can harm the astral body and it will manifest in the physical body. (Sometimes they cut the silver cord connecting the two and the person dies of "natural causes". That is Project Amethyst- run by a black cell group at the NSA. ) There have been others who have encountered a craft and had the feeling like something was trying to pull their soul out of their body. This was done to threaten Dr. Greer. Being a very awakened person with the abilities to connect to Christ Consciousnesses, he was able to stop them from doing this.


The Black Cell Group

This group is the break off group of the shadow government. They are the core of all that is wrong with this world and they are pure evil. Its not the illuminati, or the Rothschild's or the Royal Family. They are all just puppet's at this point. Who they are is so absurd that its nearly impossible to believe. Think about this: if you were "Satan" and you needed a disguise, what would be the least obvious that would allow you to operate in plain sight? Im not going to say who they are, because then I would fear, not for my life, but those I love, but I will say that they are leaders/priests of certain break-off religious groups. This way, they have their disguise and they can manipulate through religions. They have convinced members of these groups that they must force the return of Christ by creating the end of the world. There are about 25 of these people who know the entire story and who run the entire world.  The most violent rogue operations are the ones that are connected to ideology. These are the people who feel that the only way for Christ to return is to destroy the world and for billions for people to be killed. They have no idea that this was meaning for us to return to Christ Consciousness. They think that God will literally show back up. This singular misinterpretation of scripture and prophecy may very well destroy the entire world. They somehow do not recognize that by their extreme beliefs in "God", they have become "The Devil". They are fully committed to this final battle between us and "the aliens."


More more detailed information about this, I urge you to buy Dr. Steven Greer's book "Hidden Truth Forbidden Knowledge"

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