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There are 2 kinds of karma; good and bad. One could win the lotto and be put in a wheelchair for life the same day; using a lot of good karma, while discharging a lot of bad karma. Karma is caused by emotions, the 2 main ones are Love (positive) and Fear (negative), and actions.

An exception is a "ghost" ( a soul that chose to get out of the reincarnation cycle). A ghost is the soul of someone who has died and refused to go to the soul plane. The ghost still has an etheric body, may do evil, and get bad karma. Anything one does to hurt anyone else in any way incites bad karma and it will be discharged later by something bad happening to you, though one may reduce it, or get to discharge it in more mild ways through forgiveness. For a victimless crime one does not get bad karma, but if you get caught and are punished, (prison), you will be discharging bad karma. Doing something good for another, without expecting to be properly compensated, gets one good karma. It would be wise to accumulate as much as you can reasonably get. Good karma is discharged when you get something good; often unexpected. Good karma is mainly responsible for the quality of life you are born into. A sports star would have had good karma from previous lives in order to get the great life or high quality reality. The lifestyle a sports star has is a good example of using good karma.

The average person in the world gets 5 points of bad karma a week and 4 points of good karma a week. Those qualified for ascension have 3 bad and 7 good as averages. It’s not that difficult to get your bad karma down to 1 or 2 a week and get your good karma up to 8 to 10 a week.  Just carefully examine what you do. Bad karma is actually 1.5 times more important than good. The average amount of total good karma is 350, for those qualified for ascension, and Those qualified for ascension, is 650.

To get bad karma one must hurt someone in any way; cause other(s) to have do more work (unnecessarily); make someone feel bad; waste something; throw something away that someone else wants; doesn’t give something to someone or other(s) when you are supposed to; pollute the environment; rob; kill; rape, etc.. Never retaliate when you are wronged or you will get bad karma. If you’re holding a grudge against someone, forgive them and get rid of a lot of bad karma.

To get good Karma one can help someone, or many people, in any way; make one feel good, or better, or clean the environment. Use your imagination – there are more ways.

The average bad karma one gets in a week needs to be discharged, plus a little bit more, of what one already has. If the weekly bad karma is high and/or the weekly good karma is low, this is what makes one’s life tough or hellish. So lower the weekly average of bad, and discharge more, raise the weekly good (improve your Karma Footprint) and the quality of life goes up. It can even be fun! The weekly good karma one gets, one uses most of it to get good things or have things go your way, and saves a little to add to one’s total, used in getting better next lives.

If one has high weekly bad karma, and to a lesser extent low weekly good karma, (a poor Karma Footprint), one has a lower quality of life, because one has to discharge that bad karma by facing problems to solve, crap to deal with, and lots of things not going your way, while low weekly good karma causes you to get less good stuff and to have less things work out your way. Plus, use your imagination and observational skills to see stuff I missed that are valid in your own life that would be improved if you have a better Karma Footprint so to speak.

Your total karma is used in getting to choose your next life. If your bad karma is high, you are forced to choose a life where you discharge all or a significant part of it. So if your bad karma is really high, you may have to pick a life where you are crippled or get tortured to death, or even sacrificed as a baby by Satanists. (There is where that horror comes in. Im always asked why these terrible things happen and the answer is usually, karma). Usually you would get to pick a life with constant problems to solve, crap to deal with, or hardly anything goes your way. So people that have these lives are not getting them by bad luck, they were forced to choose them. If you are  qualified for ascension, you’ll need to reduce your bad karma, and/or increase your good karma at a fast pace in order to prepare for the next realm you will be living in. Your total good karma determines if you get an easy, fun, happy life, or a hard, maybe miserable, one, especially as a child. 

One can save some of their weekly good karma is to cash it in on the soul plane to get a good next life, so the more one has, the better the options one gets in the possible next life one can choose. So get your average weekly good karma as high as possible, so you get to save a lot in order to get great options on your next life, as well as keeping your average weekly bad karma low, and also choose a next life where you can easily get to accumulate a lot good karma for your next life after the new one your in. 

One is only allowed to discharge their total bad at a very slow rate, .32 per week is the fastest rate, and one is only allowed to discharge so much per life, about 60, but they must discharge their whole weekly average unless it gets real high, like a constant criminal, or a mercenary in war fighting on the evil side, or maybe just do a hit and run in a parking lot. So if your average weekly bad karma is high, like 8 or 9, your life will be very tough and hellish.

Different arrangements on this are agreed to on the soul plane in between lives for discharging bad karma, or getting an easy life to get good karma. You could agree to be tortured to death to get rid of 500 or 600 of bad karma. Something like this happens to about 1/4 of the souls during the 1st cycle of 3rd density.


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