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Did you just find out you are a starseed?

How exciting! I know that this is a strange and scary time for you right now, but the most important thing to know is that YOU ARE NOT ALONE! There are many of us here and we have all been where you are right now. 

When starting to wake up, I know everyone has those 3 questions: 

1. WHO am I?  

2. WHY am I here?

3. What the **** is going on?

Hopefully, I was able to answer the first question for you. 

Below you will find some info on the more known alien races and after you are done reading about your race, it is VITAL that you read about THE FALSE LIGHT. As a starseed, you WILL need the truth on this matter!



After learning more about your alien heritage, please scroll down to the bottom to see a meditation that will help you connect with them if you so desire and then follow the link for help on what to do next.



Ok, lets start off by listing common words and their definitions, since they are sometimes misused or misunderstood in the spiritual and new age community.

'Starseed'- A soul originating outside of a human body and of earth (an alien soul) who has incarnated into a human body in order to complete a mission on Earth. Not everyone is a starseed. There are original humans. 

'Indigo'- Souls with the 6th dimensional frequency band of consciousness activated, which is the 6th Chakra and its brain complex . Indigos are born with an active 6th DNA strand that gives them the Indigo Color Spectrum of Frequency in their Auric field. These races were sent to the Earth as representatives for the Guardians and protectors to prevent this planet from descension into a fallen or descending Phantom Matrix. The Indigos are here to fulfill this planet's Ascension cycle by holding the higher frequency and light codes required to support the planetary grids into activation of higher DNA coding. 

Indigos Type 1 and Indigos Type 2 carry dormant within their cellular memory the heritage of the Oraphim ancestry, which is a forward DNA template. 

Indigos Type 1 have a 48 Strand DNA Template, while the Indigos Type 2 have a 24 Strand DNA Template. They began incarnating in preparation for the Activation Cycle that is currently in progress.

 Indigo Children Type 3 have a maximum of a 12 Strand DNA Template.   Indigo Type 3’s have a dominant human Oraphim soul co-sharing the body with a Fallen Annu-Elohim Pleiadian-Nibiruian Nephilim soul that is in reverse. The point of two souls sharing one body is to restore the missing 12th DNA strand that is missing from the Anunnaki DNA template. 

Indigo Type-3's are the children who have been targeted by the recent Illuminati "ADD-ADHD Campaigns". In this campaign, a false set of symptoms that represent symptoms of difficulty in 6th-DNA Strand Template activation (common to Indigo-Type-3s) were established by certain drug companies on behalf of Illuminati organizations. Children displaying the "symptoms" are pushed into drug therapy. The drug therapy suppresses natural DNA Strand Template activation. Indigo-Type-3s are predominantly Lyran-Sirian-Oraphim-Angelic Human soul essences who are assisting in the evolution of the less evolved, often aggressive, Nephilim soul with whom they share the body. In some Indigo Type-3s, the Nephilim soul attempts to take over dominion of the body and personality, which disrupts the natural balances of the bio-energetic field systems, brain chemicals and hormonal production. These bio-chemical disruptions, caused by core essence bi-soul conflict within the DNA Template core, can create occasional or chronic extremes of mental and emotional polarity, such as legitimate cases of "Clinical Schizophrenia" or "Split Personality Syndrome". If you think you may be an Indigo 3, you can get more details and help here: 


'Crystal Child'-The Crystal children began to appear on the planet from about 1990-2010, although a few scouts came earlier. Their main purpose is to take us to the next level in our evolution and reveal to us our inner and higher power. They are also advocates for love and peace on this planet.

They are mostly born into the Gold Ray of Incarnation and Evolution, which means they have access to gifts of clairvoyance and healing. They are born on the sixth dimension of consciousness, with the potential to open up rapidly to the ninth dimensional level of full Christ consciousness, and then from there to the thirteenth dimension, which represents universal consciousness. Crystals are usually born to an Indigo parent. 

'Rainbow Child'-  Rainbow kids are from the ninth dimension of consciousness. They're highly evolved and spiritually advanced souls who just like Crystal and Indigo children, are here to use their special skills and abilities to share and teach peace and harmony and to help raise the vibration for all of humanity. The most distinctive characteristic of Rainbow Children is that they are incarnating free from negative karma.

As a result, you’ll see that most Rainbows are born into loving and stable homes (most often being born to Crystal and Indigo adults), as opposed to entering into dysfunctional homes where there might be lessons to learn or hardships to overcome.

Rainbow’s are more spiritually evolved that most people on the planet, and some are even spiritual avatars who have come to guide us forward.

'Lightworker'- An advanced original human soul who is going through the ascension process. Original humans are the group consciousness of Yahweh. Only they dont know it. Well...they know it deep inside, but do not remember.

'Walk-In Starseed'- A walk in starseed is a starseed who has entered a human body when the original soul either failed their mission or doesnt wish to continue in their mission. This is a great video explaining walk-ins and how this works:  There is a tv show on Netflix called "Travelers" that is about starseeds coming back in time to save the earth. I highly recommend watching the series.

'Higher Self' or 'Oversoul'- Your higher self is you in a higher dimension. After the fall of Atlantis, your higher self was put into a sort of dream type status and your soul was fractioned off and put into a human body. The soul you have now is only a very small part of who you are. Its important for you to understand the human body is a prison. As a human, you are trapped in matter.

Spirit GuidesI am not very keen on many of the ‘spirit guides’ who come and get you after you have departed from your body at death; most of them are workers for the false light reincarnation matrix. Be particularly on your guard if they tell you to follow them ‘into the light’ or ‘to the tunnel’, or go see relatives. If you choose to go with them, you will end up in the recycling system again with full amnesia, and then being shot down into a new body here on Earth.  The deceptive spirit guides may manifest themselves in the astral as angels, relatives, friends, a pleasant being, or perhaps even as Jesus or one of his disciples if the person is Christian.

The benevolent Spirit Guides are usually either higher version of yourself, or family members, ready to take you home when you die and are in a higher state of consciousness and awareness. A good thing to do when you’re on your death-bed is to imagine yourself being where you want to be and ask for help only by those who have your absolute best interests in mind! But don’t hesitate to ask for guidance when you die. If your death is sudden and unexpected, and you suddenly find yourself disconnected from your body, go ahead and imagine it right there and then, and again, don’t hesitate to ask for assistance, but only from those who have your best interests in mind! This, of course, is very important.


'Ascension'- The process of ascension is raising yourself in vibration and raising your consciousness.



'Enlightenment'- Many spiritual people claim to be enlightened. True enlightenment comes when you have turned your physical body into pure light and not a moment sooner. 



The 144,000Higher self or over-soul projects itself as six male/female souls.  There are

twelve higher selves in a Monad and 144,000 Monads in a soul group. That figure, some of you have heard before in religious teachings. 

Andromedan alien


Andromedans come from the region of the Andromeda constellation and from a star system in that constellation they call Zenetae.

Andromedan starseeds are a strong driving force behind social evolution and revolution.

"These are human types from constellation of Andromeda. These people are 6.5 to more than 7.5 ft tall. Their skin tone is light blue but as the people age their skin gradually turns to white. They are genuinely benevolent 5th dimensional beings. They like many civilizations on their level travel in advanced starships capable of solar system travel, as well as Dimensional and time travel. They’re more than 6,000 years ahead of us technologically and 40,000 years in spirituality. Those ET’s from Andromeda are also described by Alex Collier as having been direct descendents of the Lyrans who experienced some difficulty when first leaving the Lyran system due to predatory extraterrestrial races, but eventually settled in the Andromeda constellation in the star system ‘Zenetae.’ Collier describes the nature of the Andromedans as follows: Everything that they create technologically is used for the advancement of their race. It is for educational purposes only. But, it can be used in defense. No, they do not have a military, per se, they are scientists. What they do is send their children to school anywhere from 150 to 200 years, in our linear time. They teach their students all of the arts and sciences. They are literally masters at everything. Then, at that point, they have the choice in what it is they want to do, and they can change their minds anytime and do something else. So, they are given all the tools. Everything is for education. Nothing is for distraction. They would never conceive of creating television as a distraction. Never. Everything is to help them evolve, and their science and their technology can be used for defensive purposes — mostly the holographic stuff. The most significant feature of the Andromedans is that they are instrumental in the Andromeda Council which is a grouping of approximately 140 star systems who deliberate upon group concerns. In a 1997 Interview, Collier described the Council’s deliberations as follows: Now, in our galaxy there are many councils. I don’t know everything about all those councils, but I do know about the Andromedan council, which is a group of beings from 139 different star systems that come together and discuss what is going on in the galaxy. It is not a political body. What they have been recently discussing is the tyranny in our future, 357 years from now, because that affects everybody. Apparently what they have done, through time travel, is that they have been able to figure out where the significant shift in energy occurred that causes the tyranny 357 years in our future. They have traced it back to our solar system, and they have been able to further track it down to Earth, Earth’s moon and Mars. Those three places. The very first meeting the Andromedan council had was to decide whether or not to directly intervene with what was going on here. According to Moraney, there were only 78 systems that met this first time. Of those 78, just short of half decided that they wanted nothing to do with us at all, regardless of the problems. I think it is really important that you know why they wanted nothing to do with us. We are talking about star systems that are hundreds of millions of light years away from us. Even some who have never met us. They just knew the vibration of the planet reflected those on it. The reasons why they wanted nothing to do with us is that from their perspective, Earth humans don’t respect themselves, each other or the planet. What possibly can be the value of Earth humans? Fortunately, the majority of the council gave the opinion that because Earth has been manipulated for over 5,700 years, that we deserved an opportunity to prove ourselves – to at least have a shot at proving the other part of the council wrong. Another contactee who mentions the Andromedans is ‘Adrian’ who was extensively interviewed by researcher Sean David Morton and found to be credible. Adrian’s testimony was supported by extensive photos, film and witness testimonies. According to ‘Adrian’, the Andromedans play an important role in forming councils that deliberate on Earth’s future thereby independently confirming Collier’s testimony. The Andromedans are one of the main extraterrestrial races most responsible for crop circles. He argues that the crop circles are intended both to inspire humans with the possibility of extraterrestrial communications, and to warn negative extraterrestrials of the consequences of their actions to control and manipulate humanity. The Andromedans’ chief activity appears to be facilitating decisions of the Galactic community in dealing with difficult problems such as the current Earth situation, innovative strategies for resolving conflict, the education of youth and inspiring humanity with the possibilities of extraterrestrial contact. The global solutions they promote include assisting the growth of psychic/crystal/rainbow children, peace education, exposing elite manipulation, promoting improved global governance, and diplomacy and conflict resolution."

Positive Andromedans

"Andromedans (Zenetae)

Andromedans human beings Zenetae system in the Andromeda Galaxy, its appearance also corresponds to our own but also have features such as: skin bluish, whitish and sometimes rojisos, height is very variable and can range from EL1. 2.30mts 60mts up tall, some of them do not have hair. Andromedans came to the solar system to support this region of the galaxy evolution, in addition to assisting other benevolent races to "fight" the dark forces of Orion and Alpha Draconis. They were attributed many of the "Crop Circles" in the UK. They are a highly advanced race in the technological and spiritual sense, it is said that long ago they went through a similar crisis in their civilization as sufieron of dictatorship and were about to be "conquered" by forces so draconian and Cassiopeia Arctuarianos and assisted them there until "then" evolved in a great degree. They argue that the essence of creation is fenenima polarity and conceive of "God" or "Being" as they call it a female and not male body is believed on Earth. The main message of the Andromedans is to elevate our consciousness and work and come together as a race to get rid of the Control System."

Negative Andromedans

"This is a little bit shadier, but it looks like there is a rebel group here too, who followed the Sirians on their mission and who now embrace the Patriarchal Movement. This rebel group would possibly be the group Alex Collier was in contact with. Normally, the group called the 'Andromedans' are part of the Orion Empire and know that the Universe is Feminine. The reason I believe Collier's group is a rebel group belonging to the Sirian Alliance is because they tell us that God is masculine. If they are Andromedans, they know better than that, but are playing the Patriarch game together with the Sirians. "

Read more about Andromedans here:

Andromeda meditations & Activations:


Books For Andromedan Starseeds:

Divine Architecture and the Starseed Template: Matrix Memory Triggers for Ascension by Magenta Pixie

A Starseed Guide Andromeda,Pleiades, and Sirius by Eva Marquez

Journal of a Starseed: Discovering the Real World by Charis Brown Malloy

Consciousness and The Alien Mind by Robert Lomax

(Free e-book here: )

sirian alien hybrid


The Sirians are  humanoid, Aquatic Humanoid, dolphin, reptilian and whale races. They had contact with the Myans. 

Their buildings looks like sponges or rocks with rounded windows. Similar to Art Neuvo. Most reproduce sexually. They tend to lack personal space boundaries. 

"The Sirians are an alternative bunch. They are very different from the other starseeds, because they have so many mixed traits. I have known Sirians to be the types of energies that seek truth, but they seem to fall into this denial of it when they come across it. They want to have an answer to everything, that a short explanation will not suit them. If they hear one in short, it will not interest them anymore. They will seek for something more elsewhere. Alot of the Sirians that I met have an avid disinterest in appearances. They wear what is comfortable, and that's that. They are attractive people, but eccentric at the same time. Actually , eccentric is not the best word. It goes beyond that. They have been priests, shamans, wizards, druids, and any magical decree, because they feel so inclined towards the magical aspect of life, they see magic in everything. Crystals, Wands, Staffs, cloaks, medieval dress. They love it! In Sirius, they are avid energy workers, and magic here, is just another word for energy work. The are not limited to any one type of magic, they will be involved in any type of magical arts you can find out there. They are one of the fantastical soul types, who really try to promote dragons, unicorns, and mermaids, and some have even have experiences as those things. Sirians, are very dungeon and dragony. Astrologers, Enochian Magicians, and fans of Merlin, who was Sirians first and later a wise one. That is here though, there in Sirius, they are masters of the law of attraction, and on earth they love nature. You could find one sitting in the forest completely happy, sitting by a stream. They would see the magic in that too. Their major sources of energy are earth magic, and water energy. They usually work with that mainly.

People with an origin of Sirius, are strong in their beliefs, and very withdrawn. They are their own best friends, and sometimes, their worst enemies. They are very accepting of others, but extremely critical of themselves, and any traumatic experiences that they go through in life, sticks with them, as they have the hardest time getting past any kind of emotional experiences of their past. They hold onto ti, because it is their motivation to rise above any hardships in life. They often get misdiagnosed with bipolar disorder, and depression or social anxiety, because of their hard time with coping. They are extremely empathic, and sensitive. I can not stress that enough. Sirians are funny too, but they rarely show that side of them, and only do so with that one trusted friend that they have had around since childhood. Their circle of friends is small. One or two people that they are loyal to, will be who you find them hanging around with. They do let outsiders in. Many see them as being an outcast in life, because they do not ever fit into one social group. They make one of their own with the people that they gather from different walks of life, and styles. Intergalactic people of an advanced star system, that find the simplicity of earth life very boring, and lethargic. They crave to go home, and often have a hard time fitting in. The are great at technology, computers, and electronics, and find these things easy to use in one try.

The men love music, usually muscians, computer techs, mechanics, and repairs. The women are another story. You will see the Sirians women on earth, wearing gothic like clothing and makeup or futuristic fashion. The Sirians find that sex is a great out let for the emotions, and are very freaky.

Now, there has been times I have come across a Sirian who is nothin like these traits at all. Strange, but there are some who try to blend in with normal society. However, a true Sirian is a rebel without a cause, and hates any stereotypes, or social classifications." - Alura Cei(


Rebel Sirians: After Alpha Dracos invaded Sirius, a small group of Sirians aligned with the Dracos and have been working with them.


Sirian Activation:

Books For Sirian Starseeds:

A Starseed Guide Andromeda,Pleiades, and Sirius by Eva Marquez

No More Secrets, No More Lies: A Handbook to Starseed Awakening (Sirian Revelations) by Patricia Cori


While I do not have any starseed indicators for the Annunaki, this is a very good videos that lists personality traits as well as offering to help to see if you are an Annunaki starseed.

Lyra alien hybrid


"The constellation of Lyra contains many races from many star systems existing primarily in the 4th dimension. Long recognized in Earths mythology Lyra is attributed to be the cradle of galactic human expansion. Some of the races that come from Lyra include:

– Paschat – a humanoid with cat-like features and qualities.

– Caucasian Humanoids – light skin and light eye combinations with thin to muscular builds. Most of our genetic forefathers came from this category, although Earth humans contain a large mixture of extraterrestrial genetics from different influences.

– Darker Skinned Humanoids – skin color resembles a lighter chocolate brown, brown and green eyes with dark brown hair.

Urmah- Large cat race on Vega. Look like Lions, Tigers & Panthers (more on this below)

– Bird Like Humanoid – this race is not to be confused with birds, they are mammals whos features are very different from humanoid. They have bird like features and are very cool and intellectual. They do not take part in galactic politics and consider themselves to be scientists, explorers and philosophers.

– Lyran Redheads – a race with Celtic like qualities: red to strawberry blonde hair, very fair skin, very large in stature almost giant like. They actually gave rise to some Norse mythology in their interaction with Earth humans in the past.

– Vegans – from the Vega star system, the brightest star in the Lyra constellation. These beings have very dark skin, sometimes copper toned, with black hair. They have large dark eyes with one lid and their blood is green. There are also non humanoid races in the Vega system".

"Lyra and Vega are in the same vicinity but do have very different traits, as well as some similar ones. 

The Lyrans, they are 32,900 light years away. There a few races in lyra, but it is predominantly feline. They are ancient, and been around for eons. They hold an esoteric wisdom beyond and understanding here, although they have tried to teach it to earthlings in the days of Lemuria and Atlantis, when some of them tried to settle here. They are a 4th dimensional vibration, and although live etherically, they can manifest physically, and adapt to any environment. 

 Lyrans are spunky, They have a spontaneous energy or can be so regal and laid back, that they carry an air of wisdom that makes them appear to be conservative. They like to be the first to try many things, but seldom finish projects because their energy loses interest after short while. However, you will see them with their hands into many different things, and they can labeled as a bit eccentric.

Lyrans have many leadership tendencies when around others who are of a different origin than them, but with others, they get quiet and observant. They may even be labeled as stuck or snobby due to their quiet reserved appearance when in a crowd of unknown people, due to being so watchful. They like to understand who they are around, and have a great awareness that leads to know who is about what. That has led them to make the perfect choices in friends. However, they do tend to lean toward the underdogs, who thrive on the Lyrans ability to lead them, fix them, and make them feel important.

They like to seek out a good thrill, and love to be the center of a good adventure, that can sometimes lead them into trouble, however, the always learn from it, and use the lessons to better themselves even further.

Lyrans have very strong emotions. They never seem to be breakable, they are the rocks of support for others, but they really have a sea of emotions deep down inside, it's just that they just try to be the ones who are the shoulders to lean on for others all of the time, and they will vent the emotion in another way later after they feel the person who is relying on them has been comforted enough. They are extremely passionate with their lovers, and even have a bit of trouble settling down, because they like different personalities and experiencing them, so they tend to bore easily in relationships, and seek out someone else to get to know. The Lyrans I have known, have huge hearts. They are giving, generous, and very open and trusting with everyone at first, but they do keep an eye out at all times for betrayal. The trust, but never fully. They will never be anyone's sucker or fool. They are hard workers, but will find easy ways to get around the laborous stuff. For some reason they have a short cut for everything, when others do it the technical way. They are very family oriented and protective over their families, even a bit possessive sometimes, as an feline is. They also love to keep up with apearance, and take a great pride in their grooming so to speak. Lyrans, are highly intelligent, and do not even need to be educated in some subjects. They have this knowing of things unlearned here, that they get from their teachings back in Lyra. They are not really the types to want to read a book, but once they do, they will realize that they knew the info already anyway.

Those with a lyran energy, have a great instinct in life, and can rely on their gut to tell them the truth. They can detect a lie, or sham anywhere, and see right through people with this inner sensation that guides them through the naval chakra.

For the Lyrans, there are some down traits as with any being here on Earth. If they do not know how to work with their origin energy. In Lyra they are perfect of course, being 4th dimensional and all. But here, they can have a bit of a temper. Not a rage, or anything, but if they are mad, look out. However they are mainly easy going, and lovable until provoked. They also can get extremely insecure if they do not know how to work with this energy While many are confident, there are some who feel really self conscious, and needy of reassurance. Some, not all. That is why I say that the traits placed online or in other videos can not be reliable. they say that the person has to have all of the traits, or they are not one, but the truth is, many come here unawakened, not knowing how to work with the element of their origin.

Lyrans without control, can also be a bit jealous, but very passive. they like to make their partners happy, so much so, that they let them make all of the decisions sometimes, which is not like their character back home. In Lyra, they would be very self assertive. Mixing the traits with earth energy can have reverse affects. They can also be impatient, and seem moody and aloof if there is nothing exciting going on, They need constant stimulation, and change to be happy. Staying in one place could depress them.

When in Lyra, they had the positive traits magnified, but here, that is how they operate with earth energy. Very loving, very giving, and needing alot of stimulation in this world. Their energy is very high in vibration and they can not be idle for long. I may also add, that they have incredible sense of fashion as well."- Alura Cei(

Most Vegans are not in alliance with the Sirians, but there is a rebel group here as well, who were manipulated into joining the Sirian group. The Vegans are otherwise very skilled Creator Gods, and have seeded many planets in this sector of the Universe. It’s an old race; probably one of the first in the Milky Way Galaxy. On their home planet, they look similar to the Vulcans in Star Trek, and is probably where the idea to the Vulcans come from. Most Vegans are still residing in the Vega system and have nothing to do with this rebel group.

Urmah race on Vega specifically:

Urmah is a race of large cats: Lions, Tigers and Panthers on 2 feet. This is where we get our Lions, Tigers, Panthers and domestic cats. They were an invasive species but are now peaceful and very loving. Highly spiritual. They are telepathic, empathic and still purr. They are very fierce warriors when they need to be. They are carnivores but only eat synthetic meat. 

Lyran Activation:

Books For Lyran Starseeds:

The Prism of Lyra: An Exploration of Human Galactic Heritage by Lyssa Royal

Divine Architecture and the Starseed Template: Matrix Memory Triggers for Ascension by Magenta Pixie

Journal of a Starseed: Discovering the Real World by Charis Brown Malloy


The Elohim

Based on the Brown Driver Briggs’s Hebrew Dictionary, the meaning of ELOHIM is 'God's divine beings’. The Elohim are angelic's. In the angelic hierarchy, the Elohim are 2 stations above the Archangels, so Elohim starseeds are what are knows as "Earth Angels".  Not much else is known for sure.



Tau Cetians

Tau Cetians are sentient inhabitants and a galactic humanoid and a bear-like mammaloid. 

Galactic humanoids closely resemble humans from Constellation of Hercules. Three major skin colors: brown (including a copper tone), red, and green (light and dark). Brown-skinned humans have light brown to copper-colored hair, or black to red-orange hair. Eyes range from greens and blues to browns and grays. Males are very well-proportioned and 7 feet to 8.5 feet (2.13 to 2.59 meters) tall. Women range from just over 6.5 feet to almost 8 feet (1.98 to 2.40 meters) in height. Green-skinned humans have light green to blonde or brown hair with green, hazel or steel-blue eyes, and are the same relative heights as brown-skinned humans. Red-skinned humans have red, orange or blonde hair with red, brown or dark blue eyes, and are also the same size as the other two types of humans. In all cases, females are quite buxom.

Bear-like mammaloids of Tau Ceti are huge, furry Beings with small furry tails and bear-like bodies covered in brown, black or blonde fur. Heads are bear-shaped but with a smaller muzzle. Teeth resemble those of a galactic human rather than of an Earth bear. Eyes are set forward and, like those of humans, are brown, blue or black. Ears, at the side of the head just above the eyes, resemble those of Earth’s bears. Highly sentient Beings walk on two legs, hence have a higher center of gravity than bears on Earth. Two muscular arms with paw-like hands containing five stubby claw-laden fingers. Very muscular legs end in very short feet with five stubby toes. Range in height from 9 to 12 feet (2.74 to 3.66 meters).

Special Traits and Abilities: Known for their abilities to design some of most advanced ships in Galactic Federation’s exploration fleets. Also considered some of best pilots and navigators in galaxy.

Average Amount of Sleep Needed: Average amount of sleep needed: Both species require only 1 to 2 hours per day.

They are helping to expose extraterrestrial subversion and control by identifying who the corrupt elites are and what institutions they own and operate on earth. They are exposing government’s financial corruption and manipulation operations on earth. They are dealing with mind control and militarism of humanity.

Tau Cetians followed the Grey Aliens to earth because the Reptilians and Greys had attacked and killed many of them and stole their children. In the 1950s the Tau Cetians signed an agreement with the Soviet Union to have bases and atmospheric freedom to travel in. In exchange the Tau Cetians would help the Soviets retain global domination and destroy the Reptilians and Greys.

Tau Cetians are 5 and half foot tall with a barrel chested dense body 180-200 pounds but not fat, tanned looking skin with short hair cuts that lay flat against their heads. They are humanoid except the nose is broad and flat with brown eyes. Tau Cetians shared their DNA with Eastern Europe from Serbia to the slopes of the Ural Mountains. Geographically the Tau Ceti star system resembled this area of earth. Tau Cetians were aggressive and liked cold climates.

TAU CETI is a star in the constellation Cetus just 12 light-years away, a relatively close star. It is stable and similar to the sun.

Their Ships: Scouts are huge, diamond-shaped, plasma craft about 200 to 250 feet (61 to 76.2 meters) long. Mother ships are usually the command ships of Galactic Federation exploration fleets. They look like a series of multi-layered blood cells in stacks of 20 to 50 cells, and vary from 4 miles to 44 miles (6.44 to 70.84 kilometers) in diameter. 

draco reptilians

Alpha Draco

Many Draco starseeds get very upset to find out they are from Draco. Draco's have been given a bad reputation by the information out there on Alpha Draco's. BUT...just like any race....they are not all bad. Just like humans, there is a mix of young souls, old souls, manipulative souls, very kind souls....souls that are out to conquer and rule...and souls which are at one with nature and only wish to help others. Much wisdom comes out of Draco. So, remember this!

'Draco starseeds are good scientists, mathematicians, politicians, actors, and engineers... Many even go on to become professors in ancient history. They are intelligent, analytical, very assured and motivated,

most are successful, they are good at reading others, good at being very persuasive, directly spoken, blunt and charismatic, witty, and clever

and are strong willed.'


The nasty information you may have heard about a group of Alpha Draco's that are associated with the Satanic Orion Group is true, however, its important to know and understand that these Draco's have been taken over by archons. They are not in control of their free will and many of the original souls left that body long ago. 

The Red Dracos

These are the ones in charge of the Draconian still residing in Draco. Most of the Dracos are these days willingly working with the Orion group. They have reddish skin, wings, horns, and tails. This is how we got the image of the Devil. They are known to be ferocious soldiers. 

.The Green Dracos

These are the worker class. They are considered a ‘lower caste’ and simply do as they are told. They are not trained warriors like the Red, but they are still territorial, which is a common Reptilian trait, and would get hostile if provoked, and definitely if they were ordered to.


Alpha Draco's are not actually from there. They are from another galaxy and another timeline. The Saraphim from the bible are actually benevolent winged reptilians. The polar opposite of those would be the fallen Saraphim-Draconians who are very negative. These are the "Mothman" sightings. 

Another race out of Draco would be the Oolna (sp? Im not sure if this is spelled correctly). They are a VERY large dragon race. This race is now benevolent and vegan. It is unknown if this race has starseeds here, but if you have memories of dragons and/or a very strong pull towards dragons- this could be your soul family.

Books For Draco Starseeds:

Divine Architecture and the Starseed Template: Matrix Memory Triggers for Ascension by Magenta Pixie

Journal of a Starseed: Discovering the Real World by Charis Brown Malloy

pleiades alien hybrid


"As a soul descended down from Pleiades, you would be so highly creative, but your creativity would be based on the love that you feel towards someone or something. You would feel a sense of peace in life, but also with a counter reaction of feeling separate, different, outcast. You would want everyone to like you, thrive to make them see that you are a good person deserving of their attention. The angels trained these beings. They are easily hurt, and sensitive. They have no tolerance to pain, meanness, or competition. It actually gives  such anxiety in those things, that they panic.  Confrontation is a big trouble for them. They want to be a part of everyone's reality, and  use kindness as a way to enter. Only that kindness is something others are not used to, so it scares them. They are rubbed the wrong way, and they do not know how to take it.

Any hair color applies, because these beings are so advanced and have had many journeys to earth that they can appear in image any way that they choose. Poetic, and full of a hopeless, fairy tale romance, that they desire love above all things. They get sad when they are misunderstood. Pleiadians on earth are like the angels, they fall into things easily, but knowing what the situations or people at hand really are about. They see things others don't. They know what the end of the road holds, but  follow it willingly with someone they love, anyway. They are the leaders, those who are looked up to, modeled after, copied, because they are the epitome of a true friend, the most desired lover, and the smartest of intelligence. They have all of the things that a person wants to be.

All angels will be psychic, but not necessarily all Pleiadians. Pleiadians will have the gift of intuition. They "feel" what's up, and what's about to come down. It is all through sensing that they "know". Sincerity is what they ask for. They would prefer the harsh truth over a kind lie. Lies are something they can not stand, because they know when someone is lying, every single time, no matter how good you are at it. It is a dishonesty radar that they hold inside of the pineal. That is because they have lived in the upmost truth that ever has existed in the Universe except out of the Angelic realms."- Alura Cein(

*Note- There is a group of rebel Pleiadians on earth that are giants. The usually live underground. They are in alliance with the reptilians and Orion group.

Pleiadian Activation:

Books For Pleiadian Starseeds:

Divine Architecture and the Starseed Template: Matrix Memory Triggers for Ascension by Magenta Pixie

Journal of a Starseed: Discovering the Real World by Charis Brown Malloy

A Starseed Guide Andromeda,Pleiades, and Sirius by Eva Marquez

arcturians arcturus aliens


The 3 main races in Arcturus are: Dieslentiplex, Devonians and Korendians and they are from Bootes. Bootes is mostly swamp land. Arcturians are the most advanced spiritually and technological. They are short with large heads and large almond shaped eyes. They are very beautiful with skin that is brown, blue or purple.  They have no genders and auto self-clone reproduction. When a being is old, a cloned being will begin to grow in the bag on their stomach (like a kangaroo). Once full term, the child exists and consciousness of the older will transfer to the young. The young is 100% independent. They continue life where they left off. If they die by accident, they will reincarnate with no veil of forget-fullness. 100% aware of everything.   Arcturians are highly creative and they create the most crop circles.

They do not experience romantic love. No couples or marriage . They understand romance but love everyone the same.

"Arcturians are perfectionists to the core. They have a stubborn way of doing things, only because they know in their own minds that they have the right way of doing things. This is something shared with the Ophiuchians. It isn't that they don't see where others are coming from, it is just that they see a another way around stuff in life. They are very creative in writing, researching, and find a number of subjects at once, interesting. You would find an Arcturian to be stern and strict in their opinions. They are not the type to be persuaded away from their opinions. They seem to just see things in a way that others don't. They can easily be rubbed the wrong way immediately if someone is not on their level of intellect, or under their moral code. They have very high morals, and standards. Sometimes, they can prove to be a bit overly judgmental, but the funny thing is, they do not mean it to be hurtful. They aren't trying to be judgmental in reality. The see right through people, even if others can't. They tell it how it is, without sugar coating things or walking on eggshells. Arcturians hold a lot inside. They try to appear emotionless in front of others, and that nothing bothers them, but in reality a lot of things bother them. They way people act, mistakes people can make, how others treat one another, people who do not care about respect, and people who take others for granted. Those are things that Arcturians can not stand. Very similar to the Ophiuchians too.

They also will not believe in anything until they have picked it apart and researched it. If there are not alot of supporting facts to something, they will immediately get rid of the idea. These souls are very strong, and seem to be a brick wall in front of people, but they are very sensitive to the environment. They try to fix others who are in trouble or living wrong, and put a lot of stress on themselves. They want the world to be full of respect, and integrity, and if in a place where those things are non-existent in their own personal lives, they will feel overwhelmed, and withdraw. They have to have time alone to re-center their thoughts or they are like a ticking time bomb ready to explode. They often release frustrations by reading, studying, and writing. With this race of souls, you find that they like to explore different cultures, and religions, and will be a know it all, when they speak with others. They will be very assertive when discussing important topics, and can shut any one down in a debate. They have strong points in conversations, and are great at teaching but have to have the right students. They do well in teaching people who are seeking a higher understanding, because their thoughts are too advanced for this environment that they have a hard time putting it into layman's terms.

They enjoy being at home, reading, or looking stuff up online. Or you will find them watching something non-fiction like a documentary, or talking with relatives about enlightening topics. They have a deep interest in the history of this world, but mainly, ancient history of when their people came to Earth. Their topics of interest would be more along the lines of Atlantis, Sumeria, and Egypt. They hate disorder, and like being organized, and having everything arranged in perfect position. They may even become upset if something is not where they left it. Some of them have Obsessive Compulsive Disorder as a result of it. They have an unusual sense of humor, and laugh at things others may not always think of as being funny. They also do not know how to cope with loss or serious illness and will accidentally giggle when someone says they are ill, or act totally uncaring about it, when in fact it hurts and disturbs them. It's a nervous laugh, that many confuse with being heartless. They are actually quite loving. They would do anything for anyone, and are a bit passive in that aspect. They have a hard time saying no to favors, where in other areas of their lives, they are strong and stubborn. They attract dysfunctional people as projects to save or fix, and sometimes it backfires on them when the project becomes overwhelming once the person isn't ready for change.

Arcturians are highly empathic, and the nature of this atmosphere greatly affects their vibration giving them several moods in a day that medical fields would label as bi-polar, but it is in fact just a result of absorbing the energy in the atmosphere around them. They are quiet people, with a mind full of philosophies and wisdom, that they obtain through studying and pondering over what they studied to give it a whole new meaning that makes more sense. They are bright souls, some even smarter than scientists with degrees at times. The truth is, they do like life on earth, and feel very repelled by the lack of morals and respect going on today. However, they came here to help fix it, and strive so hard to do so. Their wisdom surpasses all of the star seeds, because they were the first to be trained by the angels, and spread the wisdom abroad in the stars to others who then spread the message as well. It was a chain teaching. They are all about love, and are generous, loving, kind, and understanding people, who have no flaws really other than they are hard headed at times, but that is because they know more than some. They are Arcturian after all.

Arcturians are highly intelligent beings, who value creation, and work with energy on all levels even if they do not know it. They absorb it, direct it, and obtain information from it, without knowing they are doing so. They see through people, and know when negativity has occurred somewhere. They are also masters at disguise and can blend in with any crowd as well as become invisible and unseen to others if they want to. That means all they have to do is wish to go unseen, and people will not recognize them. That is a common trait among angels and Pleiadians too. Arcturians have also a distaste for violence. It really bothers them, so they will not watch the news much. They are all about divine love. You will never meet an Arcturian who isn't about love. 

They do not go outdoors too much. Instead, you find them in museums, Aquariums, and Science buildings, out of their love for history and technological sciences. they love nature, but do not like the bugs, and stickiness of the climate. That is another thing. True Arcturian souls do not like to be in the cold. They only like warm temperatures like 65-75 degrees. They are not really heat people either.  Arcturians are by far one of the most complex soul groups out there. They are hard to figure out and more than likely they seem mysterious to people from afar. Those who are close to them will also find that they are harder to figure out in mentality and emotional structures. Arcturians are truly indeed highly advanced which makes them a bit rough around the edges while being incarnated here."

- Alura Cein (

Arcturian Activation:

Arcturian Upgrade:

Books For Arcturian Starseeds:

Divine Architecture and the Starseed Template: Matrix Memory Triggers for Ascension by Magenta Pixie

Journal of a Starseed: Discovering the Real World by Charis Brown Malloy

arcturus language

Arcturian Language

These are pictures of verified Arcturian language. These may trigger memories if you are Arcturian. 

orion alien hybrid


"Beings from 5D-6D, some from 7D worlds. There exists deep polarity with conflicts in Orion wars. Earth is a mini version of big drama in Orion; issues of extreme control and domination, manipulation, oppression, mind control; explorers and scientists fascinated with genetic material, cloning, hybridization; self-sabotage, transformation, healing, purging; learning awareness, compassion".

There are MANY races in Orion and just like humans, some are malevolent and some are benevolent.

Both positive and negative races originating in Orion live currently on Earth. The Orion Constellation is fascinating and dominates our skies often drawing our eyes as we gaze at the figure of Orion. Orion humans, but also reptilian races who are ancient, exist there.

Most starseeds, including Pleiadian, Andromedan, etc, have spent some lifetimes in the Orion constellation, but those who lived there the longest have the Orion traits and characteristics that are discussed below.

1. Mentally Polarised

These starseeds are characterized by being in their mind most if not all of the time, for they are extremely mentally polarized. They view the world through the medium of the mind more so than emotions, and require to see proof and evidence of something before believing in it.

Perhaps,  what you haven't realized in your spiritual search is that proof often comes from the heart, from your feeling nature. You are quite expert at logical thinking and reasoning with the mind, but did you realize it can distract you from feeling your way through life? We know you may not be a soft creature of the heart, but you do have a fully functioning heart and it works perfectly fine to provide intuitive information from your Higher Self.

Orions have many beliefs and opinions, and you often try to get others to validate your beliefs by coming along with you in the way you think. Does this sound familiar? Yet we all think differently, and this may just confound you! How do people believe in this, that and the other when you believe it is just daydreaming or fantasy. Even when things are spelled out clearly to others, how do they end up with a totally different view? People confound you.

You spend a lot of time trying to figure out others logically and you try endlessly to understand why they are that way. The reason is because we aren't all from Orion like you. There is variety in the universe and people have amazing views, no less amazing than yours. Your lesson with a capital 'L' is to allow for this variety. You know that variety is the spice of life. You are very ordered, especially in your thinking, but not all beings are like that, are we?

2. Knowledge Is Your Comfort Zone

You like knowledge, you covert it, and in many ways you rely on it, loving the comfort that it provides. Let's face it, it makes you feel comfy and confident, especially when you can prove what you are talking about. You want to win your conversations, impressing others and swaying them to your way. You like to learn, for fun, and you enjoy knowing things, all manner of things. Your interests run deeply.

Sometimes you wonder why others do not share this thirst for knowledge, for surely knowledge is Everything. Maybe, or maybe not. There are all kinds of paths that lead to enlightenment, knowledge is one of those paths, but there are other ways too.

The trap of the mind, of course, is Judgment and you know this. Our mental side can become very critical of ourselves and others. Of course, you judge yourself as much as you may secretly judge others. This is such a burden however, the quirk of too much analysis. 

3. Often Prickly In Relationships

Are you prickly in relationships, too intellectual and tired of others who react all emotionally? Maybe you see 'emotion' as a dirty word, or a weakness, or a trap. Admittedly you love balance, and emotions often get others out of balance or out of whack, which is sometimes all too true. Humans are emotional beings and you're an Orion, a little too mental and unemotional. But you DO have them, don't you? However, you like to scrutinize those feelings and try to analyse them, then write them off or deny them if they seem nonsensical.

A clue to emotions is that they follow our 'attachments', so that any time someone is over emotional, it simply points to what they are attached to. When it looks to someone that they might lose this attachment, they react emotionally; it helps to let it (the attachment) go in many ways.

As much as you pretend not to fall into that trap, of course you do. You like to deny it however, most of the time.

You are curious, with a burning need to understand what is around you, so you ask a lot of questions. You only want to learn more, investigate or dig deeper.

4. Sensitive, Needing Alone Time

You are also a person who needs your alone time in order to recharge. This also means that you're sensitive. You need your 'you' time, and time away from the seemingly madness of others, because we know we drive you crazy. Sadly for you, there isn't much order in this world, which is full of foolish things, so you have to take time alone to recover and get your strength back. You're not much for hanging out in big crowds, or over socializing.

5. Your Human Side - Your Humor!

You also have a great sense of humor, so you aren't stuck in your mind completely - here is the proof. You are so alive, so typically human when you're being funny and making the crowd laugh. We don't all have that ability but this is a strength for you. You are clever and are good at making jokes. The world is a comical place and you know this. Your friends appreciate this side of you and when you feel good, you can share this side.

Orion Activation:

Books For Orion Starseeds:

Starseed Survival: Ascension instructions, 9-D Channeling codes and messages from Orion Council by Krista Raisa

Divine Architecture and the Starseed Template: Matrix Memory Triggers for Ascension by Magenta Pixie

Journal of a Starseed: Discovering the Real World by Charis Brown Malloy

hyades alien hybrid


"The Hyadeans are refugees of the constellation Lyra after the first great galactic conflict. When the Lyran home world Avalon was brutally savaged by REPTILIANS aggressors, the inhabitants of that star system fled throughout the galaxy. While a great many fled to the Pleiades and other star systems some of these Lyrans made their way to the Hyades Star Cluster to start a new home.

The Hyadeans have remained much less active in galactic diplomacy then their brothers the Pleiadians. They have been reported to be contactees channeling individuals on earth. The Hyadean aliens are humanoid said to look very similar to Pleiadians and have a similar “nordic” look. The Hyadean civilization stood as a “frontier” territory for the lyrans seeking refuge from their invaders. Since, the Hyadean civilization has grown and prospered spreading life throughout the Hyades stream".

"Hyades is full of many different beings, but the original race are feline. They are beautiful white lions, that are humanoid in that they stand up on two legs and have hands. Their bodies are still lion like, in the stature, but their spines are longer, and straighter. They are majestic. Many said the Lyrans have white or gold  fur, wearing long robes, and some of the elders with wings. They are the most gentlest of beings, soft, gentle, and loving, they are extremely wise, and sometimes this wisdom is a silent wisdom. They are compassionate, but they would only ever be upset if their loved ones were being attacked.

Hyadians are giving, people pleasers, they never give up on anyone. No matter how many times we are used as a door mat, we keep going. Trying to fix the little bit of light still there. We analyze and see flaws, we see the bad, but it isn't enough to give up. The love and loyalty is too true. All that we want in life is to be happy, peaceful, and seek the old natural ways in this world. So many of us live in the ancient past, presently, no matter the day in age, because the times when lanterns gave light, books gave information, and people rode horses whom they had as beloved pets, was the method of transportation. It is the same for those in the Hyadian angelic realms, and for the starseeds too. In those ideas. Many of the starseeds will have past lives in medieval times, and in Victorian times, It will have been well suitable to live when it was less chaotic in society. Many of them if not angelic, but starseed, will have had lives in even as far back as, Atlantis. The souls from Hyades are very musical, love dance, and have a poetic creativity in their ways. Everything in life has meaning, and love is a form of loyalty to when they are hurt it is very dramatic when it happens. They have a hard time getting over heartache and often need that lost love to be quickly replaced. As long as they can fill themselves with love, that is all that matters. The are intellectual and emotional, intuitive, and logical, and they try to process things with the mind, but end up deciding with the heart in the long run, because they always put themselves in other people's shoes.

Even if your origins are somewhere else, who isn't to say that you didn't have a stop there in Hyades? Souls travel the entire Universe, and can end up any where, the light is infinite. If you come to realize, Hyades is in Taurus, but Taurus is not a bull. It is a hand. Even the freemasons knew how this "hand" the constellation of Taurus, pointed 33 degrees on the bottom of the cluster. Being people who were taught High wisdom, the only to get it was to work with entities who fell from Hyades, in their spiritual forms within the airways of Earth. But the Hyadians still loyal, as many are, are loving, and teaching others to illuminate with the usage of this knowledge in the dark way that the Masons and Illuminati initiates use it. They teach through the angelic messengers sent here. It has also been represented as a hand in ancient hieroglyphic and symbolism, The hand of Hyades has been well used. But not many have known it. They discovered Pleiades, and Orion in ancient alien visitors ot earth, but not the Hyadians. It upsets me that one of the most important races involved with earth, was not recognized.

It was the Arcturians, Pleiadians, Hyadians, Lyrans, and beings from Orion, who came here first to teach. Then others followed, Some got used to the earth life, even the angels who descended, and soon they chose ruling here together as their own domain. The others went home to fix the rebellion. This is why they sent souls in to be incarnated here, so that the others would not recognize them at first and some work could be done. After their teachings spread, the others hid them, and like all others, they overlapped their own on top to confuse.. But Hyades is not to be forgotten, and there souls here from there, meant to do wondrous things." - Alura Cein (

Books For Hyadean Starseeds:

Divine Architecture and the Starseed Template: Matrix Memory Triggers for Ascension by Magenta Pixie

Journal of a Starseed: Discovering the Real World by Charis Brown Malloy

Centaurians alien hybrid


"These people are very complicated. They know it too! A true Alpha Centaurian will know exactly what I mean. They constantly change their minds, and they will have a love/hate relationship with people. That is because at one time their planet was over taken by entities that enslaved them, so they seem to think that everyone is out to get them sort of like the Vegans. But, they try to get along with people though. They are highly competitive, and if they see something or someone who they feel intimidated by, they can have the tendency to be a bit spiteful.  The great things about them is that they truly want to learn, and re-awaken. Many of them have selected to have amnesia. So, it is a major goal to have their memories restored by any means. They are also loners, as many starseeds are, but they seem to have more of a social anxiety going on than anything. You can't blame them. The war back home really made them leary of everyone.

These soul types fit into the ordinary people here on Earth, but they try to find something that sets them apart. The truth is, the just do not believe in themselves enough to do that though.. They are very insecure people for the most part, and are very humble to the point of not wanting to see anything special in themselves while they purposely look for it. That is what makes them complicated. Due to the hardships back home, while they are here they are defensive, and guarded. They seem to be quite superficial and judgemental too. Humbleness, but while judging others. It just doesn't make sense, but that is the Alpha Centaurian for ya. They are smart and do things their own way, and hate being told how to do anything. It makes them feel insecure and like others view them as being someone who isn't capable. Which is very untrue, because if they put their mind to something, they would indeed be able to achieve it. They are usually good at office work or being an assistant in some way. They are never the leaders of the bunch, because they hate being in the spotlight. They are extremely recluse. Their interests are reading, researching and trying to find a way to enhance their mind, body, and spirit, so much so that it becomes their whole life.

They are a bit unorganized though because that is how they find things. Having things all around helps them remember where they put something. They are usually that one off friend in the crowd, because they fit in, but do not join in. They are strong willed, and determined, and have a strong opinion, and will be the people that do not like crtiticism. Anything that you say constructively about them will be taken completely the wrong way they just do not like others trying to them something about themselves at all.

At a higher vibration, they sure do try hard to fade into the background, becoming the wall flowers at parties, and dances, clubs etc, as they watch their friends around them all act outgoing, when deep down they are the same way, but sometimes do not have the confidence to show it. This is the aftermath of the traumatic experience on their home planet. Although they have great style, I noticed that most of them wear causal clothing, that feels good, and comfortable to them when they are hanging out. They are very athletic, and love playing sports, but you will not find them watching them. They have to be hands on to find any enjoyment in things like that. Alpha Centaurians are usually the people that you see with all of the latest stuff because everyone else has it, and they know they are above the average humans, but they would never try to present themselves as if they are. Unless, they feel like someone is trying to act better than them, then look out! Because then they will go out to prove the point, that no one is above them at all, even if it means taking part in some friendly competition.

They can be a bit frustrating to those who have them in their lives, because they are not really upbeat people. They are quiet with a mind full of thoughts, that they know to be above average, but they often keep it to themselves, which makes the people around them feel as if they are stuck up, but they aren't.

They come from 12 light years estimated, from earth, which is pretty close to our own solar system, but they are very different from the souls who end up here. Their society back home, is a place where they all act equal, communicate, and work in harmony with one another. It is advanced technologically, but they sometimes forget how ahead of earth they truly are, and succumb to the 3D vibration for at least most of their journey here as an incarnated being." - Alura Cein (

Books For Centurian Starseeds:

Divine Architecture and the Starseed Template: Matrix Memory Triggers for Ascension by Magenta Pixie

Journal of a Starseed: Discovering the Real World by Charis Brown Malloy


Spica Starseeds, are very rare starseeds. There are three planets, with three species near this star. It is located in the constellation of Virgo. Spica is a binary star, appearing as one, it is actually two. Spica starseeds are of a feline appearance, some are white bodied light beings, and others are human like. They each have their own way of doing things, their own governments, beliefs, and density. Each planet has its dimensions, and in them realms that exist on each of those planes. One planet in Spica comes from a 5D vibration, and is a world of Feline beings. The second planet houses life on a 4D vibration, and the third planet’s inhabitants are of 6D. No one exists on the plane of 3D in any one of those planets.

They have advanced their cultures for eons. They are very intelligent, sometimes too intelligent. They never miss anything, not a detail, not a miniscual piece of information. All three races seem to be similar in their traits, but there a few differences of course, being unique in the makeup of their matrix each itself. To sum it up though, let’s see what the traits are generally. Each soul will have their own added to those too, if they have been on Earth for a long time, or have had other experiences beyond.

 There, they are full of wisdom, intelligence, and are beings who seek truth. They love to speak, and converse in highly intellectual subjects and topics. If there is not alot of stimulation, they will go into a world of their own. They make the greatest friends as they loyal and you can always depend on them to come through for you. On their planets, they are very helpful people. They care about one another and the higher good of all. Spica starseeds come here to invite others to engage in conversation other than gossip and of worldly things. They try to provoke thoughts of enlightenment, and are very humble. They get very shy around others until they see acceptance is given. They often try to blend in with the crowd and seek someone to guide them on how to. They are perfectionists and often suffer from OCD, phobias and germs, and their obsessive quality makes them a bit of a neat freak. They do not like even the smallest thing out of place. In one of their home planets which houses human like people, they are well organized in their structure of civilization. Everthing is patterned in mathematics. The houses are built next to one another, approximately the same distance away from one another in perimeter. Each house is identical in their layout and dimensions. They all go by color coordination too. It is extremely routine, as that is how they feel safest. They also find that they live like clock work. they do everything at the same time, during the same time of the day.

On the planet of light beings, they simply exist in the light of perfection. Each being of light has mastered the heavenly virtues and they use it for helping out, not only their own world, but also the others near by. They are angelic and exist in the white and pale blue frequencies of truth. Going back to the felines and humanoids, they always stick together. in their home. They have their own languages of communication, but they believe that communication comes in many forms like in thoughts, body gestures and actions. they live according to the book there and are very practical in making use of the resources available to them. Even while they are highly intelligent and advanced in their technology and architecture, they still try to conserve what they can for the sake of the planets. Their worlds do not contain ground life whatsoever. Everyone lives on platforms all around, even the cities are built on them. When they made a decision to send a few souls from Spica, they were very leary of it. Many are very family oriented, and the feminine energy is very strong to where many are closer to their mothers, even though a masculine angelic is the ruler there. Many seek the love and nurturing of their motherly figures.

In Spica with the feline and human like race, they do reproduce as we do here on Earth. They all have their own unique way of reproducing. Some, many would not understand. Here, they have specific traits that relate to their way of the world. For one, they are very sensitive, and very passive people. On one side that is. Here, their vibration goes all out of whack, as it has adverse effects. 

1. Sensitivity

2. Closeness with motherly figures

3. Very aware of the world around them

4. They see below the surface right away since childhood

5. They tell the truth and seek it above all

6. They love and accept all people

7. They seek friendships with those who are downtrodden to help

8. They live organically and holistically having an aversion ot meat since childhood.

9. They have a mind of intellectual, philosophical thoughts mixed with imagination

10. They are multitalented.

11. They do not carry alot of trust but alot of acceptance for others.

12. They want everything to be done right and perfect

13. They do not like having anyhting out of order

14. This world gives them alot of phobias and fears to where they do not leave the house much.

15. Their minds are brilliant, full of tons of mathematical thoughts, analyzing people, situations, problems and solutions, consciousness, psychology, history, science, and the quantum world, as well as theology.

16. They love animals as they are quiet and like to be alone in thought. The world and people are too noisey although they love them.

17. They are always fair and balanced in their decisions.

18. They feel alot of pity and sympathy for others.

19. They strive for success and can be ambitious as they spend alot of time alone in thoughts

20. They love the night time and stars, more so than the day time and sunlight. (felines)

21. They love feeling the vibrations all around them, especially in quiet areas like the woods, or old houses where energy was left.

22. They love exercise, fitness, and also outdoor activities.

23. They have a great appreciation for musical art like classical.

24. They love alot of vibrant colors.

25. They always excel in school and careers due to obsessive focus and concentration.

26. Some are very mystical, into the occult, or just winging it on their own beliefs in whatever moves them.

27. Often writers on the side of their other hobbies.

28. Not very good story tellers, as they are mainly founded in truth, but they do have a vivid creative imagination underneath.

zeta reticuli aliens hybrid


"The zetas are very misunderstood. They were once an independent and peaceful race that was later modified by dark forces who used the Zetas as their slaves. Zetas are trying to get their freedom back and many of their race have incarnated on earth at this time in human bodies in order to help their race through DNA experiments. -This is where the abductions by the zetas comes in.......these abductees most likely were Zeta before being human and had agreed to assist in the Zeta hybrid DNA project in order to free their race. (Dont confuse this with another type of gray abductions. They are not Zeta's) The problem is that...they dont remember! This is why the events are so traumatic for them.  If you have a Zeta Reticuli mark in your starseed chart, you were either Zeta in a past life or you are a Zeta-Human Hybrid". 

Books For Zeta Starseeds/Hybrids:

Divine Architecture and the Starseed Template: Matrix Memory Triggers for Ascension by Magenta Pixie

Journal of a Starseed: Discovering the Real World by Charis Brown Malloy


"Everyone in Adhara lives for one another. There is so much order and peace, and conservation of the resources that a superfood was made for everyone to only need to eat but once a day. Everyone moves through time, and as the next generation arises, the elders are moved from the cities and villages into the Silver City to live out the rest of their life span. Time is different there. It seemed to go by so fast. A different time for sure.

The people of Adhara live in Canis Major. They are quiet but sweet people, and have no intention of ever having war. hose who are born from having Adhara as a place of origin for their soul will be:

1. Creative

2. Highly Imaginative

3. Have the ability to perform telekinesis and telepathy

4. Have great knowledge in scientific and technological development, architecture, and healing.

5. They are very content with life and being alone, although they will have larger families that surround them so as not to be totally alone.

6. They have a great attraction to fantasy

7. They are smart but do not learn well by the confining school system or conventional ways of learning in society. they are better self taught.

8. Sensitive to energy and electromagnetic energy (most starseeds of any kind)

9. They have the ability to learn through their observations and first hand experience. They are extremely observant and seldomly take all advice as they seem to like learning by trying things.

10. Adharians are very giving once they have seen loyalty from someone.

11. They are peace keepers too, and try to avoid confrontation as they are so peaceful in their nature.

Adhara is 570 light years away from Earth. With only a few souls who end up in Earth's reality, they come here with a passion to meet people like them, so that they can learn in a higher state of learning, without judgement. They desire to learn from first hand experience, and have very quiet and sweet personalities. They do have a bit of a double emotional personality because here, they get very depressed because of how time seems to make everyone feel like they need something to do all of the time, and without being kept busy, they begin to miss their world where time moves more quickly.

They are also very loving, and affectionate. They have a great hope to help the world in some way. and in all that they do, they do in mind of others and how it makes them feel. They are very mild natured and considerate. They seem to take to more natural lives in the reincarnation process too, as too much glamour and wealth seems to be a bit too much for them.

 They do not come to Earth very often in their original state. However, they do every now and so often, so keep your eyes to the sky for their crafts. You may just see one."  - Alura Cein (


"The Cassiopeia star beings, are rather different than many would think. Even though the Greeks named the constellations after their gods, their Gods do not look much like how they depicted them in their Ancient art. These beings are huge, and they are also very vibrant and colorful. Many of them have the basic extraterrestrial form, with the elongated head, only not as extreme. It reminded me much of the shape of King Tut's head. Their skin is of a light green with a lot of body art in many different arrays of colors, but mainly purple as that is the color of their civilization anthem.

Purple, is the color of their robes and also symbolic of their neighboring nebula, which is visible to them, where they are. The cloudy atmosphere, leaves some visual aspect of the nebula, which they call, Vicakiar (the throne of God). Their spiritual belief, is that all cosmic remnants come from Source, and the bigger of the gathering of remnants, the more “God” that is present. They believe that the structures which are not sentient, are more God like, because it is in a state of all-knowing, without having to vocalize this “all-knowing”. Basically, any celestial body, nebula, star or otherwise, is a God, and the bigger, the wiser. A God does not have to share the wisdom by speaking it, so their council of elders do not speak at all… This is to represent their “All knowing wisdom, and connection to the God that they chose to represent their planet. That would be the nearby nebula, Vicakiar. It is the holy throne of God, as they know it.

In this system, it made of energy beings. This means that they are not physical. To us, they would seem spiritual, or even unseen due to their vibration, just like it is difficult to see spirits here. But to them, they see one another just like we do. They exist on the frequency of 5D, and in their world, it is full of culture that is rich in the use of holographic technology. They, being so high in the vibration, have the realization that everything is just made up of molecules and particles of light, so they have mastered the use of it, and can beam themselves straight into your home, without you even knowing they are there. They of course, could reveal themselves if they wanted, but they know how scary it must be for a human to just one day turn, and see a huge being standing there. They do not want to frighten. However, I feel it is a bit of an invasion of privacy, and for people who are sensitive to energy, they would feel some kind of presence and still be afraid, so I think they should rethink that over.

Cassiopeians, as called on Earth, actually go by the name of Eeivia (Yay-Vee-ya), and are very kind beings. They have a soft spot for any environment that is suffering, which is why they intently keep an eye on earth. The word has already gotten out, that they are joining many of the benevolent races to aid the planet Earth, but they never openly admitted it, for their own safety. The Eeivia race is one that helps one another, and have an energy that brings traits much like the Pleiadians, in kindness, compassion, and understanding, and the usage of mental telepathy. They also have their very own star language for their world too. But, their energy is not as light, and airy as the Pleiadian race is. Theirs is a bit, how do I explain this,... hot, and heavy. A feeling of monochopsis, is a better term, when a being of this race is nearby.

It could be likened to a person having a panic attack, for a human who comes into contact, because the vibration is so much higher than 3D, and they do come from a hot atmosphere. Their presence is so full of energy, that you would definitely feel like you were totally out of place. Like something was not right, and you did not belong. That was my first reaction when they came forward to channel with me. I had been noticing them for years, but since they made it a point to keep quiet, and unseen, although not unseen to me, LOL.. I just respected that. But I feel they started noticing that I noticed, but made no mention, and then this was confirmed in the channeling. I really liked their energy after getting comfortable.

They spoke of many things, even of some of the own, having come to Earth to be born here. They wanted to have some “insiders” so that they could communicate with them astrally, or in sleep (dream), and lead the person to want to take action. Some have tried to protest, some have tried to fund-raise, all in the name of their Cassiopeian (Eeivian) roots, spiritually. They are fighters for justice, equality, love, and harmony for all here. I got to see some who were of this origin, and it was very surprising, because many of them do not even know that they are. Some will never find out the truth. Perhaps, they are not meant to.

The leader who visited, the leader of that team of projectors, as I call them,because that is exactly what they were doing, projecting their image to earth, he was very nice. It seemed more female to me at first, and since there is no physical indication of gender, I did not know right away, and I said to the being “ I am pleased to meet a beautiful female ambassador from Eeivia”. I was mortified when he said, " I am a male”. Oh wow, I had thought I insulted him, but he knew why I assumed what I had, and we moved on quickly from it. He then went on to speak of alot of the plans for this world’s salvation, to come in the future, after the “death” cycle. All things must die to be reborn. So this shift, is all about that.

The next to come will be the renewal. Death can mean anything so do not get worried. It involves the death of the old ways of doing things. The death of views etc. Yes, physical death is included in there, but many of you will not have to worry about that. I am ensuring your safety each night when I channel to the higher ups. It is the non-believers that must worry. Not, of punishment, but of learning, learning that there is a Creator, and a force behind it, that all creatures on earth are subjects to. Instead, many became subjects of the world instead.

The beings near Cassiopeia, because in actuality, the stars in the constellation are light years away in distance, so using the term Cassiopeia, is loose. It is generally to give you an idea of the whereabouts. In any case, this civilization is a huge empire, and they have many connections to many other races, as they work together, beaming in and out of one another’s environments. They meet to work out different idea not only for earth, but other realities that have a similar atmosphere. Negativity and disharmonic. They are the fighters of peace in the Universe.

As a starseed: the souls who were incarnated down from this place will be:

Strategic planners,having good insight of how to communicate with others, good speakers, with passion and deep meaning. They are loving, kind, and always for the people. They would do anything for anyone, giving all that they had even the shirt on their back to save others in times of hardship and despair. They are comforters, and compassionate people, who feel when someone else feels, and sees life through everyone else’s eyes. They love working in humanitarian areas, fundraising, charity, and activism. They are normally vegetarian, as in their home planet, they never ate meat, and it actually grosses them out to think of it. They are educated in sociology because they have a longing to know about how people and society work, so they can get in there, and make changes. They would be community service volunteers, and volunteers for children and elderly people. They have a great mind for building organizations, and using proficient methods to assist and renew any given situation that needs relief. You would find one in a disaster relief situation trying to feed the hungry and rebuild the area and homes, for free. They are so very empathic, and sympathetic. They would naturally be tall, around 5’8 and 6 foot, even the females. Very thin and soft featured.

These Beings are a wonderful attribute to our existence here, because even though it is not their world, they care, and so do the human versions of them. They do not hate life or earth,because they realize that it can be beautiful once again with a little help. Optimistic, and outgoing, they attract people who need confidence and leadership. There are many races from all over, even a few at a time in other galaxies and star systems. The discovery never ends."  - Alura Cein (


"Cygnus is a star system that many do not hear about. Nope. Everyone is wrapped up in being the best of the best, which they think are the Lyrans, Arcturians. Angels, and Pleiadians. All of them are awesome, because they are all expansions of the teachings there. Cygnus is a difficult energy to be around. I mean, they are just so full of class, it is unbelievable. I do not know why, and this is not a stereotype or anything, just experience, but I have read alot of people with Asian ethinicity, or hispanic, that have incarnated from there. I believe it is because they have harder lives sometimes depending on the region they are born into, and Cygnians, being so smart, wanted to chose a life that really taught them the hard knocks. Cygnus is a beautiful place, regal in every way. They have a fine taste, and gravitate towards the arts, fine wines, fancy dinners, and expensive fashion. They love the high life. However, they most always start from the bottom, to get back up to the top, where they were before coming here.

They know that the key to learning is through hardship, and hardship was not something that they had back in Cygnus, so as a part of their contract, they choose to get it out of the way here. Some of them are born into money, but do something with it. Like become lawyers, doctors, real estate agents, anything that helps them turn the money that they have, into more. They are very savy in their spending but when they do spend, you better believe it will something of refined taste and up most comfort.They spoil themselves, saving up money so that they can do something good with it, and have left overs to reward themselves with. Cygnians also are good with numbers, electronics, advanced technology, and are a major minority of those who are in jobs that are working on upgrading society. These people are quiet, and do not seem to care about anything at all, but they do. It is just that they have bigger goals on their mind than life's dramas. Very patient, and very conservative, are the Cygnians, and they have every right to be. In Cygnus, they built their civilization from nothing, and will do the same with any goal that they have in their incarnations.

I have never heard of a mean Cygnian, but I have heard of a distant Cygnian. They do seem to be withdrawn even with people around, in some other place in time but physically sitting right next to you. They do this because they feel like they do not belong being a part of the every day crap in this world, but still need it to learn from. They make great listeners because they are almost always quiet for the most part. Some have said they are dull, but they have a fun side. It is just that they prefer business over pleasure first, then they get to the fun. They are really secretive, and mysterious, and do not like having their personal facts being revealed to anyone. In a family, they are oriented, but they are the one quiet relative standing off away from everyone in a family photo. You can almost always pick them right out. I love these starseeds, because they get things done right, and are very precise in what they do , when they do it. They will be technical about everything. You will find them taking forever to complete any project because they take their time, even in normal daily life things. If they were expected to arrive for an event at 6:00pm, they would get there at 5:30, because they are really rushy in life. No reason for it, they just always feel like they are in a hurry. Most of them are very attached to their families, and to their homes, and love being able to know that they will always have a means of survival too. Some of them can also turn out to be dancers, martial artists, and performers too, so that they can relieve some of their tension from the things that they see in life." - Alura Cein (


"Maldek ran itself into the ground. Picture earth 1,000 years from now, war, nuclear warfare, and survivors in underground bunkers, thinking they are safe from harm. Maldek was ran by light beings who had all knowing wisdom and knowledge. At one time, angels stayed they as a base in between of incarnations, and missions. Maldek is old. Truthfully, it was there long before Pleiades. The beings there had love unconditionally, and have been greatly misunderstood. It was another group of beings that infiltrated their planet, and tried to take complete domination of the place. The souls in Maldek , fought for their existence, and lost. They had the same technology, but had too much love to actually use it on the other group. So, the other group used it on them. They took off, leaving Maldek to explode into pieces. The consciousness burst into particles too. That means that many souls from Maldek have parts of themselves scattered across the Universe.

That is alot of trauma to go through, and it will not fade away in a few lifetimes. They carry that with them. They always feel lost, and want to go home, but never know where home is, because the back of their consciousness knows that, home is gone. They go through life, feeling like they had a twin, or feeling lost and separated from the family that they incarnated into. they never feel a sense of belonging. They are saddened souls, and seem to be gloomy and hurting, but never know why. They get diagnosed with manic depression and anxiety disorder without cause because of the symptoms.

They often incarnate as archaeologists, to seek anything from their kind that has been left all over this planet, as alot of them came here. They will have had lifetimes here in hot areas, deserts, and especially ancient Egypt.

They have wisdom, and never have to read a book. They will already know what everything is about, which is why they get bored here so very easily. They are strong willed, stubborn, and stay off into the backgrounds of places to observe others. They are outgoing, but most of the time they try to be quiet as not to miss anything. They are also very untrusting, and will not have many relationships in life. They rarely settle down, and when they do, it is with one person, that they feel will understand them, Then, it will be for life. They have a raw sense of humor, and are a bit slap stick crude. Laughter is what heals, and these souls will laugh at anything. Especially acting really silly to entertain themselves. Although they have a good nature, and are the type that would do anything for anyone, they do have a darker side to them. People like them, but they do not like other people. They are loners, but seem to be well known and outgoing around others. They are secretive, not allowing anyone in, to see their true colors, except those who are just like them. They are great at lying, but not to be a bad person, it is their mechanism of coping, by not letting anyone know what they truly think or feel.

They are quite happy being alone. But, they are not the forgiving type. If someone crosses them, they will be sure to get their vengeance at some point. They have ties into the magical arts, but never disclose that to anyone, just like they keep more of their true self hidden. They are thought o be more on a negative vibration, seeming to mope, and put up their defenses easily. Based on what happened to their home and the entities that destroyed it, they will always feel like someone is against them. They feel like they do not belong, and are so outspoken at times, that they can actually be hurtful unintentionally.

A Maldekian Soul can lie to you looking you dead on in the eyes, and even if you knew it was a lie, it would have been so good that you would want to believe it. They do not like work, or learning, because they already know basically everything. They also hate being told how to do something. They like night hours, and dim lights and have an attraction to the paranormal especially vampires, and other supernatural creatures. They are also energy vampires too even if they do not realize it.

The souls from Maldek, just need some love, even though they will push it away when someone tries and tries. It is because no earthly thing can fulfill the part of them that is missing. They are inner poets, with a very deep place, that may feel empty, but they are not as empty as some would think. They have a missing place, but this can be easily filled with love and reassurance, in showing how important they are to the family that they are in. They may not express affection. They are not the types to like hugs or acts of affection. They do feel better with verbal affection though." - Alura Cein (


"Ophiuchians are Starseeds from Ophiuchus. It is located on the Celestial Equator. If you are lost, then you can look between Aquila and Hercules. It should have been included as a Zodiac. As a few others should have been. Some people will try to impose fear by saying that, because it is the depiction of a man bearing a serpent, that they are a serpentine or reptilian race, which is a load of you know what. Ophiuchus contains 3 distinct races. Feline, Hawk People, and Dog like Humanoids. A lot of the Egyptian Gods have been visitors from Ophiuchus, but it has been seldom that they actually incarnate here. They certainly do not belong on Earth. Their energy is magnetic, intelligent, and extremely recluse. The have a royal air about them, that makes them not want to be too involved with people of lower morals. They have high standards, big dreams, and a moral code that is beyond here. They love things out of the normal, but yet get along with everyone. They may have a sense of awkwardness around people, but once they know them, they get along quite well, even if though they still have that awkwardness from time to time. These people are happy reading, writing, and being creative, working with their hands, and seeing places all of the world. They love adventure, often creating it imaginatively if they have to. The can get a little delusional in their thought process as they believe things very easily. That is a result of wanting to understand, and be a part of things, that all of the stuff that they learn comes all together, creating confusion. Sometimes they can not discern what is real.

Ophiuchians have a softer energy. Not the macho type or strong type, they are more gentle, loving and kind. They are fairly quiet and observant too. They are not great warriors despite the man bearing a snake depiction of their star group. In fact they hate confrontation, bullying, or superficial stuff. They want sincerity, and can sense if someone isn't being real with them. However, they are strong willed and strong minded, if pushed enough, they will stand up for what they believe. They are very telepathic too. Often enough, they can pick up on people's thoughts, especially if it is about them. That is why they end up being recluse or sticking to close family. They just do not like meanness, or deception. They would get upset at the "smile in your face, talk behind your back" types, because they put their trust so easily in others, due to being so trustworthy themselves. They make the best of friends, and just have a love and wisdom to give, that perhaps this world isn't ready for yet. Perhaps it never was, which is why they remained "underground" in the days of ancient Egypt. They know a little something about everything, and it isn't that they had to be taught, they just knew it. Much like angelic souls, or those from Apollonia. In energy form, they shine brightly, vibrate highly, and have at times, been confused for Angels or Rhocancrians. due to the tenderness, sincerity, and love that they emit. However, they are blue in tone, and made of light. Their planet is a blue molten lava, and has a beautiful crystal temple there. That is how to tell them apart in appearance. However, their personalities are similar to the others.

Although they aren't all healers, you will find some among the group of souls who come from Ophiuchus, that do have that ability. Whether they picked it up from another star experience, or naturally. They often experience feelings of being lonely, depressed, and feeling more otherworldly, than the other soul types. That is because they truly are different, and so very rare.

They have a "different" look to them in the physical form, that sets them apart from others, and they will usually notice how people stare at them. It is their look and energy that draws attention. Many of them have a soft, feminine appearance, and are helpful,considerate, and generous which leaves them open for people who will take advantage. They like order and like to be organized, although their organization may not be the same as we view it. Having their things expanding though out their homes, helps to know where tings are in their own way.

The Ophiuchus souls are a unique bunch, rare, but when they do come, they make an impact on the life of others whom they meet in their incarnation. These are not to be confused with Barnardians from the Barnard's star, who are a whole other race entirely. These soul types, once awakened, are so brilliant, intelligent, kind, and full of universal love, that they make a difference with just being here. Mainly, they are here to be an anchor of light. That means that they are on Earth, just to exist here, with a large amount of light within themselves, that can help heal earth, and later be used to complete the ascension. They have an attraction to tribal and American Indian beliefs."  - Alura Cein (


"The trouble with many sources of information, is that they do not have all of the information about other places out there. They also do not inform or educate people, on what these places truly look like, their real names etc. They simply go with whatever information is out there from others, a domino effect of deception. Here I am, giving it all I got. Simply to inform you all.

One of the races out there, are the Eridanian Star seeds, or Star lights better yet.. These soul types are souls who come from a beautiful place in the stars. This is an Elven star system, called the River in the sky, but in truth each star is light years away from the other. Humans here only refer to it by the name based on astronomical names, given by other humans. The Eridanus Star system is 144 light years away form earth, and was held so sacred in Greek Mythology because the beings who rule that system, were also giants, They named a river after it. Two places inhabited there, are near the stars Epsilon Eridani, and Isilari Eridani. Both have a twin star, which they both act as a sun to orbit.

Both of these places, house an Elven race, of magic, power, sportsmanship, athletics, much of what you saw inspired in the Greek Mythology. The culture was inspired by the Eridanian beings, only on Earth, they were called the Olympians, and Titans to the people due to the power, huge size, and supernatural ability.Some of the known Titans were angels and deities, who were often confused with Anunaki, and Eridanian Souls. However, the Eridanian got tired of being so huge in size, when they visited earth, that they wanted to be like the humans. This was so that they could interact, to be a part of society, not above it. They sent down souls to incarnate. The consciousness there is so strong though, that they would need to make bloodlines to do this, so many of the beings in high power positions, sent down seeds of life into humans, incarnating souls first in those they chose to carry the star seedling. This would embed into the genetics once the consciousness aligned in incarnation. They thought these to be Demi Gods. They weren't. They were simply just strong, energetic star seeds. They were some, who had their human mother picked for them, by their family in Eridanus of high ranks, within the world. They have a government there, much like on earth with Kings Queens, Princes, Princesses, Dukes, Lords, and also an army with commanders. There isn't a whole lot of violence. Actually it is quite peaceful. However, at times they do have some issues with family fighting against one another for the powers.

Yes, they have families, and alot of mythical creatures, some like animals of earth mixed with another. It is a whole other world after all, with different species. Some of the stories, are from the Eridanians using these creatures, or the fact that some of the creatures also exist in spirit realms Eridanians are made of energy to us, but to them, their world is very physical. A beautiful kingdom, in which only those who come from there as star lights or star seeds, In regards to how they started here, they have been building the consciousness in the DNA, by incarnating into a certain bloodline for eons. However, some wanted a basic life and incarnated in normal families. They wanted to have enough privilege and power in their homes. There are alot of fairies there too. Some of those also chose to come here.

Eridanian Star seeds are active, lack focus from the want to do many things, very smart on their own, figure things out quickly, intuitive, pick up on things fast,

love sports, adventurous, funny, loyal to those they see as family and friends, sensitive to hurt or rejection, very honest, have an energy to where people feel their importance, an interest in Greek Mythology, when they get older as it reminds them somewhat of home, like to learn and build with their hands, love animals, very quiet, observatory, have an interest in magical, supernatural, and paranormal things, very caring, protective, loners, 

good at math but hate it, like the snow as there is alot of snowy months there in Eridanus. Like anything that causes exileration, spontaneous, strong, female or male, they have inner and outer strength. Free spirited, can withdraw under pressure, have an older intelligence, even as a kid it seems like you are talking to an adult. Men are respectful to women as they value women alot in Eridanus, but they have a taste for different types, they end up settling down with brunettes.

Women will be respectful and obedient to any husband that they have. Strong willed, but passive to those they love, poetic, imaginative, and romantic,

often have imaginative worlds as children that include magical things. In adulthood, they often feel a little superior, as they can see people differently than other normal humans do. Practical jokers for the most part, in the incarnated males ,females are very serious minded and logical.

These are the general traits, and they do seem to appear in the incarnated Eridanians . In their world, they have another name. It isn't called Eridanus to them. In their culture, the planet is called Iradel, and their main city was called Olyvian. Humans ended up calling the city, Olympus. That is what they named their mountain, that they claimed the Eridanians were from. Since they always saw them descend from Mt. Olympus, when they visited Earth.They could not speak their language, Without knowing their language, they had to call it something here on Earth, The early humans called it, Olympus, instead of Olyvian. It is not pronounced as it is spelled. In light language, it would be pronounced as Ya-ve-on."  - Alura Cein (


Connecting with your soul family


There are 2 different ways to try and contact your soul family:


1. There are certain dates that certain planets are in direct alignment with Earth. During this time, it is much easier to call to them for assistance. 

* Download a starfinder app on your cell phone

* During the dates listed below, go outside and use your app to locate the planet.

* If you have crystals, make a crystal grid and sit in the middle of it facing the planet. If not, just sit facing the planet.

* Say out loud that you wish to connect with ____________ (Insert planet/alien race)

* Sit and meditate.

Many starseeds have originated in 1 place but also incarnated into others. Feel free to try and connect with all of them.

Pleaidies- May 16th-20th (During the DAY)  Nov 16th-20th (During the NIGHT)

Orion- June 3rd-21st (During the DAY)  Dec 3rd-21st (During the NIGHT)

Sirius- July 4th-6th (During the DAY)  Jan 4th-6th (During the NIGHT)

Arcturus- Oct 16th-18th (During the DAY)  April 16th-18th (During the NIGHT)

Lyra- Jan 4th-20th (During the DAY)  July 4th-20th (During the NIGHT)

Andromeda- April 3rd-May 3rd (During the DAY)  Oct 3rd-Nov 3rd (During the NIGHT) 



2. Dr. Steven Greer has created a very specific way to make contact. You can learn how to do this here: 




Where To Go From Here?

Highly Recommended Video

If you are just waking up, this is a great 30 minute video giving a brief overview of our history and place in the universe and helps you to start seeing the symbology around you. 

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