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Negative Alien Races

Ok, so with every race you have the good and the bad, just like the human race and as I have said, not all starseeds are benevolent. Now, there are certain races that can only function within the bottom 3 chakras (if they have chakras. Im more so referring to the "survival instincts" and no place for compassion or love or empathy). Because they are not able to feel or understand compassion, love or empathy, the race is largely malevolent. There are also races that DO have the capabilities of a higher consciousness and energies and have majoritively chosen the negative path for ascension.

The ones listed below are the ones I am aware of via military intelligence. 

Black eyed kids

Black Eyes Kids

Many people have reported being at home and hearing a knock on their door late at night. The story is usually the same. Its one or 2 kids 12 years old- 17ish. They have their heads down and sometimes wearing out of date clothing. They say something like "Please, Im cold. Can I come in"? or "I need to call my mom. Can I come in"? Most people report that they have an almost overwhelming desire to open the door and let them in although they have an overwhelming sense of dread. At some point the child(ren) looks up and their eyes are solid black. Only once have a I heard where a women let a child in and the next day, their animals started to die off. No further update was heard. 

These Black Eyes Kids are an alien race known as Killy- Tokurt from Vela. They are able to shape-shift but cannot change their eyes. They DO abduct humans. They are malevolent. 

negmuk aliens


The Negumak are an alien race that was the inspiration for the movie Independence Day. They are the most feared by the governments around the world.

maitre aliens


This race comes from Megopei. They have colonized many planets and wish to colonize Earth. Most other races see them as parasites. They are very violent and do abduct male humans. To date, they have abducted over 5,000 men that the military knows about. They were last seen in Nome, Alaska.

Moovianthan Kayphik aliens


They are a grey race from Vulpecula. This is the grey race that spoke with President Eisenhower and agreed to give technology in exchange for abducting humans as they please. They also spoke with Russian officials and made the same agreement. Yes, these governments gave them permission to abduct us!!

They have underground bases in Tibet and Siberia.

nagas aliens demons


The Nagas are one of the reptoid races here on Earth. There are many legends about the Nagas in India and Tibet and there are many carvings and statues.  The legends refer to the Nagas as a demonic race.

iguanoids drace alien race satanic


Many think all "reptoid" races are the same and that the Dracos are the race controlling the planet. This is false. While some Dracos do work for the negative agenda, the Iguanoids are the ones most to blame. This is a very evil and malevolent race. They HATE humans and abduct and kill them freely. They resemble and reptile/Iguana/Man and do have tails. They are usually see wearing monk robes and are about 4-5" tall. They are able to hop around between dimensions and do practice black magic and mind control.

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