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What Happens When Someone Commits Suicide?

Many people wonder and ask this question: What happens when someone kills themselves? 

Many, many starseeds have committed suicide because they simply cant handle the evil here. Others have tried to commit suicide but failed (like myself) and some others know someone who has killed themselves. I, myself suffered from severe depression with suicidal thoughts every day, so I understand the sadness, the depression and the longing for the pain to end. 

I deeply sympathize with those of you who have lost a loved one to suicide and I know more then anything, you want to hear that they are finally at peace. 

-I cannot tell you that. I wish I could. If that is too much to handle at this time, please do not read the rest of this page. I do not wish to bring anymore sadness to anyone, but I am obligated to be honest. 

Suicide is murder. Murder of yourself. The ultimate crime and it NEVER solves anything. If you are sad and depressed and you kill yourself, it will not stop. In fact, it will be worse. 90% of depression and suicidal thoughts are due to a negative entity feeding those thoughts and feelings to you. If you are feeling this way, PLEASE, read my page on negative entities and psychic attacks.

"We have free will, so suicide is an option. However, this choice is highly destructive and catastrophic for the soul consciousness. Harming, murdering or destroying one of the Creator's Temples – a human body – is one of the greatest spiritual crimes we can commit. Humans have evolved their consciousness high enough to have the potential to incarnate their BEING – their Divine Spiritual Essence – where we can become Godlike here on Earth. This is the goal and potential of every Human, to bring our heavenly states of consciousness – our divine spiritual essence’s – here down on Earth, so we can evolve the planet and ourselves into levels of higher evolution and BEING.

The process of incarnating our BEINGS is a very difficult and challenging journey. In order to incarnate our BEINGS, we must purify and detach ourselves from the animal/lower natures we were consumed with when our consciousness resided in the animal kingdoms. Many of us are still attached to our animal natures, which are driven by our reactive instincts, our attachment to our lower senses, our animalistic and insatiable desires for food/sex/pleasure, and our aggressive tendencies to dominate and control out of fear. We often live our lives from a place of instant gratification based on our egoic/animal natures, rather than live our lives utilizing our intellect and reasoning so we can make wiser decisions for ourselves that will help us evolve our souls rather than destroy them.

There are many people who will argue whether we have free will or not and the truth is we do have free will, but it is weak and vulnerable to external energetic influences. In addition, we have given our power of free will over to negative thought forms, disincarnate entities, astral larvae and demonic influences. Once these energies become a part of our energy fields, due to the free will choices we have made, they have the potential to overtake us and then our free will becomes overshadowed by their influence. These energies enter into our consciousness due to our egoic weaknesses, and they want us to leak our spiritual life force energy so they can vicariously feed off of our vices so they can become stronger and more powerful! If you do not have control over your mind and you are constantly thinking negative thoughts and wishing ill harm onto others or onto your self, you will create a very powerful negative thought form entity or a Golem. Thought form entities are created by humans and they can not live unless we feed them. In addition, Golems can jump from one person to another if it feels it will get better fed somewhere else. Disincarnate entities (the astral body/egoic body), which is left behind from the soul who has crossed over into the spiritual dimensions, will continue to reside in the astral world until their physical body, that once held the soul, has completely deteriorated. (READ MORE on Negative Entities HERE) By pumping our bodies up with chemical solutions to stop them from decomposing, we prolong the life of all these disincarnate astral entities (lower egos) – this is why it is best to cremate the body. A disincarnate egoic entity can enter into our physical bodies through holes and tears in our energy fields. Our energy fields are the protection we are given, but again through our own free will – we participate in narcotics, drugs, excessive alcohol consumption, escapism, poor eating habits and toxic relationships that create explosive emotions that tear and destroy the protection of our auric fields. Humans have evolved to a certain level where they have been given free will and this free will has the potential to either evolve us into our next level of evolution, which is an ascended or an angelic level, or we can descend based on our own free will choices to remain attached to our animalistic natures, our vices and our lower selves. At this time on the planet, we are in a period of acceleration! We have two choices – release our lower self attachments so we can purify ourselves and ascend our souls bringing forth more light into our consciousness or remain attached to our lower selves where our vices and darkness will be increased. Whatever we focus our attention on, will now be greatly intensified due to the powerful energies that are entering onto Earth. In addition, everyone is being tested to the extremes – our karma is being returned to us at an accelerated rate and we are being initiated through psychological tests and temptations, with the intention of helping our souls grow to the next stage of evolution.

We are in critical times on Earth and if we do not take control over our lives, our choices, our minds and our emotions – our lives will become increasingly chaotic. This is why we are seeing more and more suicides on the planet. People who get to a place of committing suicide, have been taken over by their own negative thought forms, astral larvae, disincarnate entities and demonic influences. If people think about suicide often, are very negative, and they participate in activities that weaken their auric fields, they will release a perfume or an energy essence into the astral world that will attract even more powerful energetic parasites that will manipulate people and help them fulfill the act of suicide.

All of us are affected by these energies. Absolutely no one on Earth is immune to them; it doesn’t matter how evolved or spiritual you think you are. Sometimes these energies come to us because they are testing our free will – they are testing our strength and they are helping us to make a choice that will either move us forward into a higher level or keep us stagnant in our souls evolution. Other times, these energies come around us due to our lack of strength and our lack of commitment to our growth. None the less, they are everywhere, so every choice and every decision we make is always sending out a vibrational frequency into the astral dimensions and we absolutely will reap what we sow.

Our whole planet is going through a dark night of the soul. Everyone is being challenged. If you are suicidal, or you know of someone who is, please get help. Visit an energy healer, a spiritual counselor, read inspirational books, make changes in your life, dedicate time to get out of yourself and go help others who are in shelters, release your addictions to substances that attract energetic interference. More importantly, spend time connecting with your inner being. Surrender to your true self. If you go within yourself and you honestly ask your Inner Spirit for help you will receive it. However, the help you are looking for will come in guidance and a boost of spiritual life force energy that will help you make the lifestyle changes you need to make in order for you to heal yourself and bring your self back into alignment with your highest good. This road will not be easy, but the more you go within yourself, the more your inner being will come forth and surround you with grace and the violet flame of purification to dissolve the energies that have been weighing you down. However, with every spiritual gift also comes a bigger responsibility for you to do better. Radical transformations do occur, but if you think someone outside of yourself is going to save you or spare you from your difficulties, think again! You are the one who will save you. The Creator does not do the work for us. We are given guidance and support and then we are expected to do the work.

Suicide is a free will option, but it will not alleviate your problems. No matter where you go on Earth or in the spiritual realms you take yourself with you! If you are an alcoholic in this lifetime, and you die, you will be an addict in the lower spiritual realms and you will get to repeat being an alcoholic in your next life in hopes of overcoming your addiction. Our energy and our vibration reflects the truth of who we are, so we can not escape the truth of our consciousness. We are what we are, it is what it is, and there are massive karmic repercussions for murdering ourselves. Suicide distorts and fragments the energy of our consciousness, creating all kinds of problems and energetic confusion within ourselves. Our soul fragments will then get sent to the lower levels for purification. Any soul evolution we had incurred throughout our lives, gets put on hold for a very long time because we must now descend to the lowest levels so we can purify ourselves and reintegrate as many soul fragments as possible. These lower levels are very dense, very fragmented, and very confusing and it takes a very long time to evolve out of them so we can earn the right to receive another body where we will then incarnate again with the same problems we needed to overcome in the first place.

The lower levels are what we on Earth would call the hell levels, they are not punishment like religion would have you believe, but intense levels for purification to occur. These levels have been designed by The Creator to help us shift our energetic frequencies, and to help us transmute our negative energies so we can enter into the higher spiritual levels at a future time on our journeys. It is ignorant for us to think our lower vibrating, dense energies would be allowed to enter into the heavenly or ascended dimensions – if that were allowed our distorted energies would pollute the entire ascended realms. Everything is energy, consciousness and frequency and every soul will go exactly where they need to go based on their evolution and the frequency of their vibration. The lower levels do have angelic beings present to help the souls who have committed suicide, however. Once the suicidal soul comes to terms with their actions, the intense and uncomfortable purification will begin. Again, this is not punishment but Love to help souls begin their souls evolution again so they can rise higher.

Develop the STRENGTH, the COURAGE and the WILL to face yourself and to heal yourself. Be willing to make changes. And more importantly, be willing to ask for help."


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