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 Make Your own Chromotherapy Bed

Not wanting to spend $3,000 on a device already made, I set out to make my own. You can use a bed if you like or lay on the floor. What i did was buy a used massage table off craigslist for $40 and drape a comforter over it. 

You will need a pole of some kind around 6' in length. You can use a copper pipe, pvc pipe or anything else. I chose to use a plastic curtain rod. I bought a cheap plastic one (48"-84" adjustable) on amazon:

Next I bought 2 of these triple light socket pendants:

and then a singular light socket pendant:

for a total of 7 lights- one for each chakra. 

Next, I bought the colored light bulbs:

You will want 2 of the blue ones for the throat and 3rd eye or 2 of the purple for 3rd eye and crown.

Make sure wherever decide to do this is by an outlet as you will have to plug the lights in. There will be 3 cords to plug in, so you may want a multi-plug strip. Lay everything out and start wrapping the cords around the pole. (This is a pain in the ass but doesnt take long) You dont have to position the lights yet, we will do that later.

When you're done, it should look like this.

Next you will need to hang it from the ceiling and have it about  2' above where you plan to lay. You will need 2 anchors, 2 hooks a screwdriver, zip ties and either wire or rope. 

Screw in the anchor and then your hook. Take your rope and loop it several times around the hook. Make sure your rope is plenty long.

Wrap the end of the rope several times around the pole, knot it and secure the end with a zip tie.  Then do the other end.

Now you should have something that looks like this.

Now we secure the lights into position. Its very helpful to have someone around your height to lay on the bed/table/floor so you can estimate where they need to be. Secure in place with a zip tie.

Next insert the bulbs and plug in. (my other blue one hadn't come yet)

You are done! =)

If you are in poor health or feel unbalanced, I would do this daily for at least 20 minutes.  

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