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Your Legal Name & Word Magic

It is no secret to those who are awake,  the negative agenda use black magic on us. One of the more powerful ways they do this is with word magic. 

For this page, Im going to focus on your legal name because it is the most important. 

Some of you, through your own research, may have come across the information that when you are born, you are given a birth certificate which is used as a bond. The process that allows the government to legally claim you as a corporate entity involves creating a fictional character and tricking you into becoming that character, which is the artificial person associated with your legal name (your name in all caps).  This bond that represents this artificial character  is known as your birth certificate. 

The birth certificate bond is a financial contract that can be used to enslave your body, mind and soul by turning you into collateral to back up the debt of the government. Anyone who has used their birth certificate by accepting it as identification has been physically and spiritually enslaved by the negative agenda.  Sadly, hardly anyone knows this (including many government officials) and because they dont know, they have very little chance of freeing themselves from this matrix. 

Your birth certificate has your name on it in all caps (because capital letters are more effective for spell casting) and is a magic contract that is sealed with magic (seal on your certificate) and is also sealed again with the signature of your parents. Therefore it has a bond over your body and your soul and takes away your natural rights.

The negative agenda knows they cant have power over the real you (the living, breathing person) so they create this artificial character and since you agree to play this character, you have no natural rights in any way. Since you agree to this, they are absolved of karma. (Even though, the population has no idea that this is what they are agreeing to.) Doesnt seem fair to me.

The artificial you is represented by your name in all caps. This is why any legal document has your name in all caps and you must sign. Every time you sign, you agree to stay in this matrix. The only way out is to learn how to exercise natural law and the law of free will. 

In the legal system, all lowercase letters represents a natural, living person:

johnathon john johnson

Written in all caps, you are a corporation and an artificial person:


Written properly, represents a lawful person:

Johnathon John Johnson 

So what can we do?

1. Living people have autographs, not signatures. Signatures are made by corporate officers when they are

acting in corporate office. So from now on, you would autograph your full given “official” name and add the following disclaimer: “non-negotiable autograph, all rights reserved”.

To be completely proper, you would write this is RED ink.

2. Obtain a LONG FORM LIVE certificate of birth from your County and State and Federal. In the USA it looks like you can only do County and State. 

For County, look up your County of birth circuit clerk. Specificy you want the long form. 

For State go HERE.

3. After you receive your certificates of live birth, you will want the to be authenticated by the Secretary of State (USA). Look up your Secretary of State's Office (Usa) and make an appointment for Authentication Of Your Documents.

You now have made them acknowledge you are a living, breathing person!!

4. Create your own Waiver and Acknowledgement. Sample Below:

Date: Present

Authored by: (your name)

This Waiver and Acknowledgement is my own creation. I am the author of it and therefore have authority over it. This Waiver and Acknowledgement was created with the intention to correct my status and notify all governments and their agents that I am the living man with natural rights and free will. My natural rights, which are my God-given rights, cannot be taken away from me and are above all corporate or state rules, orders, codes, acts, statutes, and regulations, and laws made by man. I am not a legal fiction nor corporation. I am the peaceable, living, and spiritual man.

Any and all men and women, acting or not acting as government agents, who violate my natural rights, or harm me or my property, or both, will answer to the Law and Justice System of God The Infinite Creator Of All.  All thoughts, intentions, and actions are known by God and there is no escaping His Laws.

Waiver and Acknowledgment

From the beginning, with God as my witness, I, (Your name), the living and spiritual man, am acknowledging all blessings given by God, repenting all transgressions against God, and waiving all benefits without God.

5. Every day say the following out loud:

"I am the living man who is peaceable and spiritual and have God given rights"

And that's it! :)


Word magic by Pao Chang 

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