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Not every dimension/realm is of a dual nature, but ours is. Humanity used to exist in an all loving state and when given the option to know polarity, they took it. 

Through the Law of Polarity, there are many soul groups on evolution journeys that are primarily weighted in the negative or positive polarity, which can also describe the 'Service to Self' and 'Service to Others' orientations. 

The Law of Polarity means that things that may appear as opposites are actually varying degrees of positive and negative poles or one of the two sides of the same thing. There are two sides of polarity that exists within everything. Everything is dual; everything has poles, everything has its pair of opposites, and the opposites are identical in nature but exist in different degrees. When we can see both sides of these polarities operating in the world, we can elevate above the opposing energies and the issues they may generate, by observing them from the neutral state. We can transform our thoughts and transform the situation by simply raising our vibration from out of the polarized state, by holding a neutral state. 


Examples of polarity:











......and so on

Extreme Negative/Dark Polarity

There are Black Subtle Forces that exist in the Negative Polarity that especially connect to the material earth elements. It is the principle of unconsciousness or falling asleep in the material world, and its weight is very dense and heavy. As a result it tends to produce inactivity, darkness, dullness, and an absence of light, while it obstructs the person’s action potential or movement forward. When a person holds too much negative polarity of this black colored subtle force in their energy body, they will show effects of ignorance, delusion, insensitivity, unconsciousness and a lack of sensory feelings with little to no Empathy. The profile of this type of person will also have deeply buried psychological or emotional blockages, with the tendency to be stagnant, repressed, depressed or internally chaotic, making them distracted and unaware of what their problems really are. They allow negative forces, dark forces and other people to completely control them, usually in the victim role, refusing to take responsibility for their lives. By refusing to take responsibility or make productive actions, this only allows their problems to escalate along with the amount of black substance they generate as blockages in their body. Without balancing the black substance and transmuting it from their consciousness, they will digress into a state of internal chaos or apathy, with sensations of great physical, mental and emotional pain, or numbness, leading to states of disease. This is truly the state of hell, of the lost soul.

The Negative Agenda uses forces on  the earth to trap humans into mass producing more and more black subtle forces. This ferments into black Miasma, leaving the masses ignorant, deluded and unconscious, therefore totally controllable. The density of the black force blocks higher sensory perception completely. This type of person will need to take some kind of action in the positive polarity to help them dissolve the black energy accumulated in their body, which generates the sensation of extreme density and stagnation.

These people are service to self and will go to negative 4D upon death of the body and may lose their privilege of human body incarnation. 

Extreme Positive/Light Polarity

A person with imbalances of the positive polarity that has produced over-stimulation and excess physical or mental activity, must move towards neutrality, stillness and holding the observer state of engaged detachment. This transforms forces that have accumulated in the body, into the pure white and clear forces of neutrality. Highly mentalized people that have problems with quieting their mind and finding inner stillness, may need more assistance with methods of psychological and emotional clearing. A cluttered and undisciplined mind makes the body restless. 

Most of humanity remains in a constant state of push/pull which will only further keep you in this state and trapped in the 3rd dimension.

duality polarity balance

Staying balanced and neutral is called the middle path and is the only way to  balanced your spirit and soul with your body. When this happens, you have mastered 3D. This happens when you do not react to the matrix and its stimuli, but instead, become an observer. 

The negative agenda really did a good job with the manipulations they inserted into the New Age movement. They knew it would push those spiritually inclined toward the extreme light and would keep them trapped here, all the while they are thinking they will be ascending. 

With the middle path, you must accept there is darkness as well as light in everything, including yourself. Judgement/Polarizing thoughts are only a matter of opinion when one cannot see the entire picture.

 Let me give you an example:

 Say a man is in a severe car accident. He breaks his back and because of this, is disabled for a year. He loses his job and income so his home gets taken away, his wife leaves him and he must move back in with his parents in another state. 

Now, Im sure the average person would agree this is a horrible situation and would label it as "bad/negative".


After moving back in with his parents in his depressive state, he starts seeing a therapist which helps to heal much trauma in his past that he has been carrying around all his life. He starts going to physical therapy and meets a women there that he connects with instantly. They later fall in love and get married. you still see this as a "bad/negative" incident that occurred?

Since we can never see all sides of something at the same time, we label everything. Everything happens for a reason- even the most horrific thing you can think of, is happening to that person for a reason. Our higher selves, karma and the universe all exist in a neutral state. We are given the situations needed to excel our growth, healing and to rid ourselves of karma. Many people who have raised their consciousness, given the chance, would not change anything negative that happened in their past, because those things made them who they are now.

The Middle Path/Neutrality 

The middle path is a concept that refers to avoiding extremes on your ascension journey and in one's view of reality. This helps one avoid the two extremes of self-indulgence or self-denial.

Siddhartha Guatama (the future Buddha), describes how as a child and young man, Siddhartha's father ensured that his every sensual desire was fulfilled. At this early stage of his life, Siddartha experienced the extreme of self-indulgence. He saw that this way of living could not bring him lasting happiness, and he became disillusioned with his life as a royal prince. He then left his royal palace and sought knowledge through studying with several forest yogis. After studying meditation techniques with several different teachers, Siddhartha joined a group of five yogis who practiced a form of extreme asceticism. These yogis saw their physical bodies as an impediment to spiritual awakening, and they sought to overcome their attachment to sense pleasures by denying their bodies food and comfort. With these companions, Siddhartha practiced the extreme of self-denial.

Siddhartha practiced with these yogis for many years, until he was near the point of death from starvation. Sensing he was near death, he accepted a bowl of milk rice from a village girl. Upon drinking the nourishing milk, he had the realization that practicing extreme austerities would not lead to a spiritual awakening. Gradually, he developed the insight that the path to awakening must be a middle way between extreme indulgence in sense-pleasures and extreme austerities. It was at this point that he entered into a state of deep meditation that led to his awakening.

The middle path outlines 8 significant dimensions of one's behavior—mental, spoken, and physical—that operate in dependence on one another; taken together, they define a complete path, or way of living.

To follow the Noble Eightfold Path is a matter of practice rather than intellectual knowledge, but to apply the path correctly it has to be properly understood.

the middle path

1. The Right View: Right-view is a way of seeing which transcends all views. It is a detached way of seeing, different from the attitude of holding to any view, wrong or right. According to contemporary Theravada Buddhism, it is the right way of looking at life, nature, and the world as they really are for us. It is to understand how our reality works. It acts as the reasoning with which someone starts practicing the path. It explains the reasons for our human existence, suffering, sickness, aging, death, the existence of greed, hatred, and delusion. Right view gives direction and efficacy to the other seven path factors.

And what is right view? Knowledge with reference to suffering, knowledge with reference to the origination of suffering, knowledge with reference to the cessation of suffering, knowledge with reference to the way of practice leading to the cessation of suffering: This is called right view.

The purpose of right view is to clear one's path of the majority of confusion, misunderstanding, and deluded thinking. It is a means to gain right understanding of reality. Right view should be held with a flexible, open mind, without clinging to that view as a dogmatic position. In this way, right view becomes a route to liberation rather than an obstacle.

2.The Right Intention: It means a greater commitment to the spiritual path; good will; and a commitment to non-violence, or harmlessness, towards other living beings.

3. The Right Speech: Abstaining from lying, from divisive speech, from abusive speech and from gossip. He speaks the truth, holds to the truth, is firm, reliable. What he has heard here he does not tell there to break those people apart from these people here. He speaks words that are soothing to the ear, that are affectionate, that go to the heart, that are polite, appealing and pleasing to people at large.

4. The Right Action: Right action can also be translated as "right conduct". As such, the practitioner should train oneself to be morally upright in one's activities, not acting in ways that would be corrupt or bring harm to oneself or to others. Abstaining from murder,taking life, from stealing, and from illicit sex or sexual misconduct. This is called right action.

5. The Right Livelihood: This means that practitioners ought not to engage in trades or occupations which, either directly or indirectly, result in harm for other living beings. The 5 types of businesses that should not be undertaken:

1. Business in weapons: weapons trade, trading in all kinds of weapons and instruments for killing.

2. Business in human beings: slave trading, prostitution, or the buying and selling of children or adults.

3. Business in meat: "meat" refers to the bodies of beings after they are killed. This includes breeding animals for slaughter.

4. Business in intoxicants: manufacturing or selling intoxicating drinks or addictive drugs.

5. Business in poison: producing or trading in any kind of poison or a toxic product designed to kill.

6. The Right Effort: The practitioners should make a persisting effort to abandon all the harmful thoughts, words, and deeds. The practitioner should instead be persisting in giving rise to what would be  useful to themselves and others in their thoughts, words, and deeds, without a thought for the difficulty or weariness involved.

7. The Right Mindfulness: Here, practitioners should constantly keep their minds alert to phenomena that affect the body and mind. They should be mindful and deliberate, making sure not to act or speak due to inattention or forgetfulness. A detached observation of what is happening within us and around us in the present moment. In the practice of right mindfulness the mind is trained to remain in the present, open, quiet, and alert, contemplating the present event. All judgments and interpretations have to be suspended, or if they occur, just registered and dropped.

8. The Right Concentration: The practitioner concentrates on an object of attention until reaching full concentration and a state of meditative absorption. Traditionally, the practice of samadhi can be developed through mindfulness of breathing , through visual objects and through repetition of phrases. 

All this really boils down to is to be mindful in the present moment without jugement and dont be an as*hole. LOL.


Modern Day Middle Path

The negative agenda has zero power over you (one's thoughts and emotional state) when you are outside of their frequency reach by maintaining neutral balance or the Observer. If you stay out of mental and emotional polarity (inferior and superior thought forms) it is very hard for them to manipulate or control you. The negative agenda has no access to control "the now" consciousness when you are capable to maintain and then embody energetic balance through observer with no attachment to outcome. 

Practicing Meditation and developing the observer point is the critical skill which can be learned, trained and developed to discipline an unruly ego mind. With an unruly and undisciplined mind one cannot reach higher consciousness. The process is one of self-observation and gaining increased self-awareness. Through dedicated observation of the self and gradually discerning between these functioning aspects of the mind, one can attain the direct experience of the consciousness they are. The still point of which this consciousness connects to in the parts of our mind is that which forms all of our thoughts, emotions, and experiences that direct us through life.

To begin this process one must observe the functions of the mind and discern them in action and intend to return that thought back into the internal still point or neutral. This is the intention and goal of meditation, to become aware of inner stillness without the mind interfering. Later it is a walking meditation in which every single thought, behavior and activity is witnessed by the Observer Point in the day to day activity. As this skill is developed this becomes possible with little to no effort to remain in the Observer Point. It is at this point a massive leap in higher consciousness and awareness of sentient forms may be experienced.

To allow the deeper comprehension of the self to discern the functions of mind one will need to discern the functioning of each part of the mind and accept its nature without judgment of its content. This means to train the mind one must learn to observe, discern the part of the mind and accept its nature. Through observation, discernment and acceptance one can train the mind to be disciplined back to neutral, which allows access to still point of higher consciousness. 

Set Neutral Point (Remain Non Attached to Outcome)  Stay fully present in the Now moment.

No Judgment, Replace with Discernment

Fearless and Timeless


Breathe In Deeply and Relax: “I am Neutral”

A way to understand observer point is liken it to viewing a movie. If you become at all connected to any thread in an archetype of drama you are pulled into the movie, into the time and space of which the hologram is playing out. When observing it you are outside time, you are outside of the matrix of which is creating it. When you are outside looking at it you are not in the same time space field where this particular event is transpiring and that's where you have to stay. As soon as you are feeling the emotional pull or the vestment or the attachment, whatever it is that pulls you into the timeline and you get sucked into the identity, now you can hurt yourself. The level of holding observer is understanding that when you do this you are outside of the space where that event and that technology has power. When you are outside of it, that technology, whatever it is, whatever's going on, does not have power over you. As soon as you get sucked into it you become a part of the movie.

Understand that holding neutrality and not responding does not mean you don't care.




I came across an article which states that "Bipolar disorder is just another expression of the Law Of Polarity. There is light and shadow, life and death, health and illness, joy and sorrow. Someone who suffers from the bipolar disorder gets to experience extreme emotions. Constant shifts between extremes tend to create chaos. Chaos can’t be controlled, which creates intense feelings of fear.

When you look at the vibrational scale of the Law Of Attraction, you will notice that negative emotions tend to be described with lower vibrations, and positive emotions – with higher vibrations. When someone suffers from the bipolar disorder, their vibration changes all the time. Maintaining it at a healthy and stable level is a challenge.

According to the Law Of Attraction doctrine, our vibration is the result of our feelings and the beliefs we have in our subconsciousness. This leads me to the hypothesis that people dealing with the bipolar disorder hold two opposite spiritual truths. These truths are: “life is amazing” and “life is hopeless”.

Positive moments in life reinforce our belief that life is amazing, while negative moments in life promote the belief that life is hopeless.

I suspect that people who have bipolar disorder have experienced both crushing tragedies and incredible miracles in their lives. This led them to the realization that life can be both amazing and horrible.

And since our brains are wired for survival, we tend to assume that life is horrible, and this creates fear – which morphs into excitement (and mania).

The state of mania isn’t true euphoria or genuine happiness. It’s the combination of our belief that life is always amazing, and a fear of the opposite truth. This fear causes irrate behavior – the manic person is doing all they can to abolish (or at least mask) their inner belief that life is actually completely hopeless.

Episodes of mania are exhausting, and they end in depression, as the bipolar person shifts towards the truth they fear the most: that life is hopeless.

However, there is positive and negative in life, and soon, a positive event triggers the bipolar person to return to the belief that life is amazing – and a manic episode happens again."









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