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What Is The Mandela Effect?

This scenario was named the ‘Mandela effect’ by the self-described ‘paranormal consultant’ Fiona Broome after she discovered that other people shared her (false) memory of the South African civil rights leader Nelson Mandela dying in prison in the 1980s. Since then, many other "false memories" have been recorded by many people such as famous lines to movies, the Lindbergh baby and so on. 

The truth is....these are not false memories. Thousands of people do not share the same false memories. That is pure crap. New knowledge has come to light that those who experience the Mandela Effect exist outside this matrix. That is, they have higher selves and are connected to them when the majority of humanity is not. This is a good thing! It means we can get out!

Below are some examples of the Mandela Effect.

Nelson Mandela

This is what started it all. I was too young to remember this either way.

Jif Peanut Butter

I remember Jiffy Peanut Butter!! Apparently this never existed?

Looney Tunes

I remember Looney Toons, but apparently it has always been Looney Tunes?

The Berenstain Bears?

This is the first one I noticed. I had ALL the books as a kid and KNOW 100% it was Berenstein Bears.

Curious George

I was also a fan of these books and remember he had a tail. Apparently, he never had a tail?

Sex And The City

I remember Sex IN the city.


This one I remember VERY clearly because I was a single mother when this came out and I bought a ton of it!! I know it was Febreeze.

Oscar Mayer

Now this one, I remember Mayer. I would sing along with the song in the commercial. Many people remember it as Meyer.


Do you remember him as all gold? Or with 1 silver leg? I remember all gold.


This I remember being pinkish and I was shocked that it is now green!

Snow White

I remember "Mirror, Mirror". Now its apparently "Magic Mirror"?

Star Wars

This is a big one too as this was the most famous line in the movie. I remember "Luke, I am your father" it is just "I am your father".

Lord Of The Rings

I remember very clearly "run, you fools"! Now its "fly, you fools" ??

Silence of the Lambs

Do you remember him saying "Hello Clarice"? Or "Good Morning"? I remember "Hello Clarice".

We Are The Champions

I remember ........"Of the world". Apparently now, that was never sung.

50 States?

I grew up thinking there were 52 states in America. Apparently now, there are only 50.

The Lindbergh Baby

This is another of the most famous ones. For me, the Lindbergh baby was never found and no one was ever arrested. I even remember people joking later in life that they found out they were the Lindbergh baby. Apparently, the baby was found dead and someone was arrested and went to prison. 


This video talks about information this women received when doing a past life regression. She explains that if you experience the Mandela Effect, then you exist outside the matrix.

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