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Reality mirror

Your Reality Is A Mirror

Setting The Stage

Before we incarnate, we choose our parents, our gender, where we want to live, our race and the lessons and circumstances we want to master. Our lessons are chosen by us, and they are reflective of past-life issues we had problems with, karma that needs to be resolved and agreements we make with other souls in order to help us evolve.

My issues were self esteem, patience and a massive food issue. I had been starved to death in my last life, so I brought that with me, but in this life I had a great love for food and I always overate, which was overcompensating for the starvation of my last life. My goal was to balance this out. I needed to teach my ego that I was safe.

Once we incarnate, we forget what we signed up for, but you need to understand that everyone that comes into our lives (on a soul level) has agreed to play a role in order to enhance our spiritual growth. Its like being actors in a play. Every interaction is a spiritual test. Once we pass the test, and our lesson learned, the energy is balanced and there is no need to repeat the lessons.

We have free will and we can chose to respond to these tests any way we want. Keep in mind though, everything has value and every interaction has value. Any judgment on our part creates karma.

Once you understand how this works, you will consciously and actively start playing the game to your advantage. You will meet a difficult relationship with a deep breath and a smile instead of a street fight and know you have passed that test! Each time we pass a test, we get closer and closer to ascension.

All we need is courage, intention and a willingness to expand out consciousness.

We must accept responsibility for everything that occurs in our lives. Even if it is a very difficult lesson, you must know that you chose to experience it. 

 Become aware of why our life is the way it is:

1. We Live In A Realm That We Manifest Ourselves- The negative agenda cannot create, but we can. Every thought and emotion we have creates what we experience.  This is why the negative agenda feeds us news and movies and tv with violence, wars, sex, racism etc. The more we, as a collective, and as individuals think about these things, the more we create them. They feed us with stories of ISIS and guess what, we are all so worried about it, that we manifest it into an even bigger deal. This is how powerful we are! We are literally creating this world that we do not want.

2. Soul Contracts- Made with other souls before our incarnation in order for lessons to be learned and karma to be taken care of. Karma is not a punishment. When karma presents itself, see it for what it is-: unbalanced energy from the past that is now seeking balance.

3. Unconscious Emotions, Feelings, Thoughts And Behavioral Patterns Stored In Our Subconscious Mind- This can be sexual abuse from this life or a past life, physical abuse or anything else. Denial doesnt work. It only prolongs the pain. We must face these painful issues in order to heal and release. If we dont, these will continue to bring unwanted situations into our lives and can manifest into debilitating diseases such as cancer.

4. Free Will- Not everything is predetermined. We have free will to follow our ego and to get into that street fight. We have the free will to chose not to evolve at all if we dont want to.

5. The Law Of Attraction- Like attracts like. What you focus on, you will draw to you. Like I said on "Reprograming Your Subconscious", envision every thought you think and every word you say creating computer codes that will begin to manifest those thoughts and feelings in your reality. If you are always worried about money, you will attract more situations in which you will be worried and depleted of money. Your thoughts and words create what you get. I know its hard when you are struggling, but like I did, fake it till you make it. I have been homeless on more then 1 occasion and if that were to happen to me now , do you know the thoughts I would have? They would go something like this: "I am so grateful for this home I have". "I have unlimited sources of income" etc.... I wouldnt dare think "omg, what am I going to do"..."I have no home or money".....even though that may be the reality now, I wouldnt want to be manifesting it in my future.

Examine your life right now and make a list:

*Who do you feel are the key players in your life?

*What do you think they are trying to teach you?

*Are you making free will choices? or are choices being made for you?

*Are you participating in high vibrational activities or low vibrational activities?

Understanding Mirrors

You are the creator of your life and you must accept responsibility for it. If you are in denial of all the crappy stuff in your life, you are rejecting the fact that you are a creator being and you have chosen to be powerless.

The universe presents us with a mirror so we can see ourselves in others and change what we need to work on. If we see something in someone else we dont like and it has triggered an emotional response from us, then that is an alarm to pay attention to it. Their behavior has become a mirror for us, blessing us with an opportunity for higher awareness so we can see what needs to be healed inside us. If we dont like something about ourselves, we will see that in others as well. Our outer reality is a mirror of our inner being. Our higher selves are always bringing people and situations into our lives to show us our hidden, subconscious programming.

We cannot be empowered and enlightened beings and also see ourselves as victims of circumstance.

*When you find yourself in a negative situation, ask yourself

"What is this person reflecting back to me"? What behavior, thought, feeling or belief does this person have that I need to heal within myself?

Mirrors are not exact reflections. They are multidimensional with many layers. To understand mirrors, requires self- reflection and introspection. The best way to get to the bottom of it is to ask yourself how you feel. Once you name the feeling, you will receive the wisdom.

There are usually 3 reasons for a mirror:

1. Someone is being a mirror for you to show you how you are thinking, feeling, behaving or vibrating. They are a reflection of a lesson you need to learn. This is the most common

2. You are a mirror for someone else. You have chosen to be someone they act out against so they can see the pain they have inflicted on you. If that person sees your suffering, they will be less likely to repeat the behavior and it will clear their karma.

3. If you have done a lot of work on yourself, another can reflect your progress. People will reflect back to you lessons you have recently moved through. They are seeking assistance from you to help shed light so that they can move forward without having to repeat the lesson over and over and over. A lighthouse, lighting the way for others. (This is what I try to be)

Do not get hung up on mirror situations regarding what they said or what they did. Focus on how it made you feel and how you wanted to react. 

This is about the feeling needing to be transformed and healed. If there is no feeling or reaction, there is nothing you need to transform. Look for the emotion.

If someone is mistreating you, ask yourself:

*"How am I mistreating myself or someone else"?

*"How am I being abusive to myself or others"?

*"What am I allowing in my life that no longer serves me"?

With each mirror interaction ask yourself:

*What is this person or circumstance trying to teach me"?

"What behavior is he or she revealing that is a mirror of my behavior"?

*"What negative thoughts and beliefs am I holding onto that need to be released"?

*"What am I allowing to be drawn to me"?

*"Have my thoughts and words been negative or positive"?

"Am I evolving or repeating"? What is the pattern?

For more details on these issues, I recommend the book:

Raise Your Vibration” by Sabrina Reber

To buy:


"Raise Your Vibration" by Sabrina Reber

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