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Negative Entities & Psychic Attacks

There are many different frequencies in the universe that beings can resonate at.

Lower vibrational beings are full of hate, fear, shame, guilt, regret and pain. They feed off of this. This is how they live. This is also why they will do everything they can to lower the vibration of those around them. This is also why negative humans hurt other people. Even if they dont want to, they do, because its the action that aligns with their vibration. 

High vibrational beings are full of love, compassion, empathy and light. They make others feel good when they are around.

When someone sees a negative entity, they see their appearance, they feel their vibration and they get scared. This is by design. This puts you in a low vibrational state so they can feed off your fear. Ideally, what you would do in this situation is to feel compassion and love for them so much so that they cant exist in your presence. Negative entity's and negative people cannot feed off of light, it actually repels them. But....if you are in your bed at night and a demon is walking towards would be difficult not to be afraid. Its a natural response. So......we must do other things. 



Let me start off by saying 98% of human beings have an entity attachment and have no idea...and will never know about it..... and this entity will stay with them throughout their life. 

How is this possible?

There are many things that weaken our general health and well being, through the weakening and fracturing of the human energy field or aura. 

1. Negative emotions, behavior and destructive actions.

2. Unresolved Emotional or psychological conflicts, destructive relationships.

3. Pharmaceuticals, drugs, alcohol, Addiction and consuming recreational drug substances.

4. Surgery, hospitalization and cutting into the body.

5. Exposure to Low EMF fields generated from technology (cellphones, computers, TV) (5G).

6. Solar Flares and strong Magnetic Field Shifting, EMF Fluctuations.

7. Accidents, events that cause physical stress, shocks or emotionally traumatic experiences.

8. International Air travel, traveling to areas of the earth with different grid system or hemisphere.

9. Extreme grief, depression, guilt, shame or loneliness.

10. Being a Starseed (Not all Starseeds or Lightworkers are subject to the same levels of dark force manipulation, psychic attack and NAA alien harassment as others are. There are many variances dependent on each individual situation, including lineage/genetic issues that affect reasons as to why this particular soul family group is vulnerable to energy attacks.).

11. And many times, children are traumatized by negative entities to the point their aura weakens. 



The ONLY way entities can exist is by feeding themselves with energy.....OUR energy.  The easiest thing for them to do is to attach themselves to a person and this person will then be a lifetime supply of energy for this entity.  Most of these entities like to believe that they have the power and the control, but the fact of the matter is, they NEED us. They NEED YOU! If you stop feeding them, they have to leave and seek out someone else's energy.

So, how do entities attach?

Sadly, this usually happens in childhood. Childhood is full of traumas and one very big way an entity can attach is by traumatizing the child.  Children are born being able to see the astral world. So, what happens when a child runs to their parents and claims to see a monster in their room? The parents tell them there is no such thing and sends the child back to their room. I am guilty of this myself back in the day when I didn't know any better. What happens then is the child learns to keep this stuff to themselves and suffer in silence. Once there is enough trauma to the child to have created a weak aura or a hole in the child's aura, it is able to attach. Until the aura is pierced, there can be no entrance to the soul and the aura is always pierced by the response of fear. This is why they start when we are young. Then what it does is start to feed the child its thoughts and likes/dislikes, feelings, perversions, etc. So, essentially, the majority of us grow up with a personality entirely shaped by our negative entity attachments and never have any idea that this has ever even happened to us. 

However, entities can also attach to you as an adult. I explain more about this later on.

Types Of Entities

1. The Earthbound Spirit- Most earthbound spirits do not realize they are dead. They are confused, living in a surreal dream-like world that they do not understand. With no physical brain for memory storage, in time, these spirits lose all memories and identity and become a confused "ghost" who has no idea who they ever were. This often happens when someone has a violent death or cant accept their death and never had a belief in spiritual matters.


2. Perverted & Addicted Spirits- These are spirits who chose to stay earthbound due to not wanting to give up their behaviors. This is very common with those who were alcoholics, drug addicts, pedophiles and so on. These spirits tend to frequent bars and seedy areas. They feed off the energy and attach to someone with a weak aura. They then continue to push their wants and needs onto that person. Because of this cycle, the majority of alcoholics and drug addicts have a negative entity (or several) who are feeling them these cravings. If they can get rid of the entities, they would be left with little or no cravings.  With pedophilia, this is a strong, more dangerous entity and is likely more of a demon. If the pedophile were to get rid of the demon/entity, odds are, their lust for children would be completely gone. 


3. The Deranged Spirit- This happens in the case of someone who is mentally insane and they pass over. They typically do not remember that they were once human. Given enough time, their earth bound spirit becomes permanently psychotic. These spirits are able to manifest into whatever they want to be at the time. They can also permanently keep this form no matter what it is.  For mediums and those who are able to see the 4th dimension, every now and then they will be at a loss for words at something they see. This is typically the form of a deranged spirit. 


4. Incubus & Succubus- Male & Female demons who prey on sexual energy. Many people who have these encounters actually enjoy the experience - not realizing they are being drained of vitality and will become debilitated. 


5. Elementals & Nature Spirits- Fairies, gnomes and the like. These encounters are very rare and almost always occur due to their dwellings being disturbed or, black magic practitioners using them.


6. Astral Snakes & Spiders- These are evil nature spirits. I have personally seen both. For an entire week when I was 7-8 years old, I saw these snakes all over my house. It was at this time that a demon attached itself to me and stayed with me for the next 30 years until I became aware of it. 


7. Fallen Angels- These would be the Alpha Omega Order Templar Melchizedeks, The Fallen Seraphim, Samjase Annunaki, Jehovian Annunaki from Sirius A (designers of the crucification implant on Earth), Thoth, Enki and Enlil Collectives from Nibiru and Sirus A.


8. Demons & Demonic Spirits-Ancient, intelligent, very evil entities. Their job is to tempt and test human beings. They also vex and punish people if they become spiritually polluted and they provide life-path resistance. (allowed by karma and universal law). This is their home. They are doing their job. Think about this. 


9. Negative ET's- These are most likely entities that were formally an ET living on this planet. Many people who receive psychic attacks  see reptilian ET's. 


10. Poltergeists- These are not entities, but a mass of chaotic energy generated by someone who has PK abilities (Psychokinesis).  Given enough time and energy feeding into it, it can obtain its own consciousness.


11. The ArconsMany people that have done DMT & Ayawasca have reported seeing the "AI" as an octopus like being controlling this planet.  This octopus like being is giving birth to entities known as the Arcons. Researchers of the Archons have stated that the Archons are the Reptilians and the Greys, this is incorrect. The Reptilians and the Grey clones have become fully possessed and no longer have any freewill and are completely living out an archontic agenda and placing us all in an energetic prison to become food for their Archon overlords. The Archons began to hang out around those beings which were also programmed to survive and thus they found the ancient races of the Reptilians, because of their genetics the Reptilians came very easily under the archontic influence. After time they possessed the Reptilian races and thus they fell in consciousness. The Reptilian races have been under the influence and possession of these Archontic entities for thousands of years. It seems that the falling of many races within our galaxy have all been caused to one degree or another by this archontic infection. An archontic infection begins by the parasite lowering your vibration to lock you in an astral plane; there you are much more easily influenced and controlled. They can achieve this through many methods, drugs, alcohol and pharmaceuticals can be used by the Archons to infiltrate the freewill of people. In this state the possessing entity can then drain the energy directly from the solar plexus. Anyone trying to rid themselves of an archontic infection will be brought very quickly to paranoia and anger towards other people. It is reported that Meth addicts and heroin users often see these archontic parasites as demons around them.


12. Other- Under this 'other' umbrella, Im including Bigfoot, Wendigo, Skinwalkers, Men-In-Black...etc.  I address the first 3 on another page HERE.  

WHY do entities attach?

1. The number 1 reason is that they need food to live. Your energy is their food. Fear is the most common and most preferred energy. Sexual energy is their second favorite. 

2. Most entities cannot cross running water. Water has a pure energy to it that is repulsive to these entities. Have you ever seen a movie where the priest splashed holy water on a possessed person? Its the water they hate. With all of the indoor plumbing and constant running water throughout cities, it is very hard for entities to just come and go wherever they please. Its easier for them to hitchhike on your energy field. 

3. Curses. These negative entities are very petty and vindictive beings. They will recognize you from a previous life in which you wronged them.

4. Just for fun. These are usually the spirits with addictions. They typically hop from one person to the next just having their fun.

Exposure To Negative Entities

Many things factor in when trying to figure out how one becomes into contact with a negative entity. The major factors are:


Mental & Physical Health

Inner Strength


Family Line

Psychic Sensitivity


Sexual Assult

Random Chance

Lifestyle- Who are the people you spend the majority of your time with? What are your hobbies?

 I have several people Im counseling who keep coming to me for advice. They simply cant understand why drama keeps finding them and "ruining their lives".  Or why they never get anywhere.

The first thing I ask are these questions. 

You are the company you keep. Plain and simple. If you are hanging out with people of low character, or those who are troubled or prone to anger/depression, drink, do drugs etc, you are at a high risk for negative entity attachment. It doesnt matter if you are of high character. The odds are very high that anyone with these issues already have negative attachments. Simply being around them will make you susceptible. 

Do you lay around watching tv all day? Or do you exercise, meditate and read? Negative entities love the lazy. Enough said.

Alcohol, drugs and sex play a big part as well. All 3 make you look like a giant piece of chocolate cake to a negative entity. If you drink and do drugs, your defenses come down. When you become sexually aroused, this grabs their attention. The normal amount is fine, but if you are having sex multiple times a day, this will draw them to you. At the moment of sexual union, you cant see it, but a psychic vortex is formed in a funnel shape. This funnel towers up into other dimensions. In all cases the physical, etheric and astral bodies are involved. This creates psychic cords to every person you ever have sex with and that other person will forever be affecting you unless the cord is severed.

Mental & Physical Health- The mentally and physically ill are always vulnerable to negative entity attachments because their energy body defenses will be down fighting other battles.

Inner Strength- If you are a timid and shy person with low self-esteem and no self-control, negative entities will be drawn to you like moths to a flame. Why? Because it will be easy for them to attach and there is a high chance you wont resist. 

Environment- If you live in a household with an abusive family or an abusive significant other,  in a bad neighborhood, near a prison, near a cemetery, in a gloomy city or like going on gost tours and to haunted houses...etc... The odds are high that you will encounter negative entities.

Family Line- If you have a family with generations of abusive family members, a family full of Freemasons, Satanists, Religious Pastors etc.....the odds are high that the same negative entities go from one generation to the next. (In the case of Religious Pastors- these pastors often perform exorcisms and therefore piss off a great many entities. These will follow the family line, trying to torment in retaliation)

Psychic Sensitivity- Those with sensitivity are more susceptible to influence. 

Children- Children are defenseless, they are preyed upon more then adults by negative entities. Any household that has children in it is more susceptible to negative entities then those without. 

Sexual Assault- This is one of the more heinous circumstances. It is likely that during a sexual assault, the victim picked up a negative entity attachment. (This happens because the assaulter likely has several and this is a time of trauma) What this entity does is "mark" their victim as an easy target. All other negative entities the victim now comes into contact with will try to take advantage. I personally know someone who always seemed like a target for sexual assault. This is a women who has been raped multiple times.  I could never understand this until I learned this important information.

Random Chance/Other- Sometimes you can be in a friends house who decides to get out the Ouija board or, become a Satanist for a week in high school because you thought it would be cool or sometimes you are simply at the wrong place at the wrong time.

Let's talk about psychic attacks

A psychic attack is different then an attachment. These negative entities don't need to attach to you in order to attack you. Psychic attacks are unseen supernatural influences that negatively effect people. 

They can be mild in the form of:

depression, anxiety, fear, head pain and pressure, vision problems, breathing issues, cold and tingling, irregular heartbeats, chest pain, paralysis,

 pricks, pinches and unnatural thoughts and compulsions. They can also be more subtle such as draining your energy as you sleep. Have you ever woken up more tired then before you went to sleep?

Or - they can involve mind-numbing terror with crippling physical pain and overwhelming compulsions. This is more along the lines of a full blown possession. Possessions are actually common, however, full-blown possessions are very rare, and with good reason. Demons are not capable of interacting in society. Anyone who is completely possessed by a demon....well...its very obvious. If not removed, the demon will end up killing the host and thus, ending its food supply. 

A very big problem in the New Age Movement is the "Passiveness" program that was inserted. This involves just ignoring bad things or projecting love and light or simply telling a negative entity to go away and it will.......NO! Projecting love and light is wonderful- yes do this all the time...however, you cant just do this and nothing else. This planet is a battlefield and we are in the middle of the biggest battle. You must fight or you WILL loose. PERIOD. You can be well meaning and project all the love you want onto a demon or negative entity and I guarantee that this will do nothing.  

Types of Psychic Attacks 

1. A thought, urge or compulsion that is out of character. 

2. Full Blown Deliberate Attack- nightmares, insomnia, cramping, pains, electric shock sensations, sudden infections and illnesses, sleep paralysis, sudden obsessions and addictive behaviors and bad luck.

3. Attacks By Another Person- Most of the time, someone with a negative attachment can send out a psychic attack to you and not even know it.  If you make this person angry or pose a threat to an entity, you can receive the attack. I recently was posting about the false light topic in a spiritual facebook group and someone lashed out about how wrong this was and I calmly explained in more detail. From that moment on, I started having chest pains and irregular heartbeats. Whether she knew it or not, she was sending me a psychic attack. Symptoms of this kind of attack are: confusion, inability to focus, sudden tiredness,sweating, head pressure, headache, chest pain/pressure, difficulty breathing, nausea, vertigo and fainting. Many psychic attacks done by other people, do so during their dream time when not even aware of it. This is due to participating in a past life with witchcraft or black magic in which the soul still holds a grudge and it is their astral body that is doing the damage.

4. Deliberate Attacks By Another Person- This often involves black magic and or electronic harassment. The consequences of doing this are enormous. 

5. Random Attacks- This is usually sudden and short in duration because you came briefly into contact with an aggressive negative entity. This is common when in a haunted place.

6. Long Term Attacks- This is an intelligently orchestrated plan. This happens when a negative entity has attached to someone and then continuously attacks them for weeks, months or years. 

Are you pissed off yet? GOOD! Just wait- there's more!

One of the more fascinating things I have learned recently is that negative entities dont always attach in your energy field. They can go inside your body and attach themselves to an organ, a mole or a memory. Thats can have a negative entity somehow hidden under a subconscious memory. Therefore, even if you know a very good psychic, shaman or medium, they wont always be able to see your attachments. 

Memory Attachments (core images)- This is a conscious or subconscious traumatic memory that you have experienced (or not...Ill get to that). These memories or 'core images' generate and accumulate negative energy. This in turn, causes holes to appear in your natural defense shields. Negative entities use these holes to gain access to your mind!! 

NATURAL CORE IMAGES- These result from real life traumas, bad experiences and painful, unresolved issues. 

IMPLANTED CORE IMAGES- These are telepathically created and implanted within your subconscious mind.  These are inserted by the entity while you are sleeping and you will usually experience nightmares during this time or a sexual perverted dream. This is to cause you guilt and shame.  These will be FAKE traumas that can hide in.

SPONTANEOUS CORE IMAGES- These are mind's eye images. 

There is an out of body method that can be done in order to venture into your subconscious mind and try to turn over core images.  You will need to read the book mentioned later in order to learn how to do it. 

Symptoms of a Psychic Attack

*Noticeable tingling in the spine. This is a warning and if possible, leave the area immediately.

*Massive anxiety or panic attack (Indicating the entity is trying to penetrate your defenses)

*Goose Bumps

*Adrenaline Rush for no reason

*Muscle cramps/pains

*Head Pressure or Pain


*Pins & Needles Sensation (especially in feet)

*Areas Of Buzzing (as if a fly was buzzing around you)



*Hot or Cold Skin Patches

*Throbbing Sensations

*Astral Noises & Voices (more common pre-sleep. These are scare tactics)

*Looping Thoughts


*Addiction/Weakness Exploitation (during an attack, any weakness or addiction you have will be used against you.  If you find an intense urge to have sex or drink or something similar, this is a sign)

*Sleep Paralysis

*Overshadowing (This is a temporary possession) Others will notice a change immediately in behavior and will most often comment on your eyes changing, sudden mood swings, loss of self control. You may or may not remember this episode.)

*Incubus/Succubus Sexual Encounter

*Mental Instability

*Constant Bad Luck

*Failing Health

*Chest Pains

Symptoms Of Psychic Attacks In Children

Sudden Screaming/Crying 

Night Terrors


Hearing Voices

Seeing Entities 

Becoming Withdrawn




Emotionally Demanding





Overshadowing (Trance-like State)

Symptoms of Electronic Harassment


• Treated like a Targeted Individual?

• Attacked by Psychotronic Weapons?

• Subjected to Psychic or Spiritual Attacks?

• Subject to Remote Brain Manipulation?

• Have you been chipped or implanted?• Subjected to Electronic Harassment?

• Exposed to HAARP ELF Microwave beams?

• Subject of Voice to Skull experiments?

• Subjected to Remote Viewing & Visions?

• Are you on a TI list being Monitored?

If you answered yes to any of the above,

then you might be a Targeted Individual

For this specific issue, there is hope. There are devices that can stop these. *note- I have not tried one myself.

Once a child becomes a target by a negative entity, a predictable campaign begins. 

1. The campaign usually begins with night terrors.

- A way to combat this is to allow your child to sleep with you.

2. Sleep Deprivation

-The negative entity will then hold the child in a trance like state most of the night. (The negative entity is trying to wear your child down) - A way to combat this is to carry your child over running water. It usually breaks the connection immediately. 

3. Your child may then start to see entities or an imaginary friend may appear and will use a reward and punishment method.

4. Behavioral changes

5. Mysterious Illnesses that are sudden with no explanation.

It is important to stop psychic attacks and possible attachments BEFORE an entity is able to permanently attach. 

Once your child has an entity attached, it may go quiet until their teen years and then slowly start to destroy their soul. The biggest problem for teens and adults with attachments is for them to think their thoughts and emotions came from themselves. 

Once your child has a negative attachment, it will be a soul crushing, lifelong battle for them.




Possessions are common. A full-blown possession is rare, but it does happen. There are different levels of possession. 


-Trance-like state

Virtual Puppetry

- Demon takes control of the persons body. The soul of the person is aware but in a dream like state and is powerless to do anything to stop this.

(This is often the case where seemingly good people suddenly kill their spouse, child or there is a whole family murder-suicide)

Full Possession

-A possessing negative entity will not usually take over complete control unless it plans to destroy its victim (think The Exorcist movie)

Signs to watch for:

People with strong negative attachments are single minded, moody and easily offended. They will always try to further their control and dominate.

Abnormal strength

Facial/eye changes

Abnormal anger/violence

Lack of compassion, remorse, empathy

Abnormal lust and sexual perversions


Abnormal power of suggestion and persuasion

Involuntary movements

Seizures and other medical issues with no medical cause

Hearing voices INSIDE your head and not with your ears

Sudden thoughts of suicide

Sudden thoughts of murder or torture

Not bathing, brushing hair or teeth or putting on clean clothes.


First Steps in Psychic Defense 

I will list some things in brief, but the first thing you want to do is to order this book: "Practical Psychic Self-Defense" By Robert Bruce.

(I have no affiliation with him or this book).

I suffered with a demon attachment and several negative entity attachments for about 30 years before I started doing research about this. It took me 7 years to find this man.

He not only has been possessed himself, but he has removed demons and negative entities from many, many people and this book will educate you first and then teach you these methods in detail.

If you were to read only 1 book in your entire life, this one should be the one.



What you want to do is to make life difficult for the negative entity. This will encourage them to vacate of their own volition. 


-I do NOT mean to challenge them or threaten them. This is their home. They are doing their job. Respect that. 



Step 1. Self-Observation-Observe your thoughts, motives, actions and reactions. Think about why you are doing, thinking, feeling the way that you are. Is this YOUR thought or theirs? 

The BIGGEST asset you have is your mind. EVERY single thought and word you say has more power then you can even imagine. Every word and thought creates codes that encircle your energy field and these codes start to manifest in the physical. If you have a negative entity telling you that you are depressed today, you will feel depressed and then you will build on this FALSE thought with YOUR thoughts about how depressed you feel.  In turn, this will keep your vibration low and will cause more circumstances to manifest in which will make you depressed.

This is why monitoring your thoughts and words are the most important thing to master

Mental Discipline Technique

*Negative thought comes in*

1. Re-Label: Think or say "I reject this thought/feeling/emotion. It is not mine"

2. Re-Focus: Think/say/visualize the opposite of this thought/feeling/emotion. If you observe a thought such as "Im fat and ugly"- immediately reject it and then think or say "Im beautiful and happy with my weight". (Odds are, the negative entity will counteract with "no Im not. Its wishful thinking"...or "get real". Just reject again and re-focus again)

3. Re-Value: Examine the power you have given this thought or emotion over your life. See it for what it is. Limiting you. Disempowering you. Robbing you of inner peace and fulfillment as a Divine being.

4. Request: Ask your higher self and spirit to help you.

Step 2.  Strengthening Your Willpower- It will be hard, but you must resist these urges whatever they are. Do not feed them. Stop smoking, drinking, doing drugs immediately. Cut out any negative influences from your life. If you hate your stressful job then quit it, if you and your significant other fight all the time, move out, if your friends are shady, cut them out. If you want to exorcise but are too lazy, force yourself! If you are promiscuous, stop. At the moment of sexual union, you cant see it, but a psychic vortex is formed in a funnel shape. This funnel towers up into other dimensions. In all cases the physical, etheric and astral bodies are involved.  This creates psychic cords to every person you ever have sex with and that other person will forever be affecting you unless the cord is severed. You are literally fighting for your life here- take it seriously!

Step 3. If you are dealing with more of a haunting or ongoing psychic attacks- Where a ghost/spirit is seen AND heard, this is a valid haunting with a powerful entity because this involves ectoplasm in its composition and ectoplasm is capable of exercising force on the physical plane.  Where a ghost/spirit is seen, but not heard, this is likely due to residual energies. Where a ghost/spirit is head but NOT seen, this is likely due to astral forces set in motion by ritual magic. In any case- Make your home as pleasant and clean as possible. They will hate this. Keep curtains open and turn lights on in the darkest and dampest areas (basements, attics, garages or certain rooms) They re-charge their energy in quiet, dark areas. If you dont have any quiet, dark areas, they will seek another home. They hate classical music, so get some classical music and have it on a loop playing in the background. If you have a basement or attic, I suggest getting a player of some kind for each room and play classical music slightly louder in these areas 24/7. Fumigate! Buy a censer and burn sulfur or chili peppers and mustard seed. Hold your breath while adding it and then leave the house for an hour or more. Increase your intake of garlic.  Use salt water. Salt is the element of the Earth and water is the element of the psychic sphere, so to combine both is these is powerful. Place water fountains by every doorway of your home. Pour salt across every doorway in your home and across every window sill.  Use organic essential oils on yourself and other family members. The best ones for this issue are: Rosemary, Clove, Cinnamon, Thme, Lemon Thyme & Bergamot. Everyone in your home must shower every day. Bathing removes negative energies, dirt and oil.  (Do ALL OF THESE THINGS, not just one or 2. That will be ineffective). If you are dealing with attacks during sleep such as sleep paralysis, night terrors, etc the best things for you to do are to take a salt bath before bed. Put on clean pjs and sleep in different rooms. If you cant changes from room to room, change the position of your bed to face a different direction. Place a bowl of fresh salt water under your bed. You can also place a small amount of nitric acid in 4 bowls and put one in each corner. Make sure it is diluted. Its not the strength of the acid, but the evaporation of it into the air. You can also pour a circle of salt around your bed.

Play These Videos!

I have a friend who had a severe haunting issue and what she would do would put these videos on an auto-loop and leave them playing in her home all day while she was at a work. She would play one one day and the next day she would play the other and then just alternate.

Video Title


Video Title

The Exorcism Rite

Another Exorcism Rite

Step 4. Refuse To React- One of the most effective methods of defense is to refuse to react to an attack, neither accepting nor neutralizing it. This turns the attack back on the sender. 


Step 5. Running Water Countermeasures- Running water creates a strong, pure energy that repels most negative entities. It breaks psychic attacks instantly. This drains the entity of energy. There are a couple ways entities can get around running water. 1. is by hitchhiking a ride on a physical person or animal. The other is to build up their energy and then pass through it knowing they will have little energy on the other side. They will then have to build up strength. If you feel a psychic attack coming on or suspect someone is having one you can do several things. If you are in the city, a quick walk will break it since there are underground pipes everywhere. You can turn on the shower and pass under it. You can turn on a garden hose and walk through the water. etc. One thing you can do with the garden hose is to trap the entity in a circle. Turn on the water and make a U shape with the hose and enter the opening then cross over the hose again and quickly close the U into an O. This traps the entity inside of the circle and it drains of energy. After a couple minutes, grab onto each end of the hose and slowly close the circle. This should send the entity back to the dimension it came from.

If you suffer from sleep paralysis, insomnia or nightmares/night terrors (or if your child suffers from these), putting several buckets/bowls of fresh, clean water at the top of the bed and the foot of the bed can help repel these attacks during the night.

For more serious cases and ongoing psychic attacks- Find the nearest underground river/springs and go camping near it. Bathe everyday in the water. Stay as long as you have to. If you cant find one anywhere near you, you can fashion one in your home with garden hoses, pumps and buckets. The book will tell you how to do this. Again- you are fighting for your life here, so its time to try anything and everything.

Step 5. IF The Water Doesn't Work- You are dealing with a more powerful entity such as a demon. If you try the running water methods and they do not work, find people (opposite genders work best) and have them hug you from all sides. This creates a powerful male/female energy circuit.

Step 6. Extra's- 1. Seal your aura: Stand upright and and cross yourself by touching your forehead, chest, right shoulder and left shoulder while saying "By the power of (insert whatever you are comfortable with: God, Christ, Source, Light) within me (outstretch your ams with finger tips touching, then sweep them around to your back and touch fingertips again- this creates a circle) I encompass myself with the divine circle of protection across which no mortal error dares to set its foot". This an old monkish formula and it lasts for 4 hours. 

2. When dealing with a difficult person, interlace your fingers and lay your folded hands upon your solar plexus, keeping your elbows pressed against your sides & keep your feet touching each other. You have just made your body and aura a closed circuit and the person will not be able to drain your energy. 

3. If anyone tried to dominate you by gazing into your eyes, do not gaze back, instead, look at the space between their eyebrows. This immediately gives you the upper hand.

White Magic Protection

I have begun to study magic more in depth because the negative agenda uses black magic on this planet and on us on a daily basis, so I would like to know how to better protect myself and my home. I came across this technique to deal with a psychic attack. Ive been using the hand gesture and this method and I have to say, they really do work.

It was a lot to type out, so I just took a picture- I hope that is ok. I would save this pic and print it out as an easy reference.

The Lesser Banishing Ritual Of The Pentagram should be learned and done immediately following this technique.

The Lesser Banishing Ritual Of The Pentagram

This is a very easy to follow demonstration of this shielding technique. I do this daily now. Take this seriously and put 100% of your focus into it. If you dont, you will see no results. 

The names she says should be said in a certain octave so that your chest vibrates. 

Qabalistic Cross Names she says:

1st name: Ahhhh-Taaah

2nd name: Mahl-Koot

3rd name: Vih-G'Boo-Rah

4th name: Vih- G' Doo-Lah

5th name: LE-OLAM

Ritual of the Pentagram Names she says:





Read It It's Rights!

Many of these entities are enslaved in the structure that believe in enemy patterns in order to attack you. So they actually have gotten orders from ‘higher-ups” to track and harass you. So what you need to do is read them their God-given right and release them from their enslavement. This is a completely different take on Psychic Attack, isn’t it? Understand that in your God-power, the right given to you as a sovereign being is to also free beings that are attached to you, harassing you, or a part of the game of that harassment. So what you are saying is, ‘I’m not taking this illusion; I’m reading them their rights.’ That spirit believes that it’s got to do what it’s got to do – it’s been programmed and designed to attack you. So if you have a psychic attack, a spirit attack, or an entity attack, or something strange showing up - do not fear! Understand that this being may need your neutral support and help to heal and to rehabilitate. So again, read the spirit its God-given rights in the authority of Christ Consciousnesses:

“All spirits involved in the game are claimed in their God-given right: You have the right to self determine. You have the right to your own sanity and to choose wholeness. You have to leave this matrix and end this game. You have a right to choose and you are free in God’s Light.”

Removing Negative Entities

There is a person who I know that can help to remove negative entities from you.

Simon Parks who I list on the "Additional Resources" page (scroll down). Simon specializes in removing demons and negative ET's

Understand THIS IS A BAND-AID. Unless you change your lifestyle, more entities can and will attach to you.

Removing Negative Entities Yourself

1. Deal With Core Images- This is a must for removing negative entities and you will have to buy the book, as there is way more to it then I can type out. There is a method for adults and a method for children.

2. Skin Blemishes- Do you have any lumps, tumors, thick moles or warts? Even a dry, scaly patch of skin that will never heal? It may shock you to learn that negative entities can attach to you through one of these. The author of this book (and myself) have successfully removed many negative entities by treating the skin issue. To do this: 1. Clean the area. 2. Get a pen with blue ink (blue works best) and draw a cross over the lump, mole, wart etc. Make it twice as big as the issue itself. Then encase the cross within a circle. Try to make this as neat as possible. 3. Touch up everyday especially after sweating or bathing. 4. Do this everyday. Some people react immediately in the case of a powerful entity. Some react within 48 hours. The typical time frame is 2-4 weeks. Others can take up to 6 months to start seeing results. If there is an entity attached to it, it will begin to scab and will fall off, thus removing the entity along with it. Pay special attention to issues near your chakra's and especially at your root chakra around your genitals.

3. Underwater Rivers/Springs- As I said above, Find the nearest underground river/springs and go camping near it. Bathe everyday in the water. Stay as long as you have to. If you cant find one anywhere near you, you can fashion one in your home with garden hoses, pumps and buckets. The book will tell you how to do this. Again- you are fighting for your life here, so its time to try anything and everything. This will work if the entities just attached.

4. The Egg Decoy Method- My husband had great success with this. This egg is used to decoy the entities that traps and removes them. The egg is then destroyed. You will need 1 egg, a small picture of ONLY yourself, a small lock of your hair or a few drops of your blood, holy water (yes, it must be holy water to work), salt and a small box.

1. Wash and dry the egg.

2. Write your full name on the shell and draw a sacred symbol on it.

3. Glue or tape your hair (or smear your blood) on it plus your picture.

4. Sprinkle the egg with a mixture of the holy water and salt.

5. Baptize it with your name: Make the sign of the cross over the egg with the pointing fingers of your right hand. Dip your fingers in the holy water and say "I baptize you (your name) *make the cross again with your fingers* In the name of the Father *make the cross* the Son *cross* and the Holy Spirit *cross* and so it is/Amen/however you want to end it."

6. Place the egg in the box and keep it next to your bed for 7 days and 7 nights.

7. TWICE a day for all seven days do this visualization: Close your eyes and relax. Imagine the egg has a glowing aura and it starts to expand to envelop your entire body. Imagine and feel that you and the egg are becoming one. Try to make this as real as possible. What you are doing here is giving this egg your energy in hopes that the entities will be drawn to your energy that the egg will now have.Imagine all your problems passing into this egg as a black cloud.

8. On the 8th day take the egg far from your home to a body of water during the day. Throw or break the egg into running water (along with the picture of you). You can also bury the egg (break it in the hole and encircle it with salt) but water is better I feel. The negative entities can contaminate the land verses the purity of the running water clearing the entities completely.

Dealing With Possessions & Exorcism

There are 2 kinds of possession: Instant and Gradual.

Instant is self-explanatory. Gradual results in changes over time. This is the demon slowly wearing a person down.

Most people who are possessed suffer a range of psychological and behavioral disorders.

There is also a difference between a person suffering negative entity urges and compulsions and someone who is suffering from possession. Someone with a negative entity attachment (demon or otherwise) can resist these urges while someone who is possessed (entity inside their body and mind) cannot resit them.

To deal with a possession, CONSIDERABLE effort and dedication are required. If you want to save yourself, you will have to be strong.

Step 1: Change yourself and your lifestyle. You can do the above steps mentioned in psychic self defense. Old habits MUST be broken and replaced with new, healthy ones. You must uplift and strengthen your spiritual vibrations. This will help to lift the control the entity has on you.

2. Obsessions- With possession, you will have strong urges and compulsions. Expect things like paranoia, guilt-producing fantasies, dangerous urges, anti-social urges, violence, anxiety, suspicion, being critical, judgmental and it will be hard to keep your anger under control. You also may have blackouts. This is a mental battle. You must realize that these are NOT coming from your own mind! You are being fed these from an entity who wants to ruin you and your life. If you dont get this under control now, it will only get worse.

3. Exorcisms- The main church that performs religious exorcisms is the Roman Catholic church. I am not religious, but when my daughter became possessed, we went straight to the Catholic Church.....and they turned us away. Its very rare that they will take it seriously and even if they do, there is a long time period before they will get involved. Other churches are more open to helping anyone immediately such as the Assembly of God or Baptist churches. Tibetan Buddhists are also usually willing to help anyone at any time.

4. Self-Exorcism- You will need to do all of the above plus get the book. There is more to it then I can type on here.

Do you think someone you know is possessed?

Get some holy water. (Do not tell the person you have it). Pour some in a glass and have them drink it. Observe the reaction. Do they say it tastes bad? Do they get sick? Vomit? Refuse to drink the rest? If so, this person needs your help!

5. There is a psychic self-defense course for Starseeds here:

Sacred Names & Symbols

The Circle- When a symbol is enclosed in a circle it increases its meaning and power. Always encase within a circle.

The Pentagram- (right side up) represents light and goodness. (Always start from the bottom left drawing upwards and clockwise)

The Tetragram- Represents the 4 letter word for God in Hebrew.

The Cross

The Hexagram- Six-pointed star/double triangle. AKA Star Of David or Seal Of Solomon.

These can be drawn on anything, anywhere. Draw them on your body, on your doors or windows, walls, etc. (Obviously you dont want people questioning you about giant crosses on your house. These can be drawn in essential oil as well and drawn on paper that can be hung behind pictures. Always bless the symbol and ask that its power banish evil spirits and forces.) I recommend never saying "Amen" after any prayer. I feel this is a manipulation inserted into religion by the negative agenda. There is a demon named Amen and if you are already dealing with demons......better safe then sorry. You can end the prayer with "and so be it" or "and so it is".

Sacred God Names:

YHVH (pronounced Yud-Heh-Vahv-Heh)

Agla (Ah-Glah)

Eheih (Eh-Heh-Yeh)

Because these names were originally written in Hebrew and have been used for thousands of years, they have become magically empowered and recognized by negative entities.


The rest of the book contain a banishment ritual, ritual bathing, a self-exorcism ritual, mantras and protection for babies and children.

Find the book I reference here:

or on Amazon.

If you simply cannot remove the entities yourself, I recommend Jaye at:

I have worked with him personally and he is a very powerful starseed who can tell you if you have any attachments and if so, how many and what kind and also remove them for you. Again-if you remove your negative entity attachments, you must change your lifestyle, heal from traumas and raise your vibration immediately or they can re-attach.


Technology To Remove Negative Entities:

This man put together a great website including some technology that can help to remove negative entities (or any entities).


"Practical Psychic Self-Defense" by Robert Bruce

Psychic Self Defense by Dion Fortune. 

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