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Coming to the realization that you are an alien trapped in a human body is quite odd to say the least. So much information is coming to the surface with whistleblowers, witnesses/victims, people experiencing "glitches" and all this talk about the matrix. Im sure you wish to get to the bottom of where you really are and what is really going on. 

 The truth is so incredible and I must warn you, this can cause you some trauma to learn that a lot of what you thought was not. Please be prepared.

This page will be in 2 sections: Pre-Virus & Post-Virus Onset


Pre-Virus Section

As of 2019, it has been 8 years since I quit my job to research full time. (When I say full time, I dont mean 40 hours a week. I mean usually 12-16 hours a day) During this process I have researched almost anything you would think could be relevant to this awakening. Religion, conspiracies, demons, elementals, aliens, missing people, the military, dimensions, Atlantis, Lemuria, secret societies, quantum physics.....Ive read countless books, watched thousands of hours worth of videos, I dove into missing person reports, read autopsy reports...etc. My point being, Im not just going to tell you some things that I think are true. Im going to tell you things that I have spent YEARS researching that I feel in my soul ARE true. 

Im going to start off with something I hope you already know by now, and that is: EVERYTHING you have ever been told by general society, is a lie! 


Ok, lets start off by listing common words and their definitions, since they are sometimes misused or misunderstood in the spiritual community.

'Starseed'- A soul originating outside of a human body and of earth (an alien soul) who has incarnated into a human body in order to complete a mission on Earth. In the general sense, everyone is a starseed because every soul comes from source, but on Earth, the term starseed will be used to reference those who are not original humans. Original humans have only ever incarnated on earth.

'Indigo'- Souls with the 6th dimensional frequency band of consciousness activated, which is the 6th Chakra and its brain complex . Indigos are born with an active 6th DNA strand that gives them the Indigo Color Spectrum of Frequency in their Auric field. These races were sent to the Earth as representatives for the Guardians and protectors of the living light library and to prevent this planet from descension into a fallen or descending Phantom Matrix. The Indigos are here to fulfill this planet's Ascension cycle by holding the higher frequency and light codes required to support the planetary grids into activation of higher DNA coding. Indigos Type 1 and Indigos Type 2 carry dormant within their cellular memory the heritage of the Oraphim ancestry, which is a forward DNA

template. Indigos Type 1 have a 48 Strand DNA Template, while the Indigos Type 2 have a 24 Strand DNA Template. They began incarnating in preparation

for the Stellar Activation Cycle that is currently in progress. Indigo Children Type 3 have a maximum of a 12 Strand DNA Template. They are from

the Noah-Abraham-Moses-Nibiruian-Nephilim-Jehovian-Anunnaki-Illuminati lineage, who entered the Emerald Covenant for DNA Template Bio-

Regeneis in 1875. Indigo Type 3’s have a dominant human Oraphim soul co-sharing the body with a Fallen Annu-Elohim Pleiadian-Nibiruian Nephilim soul that is in reverse. The point of two souls sharing one body is to restore the missing 12th DNA strand that is missing from the Anunnaki DNA template.

'Lightworker'- An advanced human soul who is going through the ascension process.

'Crystal Child'-The Crystal children began to appear on the planet from about 1990-2010, although a few scouts came earlier. Their main purpose is to take us to the next level in our evolution and reveal to us our inner and higher power. They are also advocates for love and peace on this planet.

They are mostly born into the Gold Ray of Incarnation and Evolution, which means they have access to gifts of clairvoyance and healing. They are born on the sixth dimension of consciousness, with the potential to open up rapidly to the ninth dimensional level of full Christ consciousness, and then from there to the thirteenth dimension, which represents universal consciousness. Crystals are usually born to an Indigo parent. 

'RainbowChild'- Rainbow kids are from the ninth dimension of consciousness. They're highly evolved and spiritually advanced souls who just like Crystal and Indigo children, are here to use their special skills and abilities to share and teach peace and harmony and to help raise the vibration for all of humanity. The most distinctive characteristic of Rainbow Children is that they are incarnating free from negative karma.

As a result, you’ll see that most Rainbows are born into loving and stable homes (most often being born to Crystal and Indigo adults), as opposed to entering into dysfunctional homes where there might be lessons to learn or hardships to overcome.

Rainbow’s are more spiritually evolved that most people on the planet, and some are even spiritual avatars who have come to guide us forward.

'Walk-In'- A starseed  who has entered a human body when the original soul either failed their mission or doesnt wish to continue in their mission.

Rh- Blood- Alien blood.  This means that you have part alien DNA through your genetic line. My research points to this being Anak/Human Hybrid or a descendant of Jesus (Jesus was a Sirian starseed who was implanted in the womb...aka virgin birth) or a Zeta/human hybrid.



'Higher Self'- Your higher self is you. All of the "you's" that have lived. After the fall of Atlantis, our higher selves were put into a kind of deep sleep and remain trapped by the evil that is here. It uses our lightbodies as its battery. A fraction of our soul was pushed into matter (human bodies). We are fully and completely trapped and so is our higher self. The ONLY way to free ourselves is to raise our vibration high enough to bring our higher self down into our physical body. That will free it. After that, our higher selves will know how to free itself from the human body.



'Elohim'- The "God's"/Lord's of this universe. Many Elohim have fallen and are now part of the negative agenda.

'Oraphim'- Original guardian races. (Used as a prototype for the 6D Indigo's.) They carry the blue ray consciousness.

'Annunaki'- (Thought to be "God's" in ancient Mesopotamia & Egypt- Egyptian pharaohs) Created by Yahweh with higher knowledge but later fell

'Nephilim'- The original Annunaki/Human hybrids. Mostly wiped out long ago. Some survived.

'Orion Group'- A Satanic group originating from Orion. Mainly  Draconian. (NOT the same as a being from Orion or a starseed from Orion).

'Ruling Elite/Power Elite'- A Satanic group  in alliance with the  Orion Group. 

What is going on ?

Thousands of years ago, there was a war between Tiamat and Mars due to the reptilians. The reptilians were finally trapped on Earth by higher light beings. Unfortunately, anyone else that was already here became trapped as well. Reptilians gained control over the lunar 3D matrix and used it against everyone else. What they did was hack our belief system. They forced those in control to start spreading false information and those who started to believe it, made it so. You see, we are creator beings. Our mind is the most single important thing we have because we can use our minds to create. So they introduced something like aging (humans are only supposed to live to be around 80 years) and so it was believed and then became fact. Its all manipulation. They make us think we are limited, so we become limited. BUT, the reverse is true also. We can un-do it. If we start believing we are limitless, we become so. I show you how to do this on 'Your reality is a mirror' and 'Reprogramming your subconscious'.

The transition  that we are all going through right now has happened before. 6 times to be exact. You know the saying "History repeats itself"? Well that is very true. There have been waves of awakenings before and the problem is is that when humanity starts to wake up, they are wiped out by the negative agenda and they re-set Earth. Then all of this starts over again. Human beings were once advanced, spiritual beings capable of great things and living in 5D, however, due to negative reptilian and Annunaki influences, they became materialistic, greedy and consumed with power. This led to the fall of Atlantis, among other things. They became disconnected from source  and were cast down into 3D to begin again. However.....they cant seem to ever get on the right path. They were starting again to destroy Earth and each other. The direction they were headed in was total destruction of Earth AND of the entire human race. 

A call from Earth went out seeking help and the ones who responded are called Starseeds. There are roughly 2 million (maybe more) Starseeds on Earth at this time. We are working to raise the vibration of Earth and of humans from the inside and shift things from the 3rd density into  4th density and then to 5th, while the frequency of Earth is being slowly turned up on the outside by the benevolent beings who govern this realm. This is a very exciting time and everyone in the universe is watching this unfold. During the Ascension Cycle, Starseeds and Indigos have been especially targeted with superimposed karmic loads and implants, for the purpose of slowing us down and requiring incredible spiritual strength in order to be in positive alignment with the Law of Cause and Effect. Our group experiences the boomerang effect of the planetary miasma, as this collective race karmic backlash is directed from dark entities, to keep us weighted down and trapped in this lower density. The tendency to experience more interference on our path to derail our mission, forces us to learn more quickly the necessity to maintain clear and pristine energies through Spiritual Housekeeping. However, the capacity of dark forces to circumvent the Law of Cause and Effect to their advantage is radically changing now, which is highly supportive for our group. They had 12 energy generators at the beginning of all of this to beam a low vibration frequency at us. Well, after 12,000 years, they are old and failing and are now down to 3. Because of this, they must conserve energy and concentrate the frequencies on certain parts. They concentrate MOSTLY in the USA and Europe. The LEAST amount of frequencies are in Africa, Brazil and Asia. Due to these generators failing, we are starting to see "glitches" in this matrix. These glitches are a mix of 3D and 4D. Without these energy generators beaming down on us, we would be able to see 3D, 4D and 5D. (I have been asked HOW one can see higher dimensions. Think of it like a fan. Turn the fan on low and that is where we are. Very slow and you can easily see the blades. That is our vibration. Turn the fan on medium and its a different vibration and the fan blades become a bit blurry. That is 4D. Turn the fan on high and the blades become invisible. That is 5D.  4D and 5D are still there, but most cant see them. The ones who can see spirits and the like are vibrating at a 4D and 5D level. Those in 4D can see 3D as well and those in 5D can see 3D and 4D as well.) If 51% of humanity can wake up this time, benevolent beings will then intervene and take the control of Earth  away form the negative agenda. They havent been able to so far because we, as a collective, allow ourselves to be controlled in the larger picture. 

How Things Work On Earth

So, to start, Earth  is much older then our scientists claim. We have cycles. 26,000 year cycles. Then we have a 'harvest', Earth is re-set and we start over. Have you heard of The Law of One? If not, you should read least know the bottom line and that is: All those who are 51% Service To Others will "graduate" to  the positive 5th dimension. Those who are 95% Service To Self will also "graduate" but will go to the negative 4th dimension which is what religious people call "Hell". Those in between (which is usually almost everyone) are doomed to reincarnate lifetime after lifetime after lifetime having their memories stolen from them before each new incarnation. They are on a never ending cycle and dont even know it.  (Now, when I refer to 'they' Im referencing human beings. I do not consider myself human even though Im in a human body. Many starseeds by nature, are 51% or higher service to others...however....many starseeds also get caught in this reincarnation cycle with the others. (To read the Law of One: )

The "harvest" I mentioned is at the end of the 26,000 year cycle. There have been MANY cycles with many harvests.  The last one was 2012...or at least, it was supposed to happen. The shift that we are going through right now has  happened before but things are different this time. Starseeds came and because of this, the same rules may not always apply. In 2012, many new energies were introduced and people started to awaken, including myself. 

The universe is all 5D with the exception of Earth and a few other planets. The boundaries are the Van Allen Belt. Everything past this is 5D and when we die, if we vibrate at 5D, we can go through it and right into 5D and instantly retrieve all memories. If we vibrate at a lower speed, we will reincarnate. So, essentially, we are trapped, but the trap is of our own minds due to the reptilians hacking our belief system.  So, your mind is the key!

Im told that by 2028, Earth will be unrecognizable- in a good way.

Keep in mind though, 5D is still inside of a larger matrix. Its all about soul progression, so 5D is better, but dont think thats all there is. 



First off, Lucifer (Outside of here) is a benevolent 6th dimensional group consciousness. The creator of this planet and humans (the version of human we are now) is Yahweh. Every planet has a consciousness. The earths was Yahweh. For Yahweh to evolve, he had to know himself so he created humans as his group soul consciousness. (Yes, humans are essentially Yahweh).  Now...this is going to be shocking, but from updated information from higher beings, Yahweh is reptilian and also Elohim.  Now, when doing my research, it never occurred to me that they could be one in the same, but its looking like the Elohim were an angelic reptilian race that fell. Humans were created by a mix of many races all mushed together. 

Yahweh's people didnt have free will yet, so they were too content and werent evolving. Yahweh incarnated on the earth only once to give birth to a new race called the Anak. They were to be the way showers for humans. They were told to never breed outside of their race.  The Anak were a reptilian/Human breed as Yahweh is reptilian. The Anak were the Egyptian pharaohs. However,  humans still weren't evolving.

Annunaki Anak Aliens Human Hybrids

Yahweh asked for help in getting them to evolve so he could evolve. It was decided that Lucifer descend to earth to give humans the choice of free will to do as they please (basically introducing the option for evil).

Yahweh was convinced this wouldn't work and humans would choose to follow him.......they did not. They chose to have free will. The Anak started to breed with humans, giving birth to Anak/Human hybrids. They later started to feel superior to humans and began enslaving them, seeing them little more then dogs.

Yahweh was livid and imprisoned Lucifer on earth along with everyone else that was here including many Lyrans, reptilians and the Anak. The higher beings who govern this realm gave Lucifer the choice of leaving and canceling his contract to help humans or staying but then having to work off his karma in the negative 4th dimension. He chose to stay and to help, knowing the horrific fate that awaits.

As Yahweh's karma for imprisoning Lucifer, Yahweh was quarantined and his consciousness was individualized into humans and the "elite" were allowed to rule over him (humanity). The reincarnation cycle is for Yahweh's (humanities) own good. Think of Earth as a rehabilitation program. Souls are released on an individual basis. So now we have today what is a self- rehabilitation prison planet for mainly reptilians, humanity and the Anak with Lyrans being collateral damage. The majority of those who are now humans, do not remember they are reptilians or Anak's and they are having to rehabilitate themselves. Many reptilians who do not wish to reincarnate into human form will then attach energetically to a human in order to experience and express themselves negatively without having to deal with karma at that time.

The Lucifer group consciousness was split into millions of souls on earth and the "blue bloods" (Anak/human hybrids) were to run things on earth while they worked behind the scenes along with the Anak race after they left Earth.

The Luciferian group consciousness may have been harvested at the end of the cycle in Dec 2012 and sent to the negative 4th dimension (Hell) to work off its karma. This would also help to raise the vibration of Earth.

There is a fantastic thread with members of a forum and that of a person claiming to be from one of the elite families and that of the Lucifarian bloodline. It takes a whole day to read through carefully and I recommend taking notes. I find this thread very credible because of certain key things he/she says that are unknown to the majority of people (not common knowledge) and I have had the Arcturians vet this person.





Truth about religion vatican pope evil

In a nutshell, religion was created to control the masses by the negative agenda to be added into our belief system. The God that religion refers to is Yahweh, not Source/Creator/The Christ. "Jesus" did refer to Source as "Father".

The negative agenda wanted humanity to live in fear of the retribution from his 'God'. Fear is the easiest way to control humans. One of the most prolific ways to feed the bloodthirsty negative agenda is mass killing in wars, especially in the name of God or religious violence. This is blood sacrifice which in all cases is satanic ritual killing which feeds Satanism as well as Satanic forces to spread on the earth. *9*1*1* was also a satanic ritual killing (and yes, it was done by the Ameri*can government which then created 'hom*eland sec*urity' which was welcomed by Ame*ricans out of fear- see how that works?)

The negative agenda is  a Satanic force, so this way of life of blood sacrifice is aligned to their killing mentality.

By the cosmic law, the negative agenda MUST give you the truth, but they have figured out loopholes. A good example is the Bible. There is much truth to the bible, HOWEVER, the truth is broken up and distilled within a sea of lies. Another good example is the movie The Matrix. They can put the truth out there without telling you its the truth. This way, they did their job, but it doesnt effect their agenda too much because humans think its nothing more then a movie.


The picture above is the Pope's Audience Hall. Oddly, from almost any angle, the head of the Messiah looks suspiciously like the head of a snake with its fangs open, prepared to bite. It is equally as ghoulish as the snake hall, and also has depictions of reptiles/snakes within the relief surrounding the supposed Messiah.

You will notice that the “head of Christ” has his hair blowing in the breeze or some such thing, but if you look closer it is more than that. The head of the Messiah is turning into…a reptile?  Think about it for a moment: If just one side of the statue gave the impression of a snake’s head, we could brush this off as coincidence, but when it looks this way from all angles, and the entire building resembles a snake as well, it becomes much more difficult to ignore. One must begin to realize that this was purposefully designed to appear this way. The thought and planning that went into this would have to have been immense.

The reality is -- there is an obvious reason for this imagery. You may be asking what that reason is; why was this building built in such a way that the Pope appears to be speaking from the mouth of a snake? If you aren’t asking that question, you’re simply turning a blind eye. It’s not that the evidence isn’t present, it’s that you are choosing not to see it. There are seven separate pieces that comprise the snake or reptile symbol. If it were one or two I would understand your skepticism -- even three. But when seven pieces come together so beautifully, so perfectly, you know beyond any shadow of a doubt that it was intentional. You see, they hide it, but not really. Its right there out in the open. They MUST tell you (In some form) the truth. This is the Pope's/Catholic Church's way of telling you. This way, they are released from any karma. The catholic church is literally announcing to you that evil is behind the Catholic church. If you would like to see more pictures of this building, go here:


There was also a card game with 'Illuminati' cards created in 1995. They are disturbing and one shows 9*1*1* many years before it happened. You can google them and see. So, in this way, they have told us and rack up very little karma. Religious Mind Control programs have manipulated humanity to believe (subconsciously and consciously) that it is necessary to kill each other in the name of God for our religious beliefs and personal salvation. Humans are taught mindless obedience to God and believe that if we obey him, he will save us. Have you ever known someone to partake in 'communion' in church? Ya, thats a satanic cannibalism ritual they tricked people into partaking. Circumcision is another.

Because so many humans on this planet have a belief system based on a "Cross/Crucifixion" and salvationistic theology, the accumulated negative energetic cause and effect was disastrous to the expansion of humanities Consciousness to achieve liberation, sovereignty and Godhood in the Ascension Cycles. Starseeds and Indigos agreed to incarnate into the 3D world, as the reedemers to help alchemically transform the darkest, densest and lowest energetic manifestations, such as the distorted belief pattern that blood sacrifice was necessary to appease God. This requires much Soul retrieval, soul healing and transit work on a planetary scale. These suffering souls are trapped in time, having being killed over the many violent wars over God, or made as a blood sacrifice, are the energetic power source harnessed by Satanic forces to retain the crucifixion insert and its belief systems architecture based in the main world religions. One of the main systems of planetary mind control is the religious fundamental Judeo-Christian programming. It is the religious violence programs that are manipulated to aggressively mind control the enslaved and impoverished condition into the planetary field, influencing the collective human race through the predator mind to believe doctrines of deception as revelations from God.



Everyone asks me about Jesus. Yes, Jesus existed, although, his real name was Yeshua. He was a Sirian Blue Human that came to change the 3rd dimensional Timelines and bring the Essenes, Christos Templars and Law of One Ascension knowledge and its consciousness technology back to planet earth. This mission was in response to the DNA damage the planet and humanity had most recently suffered after Lucifer and the Satanic Orion group he brought with him entered the picture. Mary was implanted with this starseed known as Jesus by fellow benevolent aliens. I know that sounds crazy, but this is where the virgin pregnancy/birth story comes from. It was not an angel who told her she was pregnant, but a higher dimensional being/alien.

The Jesuits and the Roman Catholic Church have altered history and hidden the rest of it by fabricating fairy tales about the earth’s true history. One such lie was about Mary Magdalene, who was in truth, the wife of Jesus, and bore him two sons with the names Jesus II Justus, and Joseph, along with a daughter named Tamar. This knowledge has been suppressed by the Roman Catholic Church. The Church began the procedure of killing scientists in 1600, to change the narrative to serve their goals.

The Holy Grail or Sangreal (Grail) is all about the blood of Jesus, and about the truth of who is a descendant of whom. Many have made false claims to certain Bloodlines, including the Rothschilds and the Monarchs.

Some believe that RH Negative blood comes from Christ, and that a large portion of the Basques, have this blood type. Jesus was one of the few messengers sent to mankind to enlighten us on what and who we really are, teaching us that if we are to grow in spirit, we must understand this information and drive out negativism from our planet.

Underground portals were used for Egypt Melchizedek Initiations for Ascension out of Stargates, as well as in Amarna where Akhenaton had left information for them in the area. This Amarna portal was accessed to hide Law of One and Guardian Founder Races technology in Ireland and the UK. The mission was partially successful. Jesus was not crucified and ascended out with Guardian support. The Orion Group Draconians retaliated by distorting all the teachings he left on the earth through their Satanic stronghold in Rome, the Vatican.

The inner Christ potential of humanity was crucified through the Negative Agenda's promotion of spreading belief systems of salvation in the parameter of violent religions that require worship of blood or human sacrifice. The inner violence of one's crucifixion was projected through the belief systems that shaped the violent religions. These violent religions were created by the invading parasites of the Negative Agenda, and were used to spread the ideology of blood sacrifice and human sacrifice as acts of spiritual devotion and piety. The people who died violently at the hand of another were called Martyrs or Saints, and this archetype was given as role models for humans to die violent deaths in the name or purposes of God. The purpose of martyrdom is binding and servitude to the astral realms of Negative Agenda control. This area of the Astral Plane is called the False Ascension Matrix. The Cross and its Negative Agenda religious theology were borne upon a spiritually crucified humanity that had forgotten their past, forgotten how to access their spiritual consciousness and forgot their true star origins. Through wiping clean humanities DNA memories with this intentional amnesia of Mind Control agenda, violent world religions with deceptive doublespeak were promoted to spread aggressively on the earth. These would be the core belief systems that would be shaped culturally into the collective world-scape forming the foundation of the anti-human value systems that influence cultures, society and governments today. Through the Negative Agenda's made up time tables of written history, destroying most Atlantian artifacts and the crucifying of humankind through Jesus Christ tortuous death, violent world religions could be promoted and spread. These violent religions make continual justifications for the necessity of human and blood sacrifice as Gods will for the sins of humankind.



Ok, so to start this off since this is a sensitive subject, I will, again, say that I do not care what gender, race, sexual preference or religion anyone is. We are all people and all have our own paths in life. Every one of us has different experiences and lessons and karma to tend to. I have nothing against anyone of the Jewish race or the Jewish faith. What I DO have a problem with is evil. Those who are pure evil and hide within religions as shown above with the Catholic Church. 

The short answer is: There are 2 different groups of Jews. The Jewish race and the Jewish faith. Within the Jewish faith group, there is a group that converted to Judaism to hide behind. This is the group I will be addressing.


"I will make those who are of the synagogue of Satan, who claim to be Jews though they are not, but are liars" Revelations 3:9


 I have addressed Lucifer and the Orion Group and how they infiltrated religions. But where did they start? When they came here, where did they live? I believe the answer to this is Khazar, Turkey. A group of people known as the "Serpent People" can be traced back to Khazar. They were very evil and said to be Satanic, commit child sacrifice, kidnap and murder. Khazarians developed into a nation ruled by an evil king, who had black occult oligarchs serving as his court.

The leaders of the surrounding nations, especially Russia, have had so many years of complaints by their citizens that, as a group, they deliver an ultimatum to the Khazarian king. They send a communique to the Khazarian king that he must choose one of the three Abrahamic religions for his people, and make it his official state religion and require all Khazarian citizens to practice it, and socialize all Khazarian children to practice that faith.

The Khazarian king was given a choice between Islam, Christianity and Judaism. The Khazarian king chose Judaism, and promised to stay within the requirements laid out by the surrounding confederacy of nations led by the Russian czar. Despite his agreement and promise, the Khazarian king and his inner circle of oligarchs kept practicing ancient Babylonian black-magic, also known as Secret Satanism. This Secret Satanism involved occult ceremonies featuring child sacrifice, after “bleeding them out”, drinking their blood and eating their hearts.

The deep dark secret of the occult ceremonies was that they were all based on ancient Baal Worship, also known as worship of the Owl. In order to fool the confederacy of nations led by Russia that were watching Khazaria, the Khazarian king melded these Luciferian black-magick practices with Judaism and created a secret Satanic-hybrid religion, known as Babylonian Talmudism. This made the national religion of Khazaria, and nurtured the same evil that Khazaria was known for before.

Sadly, the Khazarians continued their evil ways, robbing and murdering those from surrounding countries who traveled through Khazaria. Khazarian robbers often attempted to assume their identities after they murdered these visitors, and became masters of disguises and false identities — a practice they have continued even to this very day, along with their child-sacrifice occult ceremonies, which are actually ancient Baal Worship.

Russians eventually had enough and led a group of nations surrounding Khazaria and invaded it, in order to stop the Khazarian crimes. The Khazarian king and his inner court of criminals and murderers came to be known as the Khazarian Mafia (KM) by neighboring countries.

The Khazarian leaders had a well-developed spy network through which they obtained prior warning and escaped from Khazaria to European nations to the west, taking their vast fortune with them in gold and silver.

They laid low and regrouped, while assuming new identities and then became known as Zionists. In secret, they continued their Satanic child blood and sacrifice rituals, and trusted Baal to give them the whole world and all its riches, as they claimed he had promised them, as long as they kept bleeding out and sacrificing children and infants for him.

The Khazarian king and his court Mafia plotted eternal revenge against the Russians and the surrounding nations that invaded Khazaria and drove them from power. The Khazarian Mafia invades England after being expelled for hundreds of years. To accomplish their invasion, they hired Oliver Cromwell to murder King Charles 1, and make England safe for banking again. This began the English Civil Wars which raged for nearly a decade, resulting in regicide of the royal family and hundreds of the genuine English nobility. This is how the City of London was set up as the banking capital of Europe and launched the beginning of the British Empire. Eventually the Khazarian king and his small surrounding court infiltrated Germany with a group that chose the name “the Bauers” of Germany to represent them and carry on their Baal-powered system of evil. The Bauers, changed their name to Rothschild and remained of the Jewish faith and known as the Ashkenazi Jews of Europe. The Jewish religion had been infiltrated and distorted like all others. Once they had infiltrated and hijacked the British banking system, they interbred with the British Royals and infiltrated and completely hijacked all of England and all its major institutions. Some experts believe that the Rothschilds genocided the Royal Family members by staging secretly-managed illicit and adulterous breedings with their own Khazarian men in order to replace the Royals with their own pretenders to the throne from Hell.

These Ashkenazi Jews actually own and control much of American media, film industry(Hollywood), Government and Finance. Aka...Illuminati. But they are not really Jewish.


Now....I wonder if, over the years, the people of Europe got it into their heads that the Jewish people (all Jewish people) were evil and were not aware these were in fact those pretending to be Jewish. Could that be what started Hitler on his path? Wanting to remove this evil group, but becoming twisted?

I dont know.

What I do know is that this created a hatred of those who call themselves Jewish in Europe and over hundreds of years it manifested into what we now see and it is a great lesson in that you cant ever judge someone by their race, religion etc. Nothing is what it seems. People lie. You can only judge someone based upon their individual actions.

This is actually pretty fascinating to research. If you want to do your own research, this website has tried to trace the different groups via blood type/DNA:

and "The Thirteenth Tribe: The Khazar Empire and Its Heritage" a book by Arthur Koestler.

This is a great video explaining all of this in more detail: 


Oversouls & Ascension

The Oversoul group consciousness is given a choice to become souls and matter or to become low souls and take up space. The difference here is having empathy. Oversouls have empathy for others, while low souls have no empathy. They enter in 3rd density, and become self-aware, living, intelligent beings like humans. Souls in 3rd density can become, (in class order), Vegetables, Birds or Mammal (like us). Just 3 out of a 1,000 or about .3% become Vegetable people, about 24.9% become Bird people, and 74.8% become Mammal people, like Humanity. (This is not just on Earth, but everywhere in the universes).

Low souls can become Reptile people, Insect people and Spider people. There are more Insect people than Reptilians, and the fewest are Spider people, but I’m not sure on the exact percentages. 1/2 of beings in 3rd density have souls. 1/2 have Low souls, which are similar and about equal in intelligence, more advanced spiritually in 3rd density, but don’t have empathy for others, among other important traits. 3rd density lasts 1 cycle, or a little longer until one makes ascension.

If one’s soul is polarized either over 50%, for positive (service to others), or polarized 5% or under, to ascend negative (service to self). In 3rd density 24% of your soul is in your body, 36% of your soul is around your body and 40% of your soul is on the soul plane. If you are a Wanderer in 3rd density, 32% of your soul is in your body, 28% of your soul is around your body and 40% of your soul is on the soul plane. That 40% of your soul on the soul plane can be used for remote viewing and help you in other ways.

There are 2 kinds spiritual ascension, Planetary ascension and Individual ascension. Planetary ascension is when a solar system goes from 3D to 4D. A solar system must have a soul group(s) that completed the 3rd cycle. To go, the people in our solar system must be at least 40% Love and Service to Others, versus Service to Self – Controlling and or Manipulating Others. Those that are less than 40% or don’t qualify, are sent to a nearby 3rd Density planet expecting them, where they will live their lives out, (without having children, men & women separated), and reincarnate in our solar system. Our solar system is supposed make Planetary Ascension between 2021 and 2025. The people and living things in our solar system with low souls that don’t have empathy for others, can’t go.

Individual ascension is a soul in 3rd or 4th density going to 5th density. The soul must have completed at least 1 cycle of 3rd or 4th density and be polarized positive (over 50%) or negative (5% or under).



This is where we’ll live when we make ascension. Life is over 100 times better in this realm. One goes through 1 cycle, if polarized over 50% positive or 12% or less for negative, and ascends to the 6th density. If not polarized, one stays until one is polarized. When we make ascension, we live in this realm on Earth.

In this realm a soul is 42% in the body and 58% around the body. One’s body does not have any openings, so no eating, drinking, talking or sex. One does need to get nourished by going to a special place and taking in special energy; this is the case for all higher realms.



Souls and Low souls usually ascend to this realm after 1 cycle of 5th density. The Low souls stay 2 cycles.

One gets a better body in each higher realm. After a soul, or low soul, goes through 1/4 of a cycle in this density, if qualified, the soul can become a Wanderer and go back to 3rd density on a soul or Low soul. Only about 9 in 1,000 qualify, or are spiritual enough, and only about 3 of the 9 take the mission, because it’s such a big sacrifice to go back to the sorrow and misery of 3rd density.

A Wanderer’s mission on Earth lasts for .97 cycles. A soul, or Low soul, in this density can make 2 copies of its soul or Low soul, and astral-travel the Universe all the time. A soul spends 1 to 1.6 cycles (depending if one made ascension out of cycle), in this density before ascending. A low soul spends just one if polarized over 50% for positive or 18%, or less, of “Love and Service to Others” for negative. If one isn’t polarized,(50% for positive 18% or less for negative), one stays in 6th density until one is. Realm 4 has 7 dimensions.



One can only ascend polarized positive over 50% of “Love and Service to Others” to the 8th density, after doing 2 cycles. If one isn’t polarized positive one does 1 more cycle; you can use up to 8 cycles, and if one doesn’t turn polarized positive in 8 cycles and make ascension, it is recycled and is no longer a soul.

So this realm is overloaded with negatives, it has 7 times more than the 2 lower realms have. A soul in this realm can make 3 copies of his soul or consciousness, and astral travel the Universe in 3 places at once all of the time.



This is realm Indigo, and this is the lowest realm where souls get such special bodies that they can go into other lower realms. Normally souls, or low souls, in the lower realms have to stay in their realm. A soul, or Low soul, in this realm must make ascension by 15 cycles, or be recycled; one has a chance to ascend after 8 or more cycles.

Here, a soul, or consciousness, can make 4 copies of its soul or Low soul, and astral-travel the Universe in 4 places at once, all of the time. Time is different. The people in this realm live in the past, present and future at the same time… I’m told that there is a present in all realms, so they all have linear time, plus 2 more components.



A soul, or low soul, does 18 cycles in this realm and goes to the creation Gods to do 8 steps, no matter the level of positivity, but being more positive is, of course, better. A 9th density soul or low soul, like all higher density souls and Low souls, carefully studies 3rd density, but the 9th density can change our reality and often does. An 9th density soul is negative at 36% or lower of “Love and Service to Others”, but there aren’t many.

In the 9th density there are large Councils that run Galaxies. An 9th density being can go anywhere in the Universe and other Universes. A person in this realm can make 5 copies of their soul or consciousness, and astral-travel to different place at once, all of the time. This is where Im from, a 9D Arcturian.



With the fall of humanity came new emotions from being separated from source:


1. Unworthiness 

 2. Shame/Guilt

 3. Lack of trust/Self-doubt 

 4. Betrayal/Abandonment

5. Anger/Rage

 6. Fear 

 7. Entrapment/Enslavement


We also have the 7 houses of ego:


1. Lust/Addiction 

 2. Wrath/Rage 

 3. Greed

4. Envy/Jealousy 

 5. Gluttony/Waste

6. Laziness/Discouragement 

 7. Pride/Self-Importance

Before we can begin the ascension process, we need to transcend these 7 houses of ego.

We also must transcend these before the kundalini activates.


1. Lust/Addiction-----------becomes------------Purity with sexual ethics

2. Wrath/Rage------------becomes-------------Patience & Understanding

3. Greed-----------becomes-----------Generosity

4. Envy/Jealousy--------------becomes--------------Kindness

5. Gluttony/Waste------------becomes--------------Discipline & Conservation

6. Laziness/Discouragement------------becomes-------------Diligence

7. Pride/Self-Importance------------becomes--------------Humility


These are things you must change within you. No one else can do this for you.

Start being of service to others, dissolve your fears and negative ego, heal your emotional pain and trauma, forgive others and yourself and practice unconditional love and empathy.


More on Ascension

There is a lot of new age talk about ascension, but what is it really?

Ascension, also known as Spiritual Awakening, is a simultaneous increase of Expanding Consciousness that occurs when we are able to bring more of our "higher self" down into the physical body. This transforms our physical body into a light body.

4 Stages Of Ascension

1. Initiation- Kundalini activation & re-connection to your higher self (activating the kundalini is only the beginning )

2. Absorption-Absorbing kundalini energy will clear blocks and bring up lessons, karma, emotional & spiritual conflict resolution. Everything must be cleared. (Once connected to higher intelligence, this will be seen by the negative alien agenda and they will try to keep you from ascending. It is important to practice psychic shielding. ) At this stage, you must absorb all 12 subharmonic soul layers. You can think of it in terms of chakras. We normally have the first 3 already in use. The 4th chakra, Heart, is the 4th soul layer and so on. Since most of humanity has been unable to activate the higher heart complex and connect the 4th DNA strand during adolescence and into adulthood, over the length of time the chemicals distort patterns in DNA that accumulate Miasmatic overlays on core emotional issues and physical imbalances. This is not natural. If a human being cannot activate their heart and access their 4th strand of DNA they are unable to activates their Soul identity. Thus, they are unaware of why they they incarnated on the earth, what their higher purpose is, and cannot connect to or listen to their Higher Self, because they have not activated Higher Sensory Perception abilities.

3. Intergration- The individual will begin to integrate new energies, may grow new neural networks and become more telepathic or develop higher sensory abilities. There are many Ascension Symptoms, which make changes to every area of the person’s make-up, including physical, mental, and emotional changes that shift perceptions or the sense of identity leading to Ego Death. If the ego mind is not prepared for this change in consciousness, it may result in Spiritual Crisis and problems coping with letting go.

4. Ascension


Higher Density Negatives and Archons

There are many higher density negatives visiting Earth. 90% have a soul and 10% have a low soul. All beings with a low soul must ascend to the 2nd realm (hidden dimension), and chill out for .25 cycles. Only about 10% remain negative and most of them seem to change to positive in the 3 or 4 realm. So when one gets to 7D, 90% of the negatives have souls.

Over 90% of souls that ascend negatively stay negative right on through 7D, but must turn positive by the end of the 8th cycle of 7D or be recycled, and about 6% are recycled, that’s why there are so many 7th density negatives (it lasts for 8 cycles). Very few, but some, less than 1% that change to positive and ascend to the 8th or 9th density change back to negative.

Archons, which are demons, do not have a physical body only a low soul (no empathy for others). Archons which are AI have a low soul that comes out of the creation star, and lives forever, and after 17 cycles advances into the Creator Gods of our universe, just like we do after we finish the 9th density. Archons are the counterpart of Angels with a low soul. Archons can, and will, put etheric implants in your mind, usually 3 of them. Wanderers, and those qualified for ascension, can’t be implanted unless they are somewhat negative.

Most people that have these 3 implants are prevented from waking up to spirituality. Many spiritual healers can remove these implants, but few people are interested enough to want to get them removed. This is the main reason why most people won’t wake up to what’s going on and just blindly follow authority.

When our solar system goes to a higher frequency or 4th density, Archons won’t be able to be here. Jinn are souls without bodies that quit the incarnation process, are usually negative, and can make themselves visible at times. They live in the 3rd or 4th density, and very few people can see them. They can possess you. Jinn, and positive souls that quit the reincarnation process, often return to reincarnating when times are better in order to advance through the densities, but seldom do well, so I recommend not quitting. -See my page on "Exiting the reincarnation cycle".



Most people have them, but dont even know it. By being trapped in human bodies, most of us cant see the 'real world', we are limited to only 3d sight, so it is important to know and understand what you are up against.

Etheric Parasites

Etheric parasites are negative thought forms, which are temporary beings generated in the etheric plane. The etheric plane is a nonphysical substructure underlying our material reality. Etheric energies and constructs are invisible “metadata” that can influence physical events at the quantum level. In occultism they are also called tulpas, egregores, or larvae. Etheric parasites are generated by human thoughts infused with emotion and intent. This creates an energetic construct in the ether akin to an eddy in a river but imbued with artificial intelligence and purpose. Its most common purpose is to continue its own survival by feeding off the same kinds of energy that gave rise to it. If it was generated through hate, it will induce hateful thoughts in its host to suckle more emotional energy of that type. These thought forms float around in the ether, which interpenetrates and underlies physical space, and can influence the thoughts and emotions of people onto whom they latch. Thus the negative thought forms generated by one person can induce negativity in another, proving they are not just internal subconscious subroutines. Occultists know how to create these intentionally, or to produce other effects in the ether, in order to consciously influence the mind of another person. But most thought forms are created unwittingly by our everyday sparks of emotion, fantasies, and moments of ill intent.

To people with clairvoyant vision, they can see these parasitic energies budding off the person generating them and turning into grotesque forms. The color of the energy is always black, red, orange, olive green, muddy brown, and other dull colors. When these turn into thought forms, they appear symbolically to the clairvoyant mind as amoebas, insects, crabs, spiders, black globules, etc… Again, the fact that clairvoyants can see these indicates they are objective constructs in the ether and not just internal psychological processes.

Discarnate Human Attachments

Discarnate humans are those who have died in the recent past, but have not fully faded out from the physical, etheric, and astral planes. Sometimes it is just their etheric and/or astral bodies that turn into nonphysical parasites once their conscious spiritual core has left them behind. According to Rudolf Steiner, it is also possible for demonic entities to pick up the discarded etheric shells of deceased persons and put them on, thereby more easily masquerading as dead relatives to mediums, ouija board users, and societies that perform ancestor worship.

These discarnate humans or their autonomous etheric/astral shells can latch onto a living individual in order to sustain themselves off that person’s energy and live vicariously through them. Some of this was portrayed in the movie Ghost. Without a physical body, satisfying remnant physical addictions is impossible, and so discarnate humans can gratify their addictions by splicing themselves into the neural and etheric circuitry of the living in order to get a taste of physical sensations once again. Supposedly they can also possess the bodies of animals even more easily than humans. Attachment to humans is easiest when parasite and host share some emotional point of resonance, say someone who committed suicide latching onto someone who already has suicidal tendencies.

Human entity attachments creates a personality overlay upon the living host, creating cravings and biases that are out of character for the person. Someone who never smokes may suddenly get the urge to pick up the habit. A discarnate female with sexual cravings can induce homosexual tendencies in straight males. A young woman who was always friendly may pick up the attachment of an old angry war veteran, and thus acquire a more masculine, gruff and angry demeanor. Discarnate human entity attachments tend to be acquired by being etherically vulnerable while in proximity to such entities. Examples include graveyards, bars, war zones, and sites of fatal accidents.

Alien Entity Attachments

Some attachments are worse than others. Alien entity attachments are worse than human ones because they are placed into a person intentionally for purposes of monitoring, energy feeding, and manipulation, whereas human entity attachments merely create human personality overlays and common vices.

Alien entity attachments function as energy parasites and may be used to torment or butter up an individual to play into an alien agenda, like believing themselves to “have the soul of a Grey” when really it’s the etheric Grey attachment that produces in them those behaviors and tendencies. It’s mostly abductees or people in some way engaged or interacting with the alien phenomenon who receive these, or perhaps people in positions of power and influence who are useful to the alien agenda.

Demonic Attachments

The worst attachments of all are demonic ones. You can have a demon attached to you or a full possession. I have had 2 demon attachments. 1 who was especially nasty was causing me severe depression, suicidal thoughts and chronic fatigue syndrome. I grew up in a family line of 33rd degree masons. Im pretty sure this is where I picked them up. It took quite a bit of work to rid myself of them.

Fully possessed humans become sharp instruments of demonic manipulation and can carry a composed exterior and high social status, but underneath be dark, manipulative, cunning predators endowed with paranormal powers. Those who are not fully possessed and are struggling against the attachment process are worn down through depression, suicidal tendencies, and self-destructive psychopathic behavior. Extreme sadism and perversion are also possible, as in the case of serial killers and murderers who typically admit a voice told them to do it, or that they couldn’t help themselves, that something evil compelled them.

Clairvoyants, young children, animals, and anyone with an iota of intuition can sense the presence of demonically possessed individuals and will feel threatened, repulsed, and creeped out by them.

Demonic attachments can be picked up in several ways. One is through willful invitation, say through practice of black magick, left-hand-path occult systems, or undergoing initiations into questionable secret societies. These all give a person increased power and knowledge in exchange for soul energy and debt to the demonic beings conferring those, which in the long run is a bad deal. But just as people get themselves into a hole through credit cards, some do likewise spiritually through the “credit card” of black magick. Another path toward demonic possession is starting with a minor attachment and being too weak or willing to resist its pull toward ever greater forms of depravity. It tends to start with a severe weakness in a person, such as being extremely traumatized as a child, being a heavy alcoholic or drug abuser, and/or nurturing feelings of morbidity, suicide, depression into a total lifestyle.

Generally, demonic possessions require a greater degree of permission than other types of attachments. That is because demons target the astral body and spirit, meaning they are hooked in very deeply. Permission can be given consciously through rituals or inadvertently through cultivation of anti-human, anti-life, anti-spiritual attitudes and feelings.


Getting Rid of Attachments

Entity attachments can be removed by starving them out and/or dislodging them directly.

Starving them out means identifying what thoughts, emotions, and behaviors they persistently aim to induce, and cutting these off, transmuting or replacing them with their positive opposites. Sooner or later the entity learns that an attempt to induce this action creates the opposite effect and they have no choice but to cease and hopefully leave. This is the standard approach for dealing with astral attachments, for the astral body has to do with passions, emotions, feelings, and impressions.

Dislodging them directly is more difficult. Traditionally this involves getting an exorcism, visiting someone practiced in shamanic journeying and de-possession techniques, or getting a Spirit Releasement Therapy hypnosis session.

Please read more about this HERE


The Bigger Picture

While we may not always be the source of injustices against us, we are the cause of its entrance into our lives. The Matrix, even with all its imbalances and corruption by those freewill entities who have overstepped their place in nature, is nevertheless still a learning program entirely responsive to our own ignorance and weaknesses. It may be a predator’s choice to attack, but it is our choice to accept the attack and succumb to it.

The Matrix Control System can only trip us via the elements within us that correspond to its low vibratory nature. If we ignore our intuition, have blind spots in our awareness, or engage in ignoble feelings and behaviors, then these are the avenues through which we are had. Attacks serve to identify our own weaknesses, thus providing focus for where to take the next step on one’s path of spiritual awakening.





Post- Virus Onset Section


What we are seeing now with the state of the world, I felt, would most certainly fall under the "What the FK is going on" page!

I also go into detail about this on the "Trump and the election page."

There is a group of good guys trying to remove the evil running the world who do anything and everything to stop the ascension and the awakening of humanity. They have known about this for a very long time and have planned accordingly.  Their end goal was the transhumanism movement which merges humans with machine that eventually ends the human race. 

They kicked this off with a VIRIUS.


transhumanism agenda climate change false virus

All of this actually happened already. Since time in only an illusion here, starseeds were sent to this particular time to stop this from happening because the human race is so important. 

The virus was actually almost released in downtown Los Angeles a year before, but the military was able to stop that from happening. The virus release in China was on accident while being sold to someone planning on releasing it in USA. They dropped the vile, it broke.....

The virus is not as deadly as they had hoped for because the frequency here is being turned up and disease cannot exist in a higher frequency. 

Cue the race wars. Many events done on purpose to promote the racism that does not widely exist (I go into this on that particular page). The deep state/cabal is responsible for the riots and the media, the world lockdown and the face masks.

The people need to see what WOULD have happened, had they not woken up. This way, they remember. They never go back to sleep again.  Much of what you are seeing is scripted and dine on purpose by the good guys. 








Echos Of The Cosmic Song by Mary Gray

The Allies Of Hummanity by Marshall Vian Summers

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