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Exiting The Reincarnation Cycle

There is a lot of misinformation about the reincarnation "trap". Yes, humanity is stuck in a reincarnation situation, but since this is a self rehabilitation program, its not really a trap. Anyone can get out at any time by being 51% service to others or by being 95% service to self.  The majority of people, however, stay in between these 2 and will continue to reincarnate over and over and over until they do one or the other. The "trap" is with soul contracts. (I will address this at the end) This realm we live in is duality. Its what humanity wanted with their choice of free will. Since this is a duality realm, you must align with one or the other in order to move on from here. 

However....there are some souls that refuse to be reincarnated after death.

As you may know, 40% of your soul stays on the soul plane while you are incarnated and living. After you die you only get 2 choices. You can stay where you are, or you can go to the other side which is the soul plane and be reunited with the other 40% of your soul. There is no other way to go. Stay and be a "ghost" with only 60% of your soul for up to about 5,000 years, and after that you will be brought to the soul plane anyway. While you are a ghost, all the souls in your over-soul must wait for you, they cannot reincarnate until you join them!

After you get to the soul plane you can quit and take off with all of your soul. 1.85%, or about 37 souls in 2,000, do just that. If you quit you must stay off the soul plane and go where ever you want, without a body that is. This is probably not a good choice and why only 1.85% of souls choose to do it. When one decides not to reincarnate in 3rd density one does not advance or make ascension for 8 cycles (instead of 1. 1 cycle is 26,000 years), and you must ascend by 27 cycles or your soul will be recycled. You can come back before 8 cycles is up and start reincarnating again. This could be a good move if living conditions improved, for instance if we went into the Golden Age, but when you come back you will be taking on an undesirable life.

While you are out running around you can pick up bad or good karma, usually bad when you mess with people, animals or someones home. If you do enough bad stuff you will be a negative when you come back. Of all the souls that quit reincarnating 80% are negatives after 8 cycles, which is a good reason not to do it. 

If you possess someone you’ll be a negative when the 8 cycles are up. The Jinn are souls that quit reincarnating in 3rd density. So I suggest that you don’t quit, and try to advance the best you can. Its not hard to be a good person. Simply think of others before yourself the majority of the time and you will get out! :)

*The soul contract trap: In between lives, we choose our next life and what we need to experience. Those who need to get rid of a bunch of karma all at once may choose to incarnate as a child who is murdered. This is where the false light agents come in. They will ask the rest of the soul group if another soul would volunteer to be the killer so that this other soul can lean their lesson and release karma. Someone will volunteer, thinking they are doing good by helping another. There is the problem...and the doing so, you now have the karma of a killer. This is what keeps humanity in a never ending karmic cycle. They dont need to ask a benevolent soul to volunteer to do this because there are plenty of negative souls who would love to. This is why its important to not enter into soul contracts and to void them. Simply stating out loud that you are revoking and voiding any and all soul contracts you have made in this life and any other life in any timeline will work.*


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