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The Symbolism of the Illuminati, Freemason's and Satanists.

I touch on this on other pages, but wanted a dedicated page for the symbols and meanings because this will start to come out more and more.

They never really hid anything. We just didnt know what we were seeing. 

I added the more disturbing ones at the bottom.

1. 1- Eye Symbol

celebrity one eye symbolism

The most popular symbol that is recognized is the one eye symbol. This is basically a salute to the Elite to let them know they are in allegiance with them and willing to push the assigned Agenda. 

Zechariah 11:17 references the Antichrist will be blind in his right eye. Although it deviates slightly, most doing this sign cover their right eye.

one eye symbolism
devil horns symbolism

Here is the one eye symbol plus the devil horns from Eminem

symbology one eye

Mia Farrow

satanic symbolism

Willow Smith. Sadly, the kids enter into this young.



2. Horn of Cornuto (Mano Cornuto): Also known as the Devil’s Sign or Devil’s Horns. 

devil horns symbolism

This is very common with politicians and the Pope. This can also be used by musicians as a rock and roll sign, so it really depends on who is using it. Politician s have no reason to use the rock and roll sign. This is seen as a greeting between Satanists. The Satanic Bible says it is a sign of recognition between and allegiance of Lucifer’s servants.


3. Monarch Butterfly

butterfly monarch symbolism

Butterfly whose migration pattern is passed down to offspring genetically. Scientists learned that information can be passed down genetically in people too. For instance, people who have a history of sexual abuse in their family are highly susceptible to hypnosis and mind control. So Monarch butterfly is symbolic for mind control. Also Project Monarch was a 1950’s CIA funded government program where unsuspecting US Citizens were subjected to psychological experiments using psychotropic drugs, electroshock, and other forms of torture to disassociate the mind in order to create programmable alters.


4. Masks

mask symbolism

A mask is a way to conceal identity. It represents secrecy, lies, delusion and ritual. The anonymity of the mask allows attributes and personalities to be expressed that are normally shunned by society. The wearer of the mask may feel liberated to be and to do whatever they want while wearing the mask.

masks symbology


5. Lightning Bolt

lighting bolt symbology

Represents the electroshock treatments (voltage lines). Also ties back to Nazi SS insignia and human experiments done by Nazi Josef Mengele.


6. Animal Print

animal print symbology

This represents Beta/Sex Kitten Mind Programming, promotes hyper-sexuality, mind control, alters.

sex kitten symbology
mind programming sex symbology


7. Bird Cage/Cage

bird cage symbology

This represents imprisonment, capture, escapism, controlled existence, slave. Fitting for Brittney Spears seen above.

bird cage symbolism

Audrey Hepburn



8. Jewel Programming

Pearl and Diamond represents sexual abuse / sex alter; Amethyst: keeping secrets; Ruby: sexual abuse / sex alter and prostitution; Emerald: family loyalty, witchcraft, also drug mule/carrier/runner and political envoy; Sapphire: protector.


9. Cracked/Shattered Mirror

mirror symbolism

This symbolizes mind control, the fractured psyche, twinning: multiple alters.

broken mirror symbology


10. Shhh! Gesture

shhh symbolism

Denotes secrecy, silence, often represents sexual abuse hence the “don’t tell; it’s our little secret”motto abusers often say. Above you see Rhianna using the Shhh and the one eye.

shhh symbol


11. Porcelain Programming

Porcelain mask, porcelain dolls represent alters created by fire / burning torture


12. Inverted Cross

inverted cross symbology

Luciferian / Satanists like to pervert the symbols of Christian faith. Connected to Satanism and the occult.

upside down cross symbol


13. Pentagram: Inverted 5 sided star, represents Goat of Mendes. Common symbol of Satanists. Im assuming everyone knows this one.


14. Masonic Pillars

Represents and important gateway or passage to sacred or otherworldly places and mysterious realms. Three pillars can represent the three stages of life or the first 3 steps of Freemasonry.


15. Owls

40 foot owl at the Bohemian Grove is sacrificed to during the Cremation of Care. Owls have long represented wisdom. Additionally, as it it rumored that many homosexual acts are performed at Bohemian Grove, the owl can also represent homosexual sex rituals.


16. Marionette

Signifies master/slave, handler/alter relationship


17. Tongue Out

Sexual abuse / sex programming, sex rituals, insemination/seeding ritual.


18. Baphomet

Goat of Mendes or Black Goat, means “absorption of knowledge” represents fertility and sex rituals, linked to the occult and Satanism, an alias of Aleister Crowley

Madonna, GaGa and Beyoncé seem to be the Queens of this.

Kendall Jenner's new tattoo and 175,000 clueless people who liked it.


19. Checkerboard/Floors

Masonic, signifies dualistic programming, twinning, multiple alters. Can also serve as a trigger for those under mind control to call up specific alters.


20. Hidden Hand

Masonic hand sign required to go through the second veil. May signify that the person depicted is part of the secret Brotherhood and their actions are inspired by Masonic philosophy and beliefs. Hidden hand which represents hidden power can also be connected to the occult.

Here we have Dr Fauci doing the hidden hand symbol and then the Baphomet symbol.

The Beetles

Hidden Hand and one eye symbols.


21. Marilyn Monroe

Marilyn Monroe is said to have been the first Presidential Model Beta Sex Kitten. She is the ultimate example of a sex slave. Many celebrities have a rite of passage to channel Marilyn Monroe in a photo shoot, video, or movie portrayal. Represents Beta programming, sex slave alter, hyper-sexuality.

This is all so sad to me.


22. Transhumanism

An international cultural and intellectual movement that seeks to transform the human condition using technology to enhance human intellectual, physical and psychological abilities. By melding man and machine they believe we can be that much closer to becoming “gods”.


23. Animal Ears

Represents Beta programming, satanic ritual abuse, sex rituals, hyper-sexuality, Sex Kitten alters.


24. 666/"OK" Symbol

References the number of the beast or Antichrist. Basically, flashing this sign makes those in the inner circle of knowledge aware that the person is a willing participant to push Elite Agendas.

A young Justin Beiber is doing 3 symbols at once. OK, One eye and tonge out.

Ugh this one makes me sick. Not only is she doing it, but gets her young daughter to do the OK and one eye symbols and then look at her tweet. See how many likes and re-tweets she got? No one even paid attention.


*Warning- Below is more unsettling


25. Pedophilia Code Words

Pizza Symbolism signifies girls available for sex abuse/trafficking. My heart breaks for this girl.

Also doing OK and one eye symbols.


26. Pedophilia Symbols

The most common Code Word used is "Pizza" and the most common symbol is the "Boy Lover"

Girl Lover symbol printed on special Lady Gaga Oreo's. Ugh this makes me sick!!

This is how business communicate that they have "party's"

The 1st pic below is from NYC. Note the pizza and Illuminati triangle. The 2nd pic is from New Orleans.

Wonder glade is a video game.

Remember the "Pizzagate" conspiracy? It was no conspiracy. Above was Comet Pizzas logo's. Note the top 2. 

These are just 2 painting that were hanging in Comet Pizza. I go into much more detail about this on the page "Trump and The Election".


27. Colors

White represents innocence, purity, the new initiate; Red represents sacrifice, blood oath, ritualism; Black represents ritual fulfilled, oath taken.


28. Panda Eyes/Pandas

**WARNING** This one is VERY disturbing. 

Lady gaga has done this multiple times. Shes is a totally sick psychopath

Here you have Jeff Bezos (Owner of Amazon) posing with a Panda and one eye symbolism.  I dont consider him a human being anymore. He is a demon.

MiMi Rodini Clothing line. This is a symbol to other pedophiles that this designer and the company are likely trafficking children.

The symbolism here is of a child having been raped so forcibly that all the capillaries around their eyes burst, giving them what looks like, Panda Eyes. 

I know these are heartbraking to see, but once people know what they are actually seeing, it can stop. These sick fuck's never really hid any of it.....we just didnt know what we were seeing. 

Below is an ad (I dont know what it was for). Child with Panda Eyes in a tub of blood. 

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