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Reprogramming Your Subconscious Mind

"Your personal world is unique only to you based on your own personal vibrational frequency. You are a multidimensional being with a variety of vibrational frequencies floating around and within your energy fields at all times. These frequencies are your thoughts, feelings, emotions and beliefs you have created from your souls journey of many, many lifetimes. "

We Live In A Realm That We Manifest Ourselves- The negative agenda cannot create, but we can. Every thought and emotion we have creates what we experience. This is why the negative agenda feeds us news and movies and tv with violence, wars, sex, racism etc. The more we, as a collective, and as individuals think about these things, the more we create them. They feed us with stories of ISIS and guess what, we are all so worried about it, that we manifest it into an even bigger deal. This is how powerful we are! We are literally creating this world that we do not want.

To put this into simpler terms: Think of life here like The Sims Game. You chose your gender and what your avatar looks like. You may have set goals for yourself, etc. Now picture your sims avatar feeling lonely and depressed. Picture those thoughts and feelings turning into computer code and swarming around your body. Now picture these computer codes starting to manifest loneliness and depression in the physical. This is EXACTLY how it works. Every thought, feeling, emotion and word you say creates computer codes that begin to manifest in your physical reality.  Its very tricky. So when you are feeling sad, what these codes do is create more situations to make you feel sad. can flip it too! The MOST IMPORTANT tools you have in this life is your mind and your thoughts!




Im going to start with a quick story from the book "Becoming Supernatural" by Dr. Joe Dispenza.:

Anna was married with 2 children. Her husband had gotten himself into serious financial debt and committed suicide. Every day, Anna relived the day she got the news of his death over and over in her mind. What she didnt realize was that her body and subconscious mind did not know the difference between the original event and the memory of the event. This caused her body to create the same stress hormones and chemicals every day, all day long. What this did was anchor her mind and body in the past. When we do this, the experience becomes imprinted in the neural circuitry  and the emotions are stored in the body. This is how trauma is stored in our DNA and can pass from generation to generation. many starseeds are here to heal these traumas. 

When the nervous system fight or flight is switch on and stays on due to stress, the body uses all its energy to deal with that and has nothing left for healing. Because of Anna's constant stress she developed an auto immune disorder and later, cancer. She had finally manifested pain and suffering into her physical body. For 2 years she had a downward spiral losing her job, all her savings, her home and ended up in an abusive relationship. It was at this point, Anna could choose to give up or, to take control of her life again. She chose to take back control. She decided to heal herself. She learned that she could teach her body emotionally what her future would FEEL like ahead of the actual experience. Remember, the body and mind do not know the difference between real time or a memory. 

This is how you truck your body and mind into manifesting. You must take control of your thoughts and emotions.

At the very bottom, you will see what happened to Anna.



Another true story:

In 1957 psychologist Bruno Klopfer reported on the amazing case of a man he called Mr. Wright. Mr. Wright was suffering from advanced cancer of the lymph nodes. Tumors the size of oranges studded his skeleton and wound throughout his organs.

Then one day Mr. Wright overheard people talking about a new cancer cure called Krebiozen, a horse serum, which was being tested at the very hospital he was in. Hope sprang up like a stalk inside him. He begged his doctor for a dose, and his doctor, although doubting the drug would help at this late stage, nevertheless loaded his syringe and took his patient’s wasted arm.

Three days passed as Mr. Wright lay quietly in his hospital bed. On the third morning after the shot of Krebiozen had been administered, his doctor returned to examine him, and an incredible thing had happened. Before the doctor arrived, Mr. Wright had swung his feet over his hospital bed and for the first time in months stood up straight on the floor, strong enough to support himself, to walk, even to stride, which he did, out of his room and down the ward to the station around which the nurses flurried. The doctor found this man who had been at death’s door now joking, flirting, cavorting. X-rays showed that the tumors had shrunk from the size of oranges to golf balls—having melted “like snowballs on a hot stove.”

No one could quite believe it, but no one could deny it either, because here was the man, once washed out but now ruddy with health and hope. Within ten days Mr. Wright was discharged from the hospital, cancer-free, and he went home to pick up where he had left off before cancer came to claim him, stepping back into his life as if slipping into a perfectly fitted suit. He was alive and loving it.

Days passed, weeks passed, and Mr. Wright remained free of malignancies. Within two months, however, reports came out in the news saying that the Krebiozen trial had concluded and the drug was worthless. Soon after that Mr. Wright’s tumors returned and he was back in the hospital, once more staring at the drain hole of death, at the shadow falling across his bed.

His doctor then did something that doctors today would never be permitted to do. He told Mr. Wright a story, a lie. The news reports, the doctor said, were wrong. Krebiozen was in fact a potent anticancer drug. Why, then, Mr. Wright wondered, had he relapsed, and so badly? Because, his doctor said, Mr. Wright had unfortunately been given an injection of the stuff from a weak batch, but the hospital was expecting a new shipment and it was guaranteed to be two times stronger than even the most potent Krebiozen to date. Mr. Wright’s doctor delayed administering anything to his patient so that his anticipation would build. After several days had passed, the doctor rolled up Mr. Wright’s sleeve; Mr. Wright offered his arm, and the doctor gave his patient a new injection—OF PURE WATER.

Again Mr. Wright let all his tumors go. Once again they shrank and disappeared until no trace of them could be found in his body, and once again he left the hospital. Mr. Wright lived for a further two months without symptoms and then, unfortunately for him, came another news report. The American Medical Association, after numerous tests on patients, issued its final verdict on Krebiozen, confidently declaring the drug to be useless. Mr. Wright’s tumors reappeared, and this time, within two days after his readmission to the hospital, he was dead.



And this is also what you are doing every minute of every day with your thoughts and your emotions. 


Step 1: The Bigger Picture

"When a soul awakens to the truth that they are fully responsible for their  quality of life and they fully understand through the “the law of cause and affect” that they can clean up the lower vibrations within their soul to attract the life of their dreams – they have the potential to become a very powerful, empowered, high vibrational being.

 At this time on our planet large groups of people are in the transitional phase of soul alchemy where we have awakened to the fact that we must first descend into the muck of our repressed lower vibrational energies before we are able to ascend into greater states of being. Our planet is in flux right now as we turn our darkness into the golden light of our very own Christ consciousness. Because of this, many of us are in a very vulnerable state of being where we are flip flopping from one vibration to another as we try to sustain a high vibrational balance in a very unbalanced world.

Each awakening soul is experiencing their own personal inner war at this time on our planet. Not only are we having to clean up the energy of our own souls, we are also having to witness the devastating, heart wrenching, “bring you to your knees” kind of soul purging our brothers and sisters are going through as well. Many people are still unaware of what is happening to them and they are stuck in denial, blame and resistance. They do not understand, nor do they want to believe, that they are the ones responsible for their own heaven or hell here on Earth. They continue to remain in their victim consciousness, fight or flight mentality, and they are in the struggle of their egos duality. In order to ascend in consciousness and free themselves of the negative vibrations held within their ego consciousness – that will continue to draw more chaos into their lives – they will need to surrender their egos will to their divine will. They will need to rise above their physicality and begin the process of integrating their spiritual being into their physical being through the process of meditation."

You see, down here, we cannot see the bigger picture. If there is a riot going on in a city and you are down in it, that can be a very scary situation. If you are in an airplane looking down on a looks so peaceful and there are things you see that ones on the ground cannot, just as you cant see the riot going on. Its the same concept. Example: A child is abused and because of this abuse goes on to drink, do drugs, feel bad about themselves, is depressed and suicidal. Now, one may look at that situation and think that this person cant possibly have created all of that themselves. What you dont know is who that person was in their last life. Karma is not kind, nor compassionate. This is one of the first steps in changing how you think about things. You have to step outside of it and see the bigger picture. That person was born into a life of abuse for a reason. I know it is hard to accept, but thats how it works. An abusive person must go on to experience abuse themselves. Karma corrects us for our own good. Now, the abuse itself may have been this child's they choose to deal with the abusive past is up to them. It is free will. Ideally, you would seek therapy and work through your feelings. Some dont. Some choose to escape the pain via drugs, drinking, self mutilation....and while that is understandable....they are creating more problems for themselves. What started out as some karma (that is now over) is turning into something worse by this person feeling angry, sad, ashamed and depressed. Add alcohol and drugs on top of that which will strip the person of natural defenses, and then some negative entities attach, adding to the trouble. Thoughts and feelings intensify and put out more codes to draw more negative situations to them. Do you see what I mean? It is important to understand that everything that is happening, is happening for a reason.  You get what you put out there. As harsh as it is, no one ever escapes anything and no one is a victim. Now, me being an empath would not accept this when I was being taught. All I saw were innocent souls suffering. It wasn't until I was taken out of it and shown the bigger picture by my soul family, that it all clicked and made sense. 

" We must awaken to the inner forces within and without and not become attached to them. Our inner and outer worlds are in crisis right now. What once was hidden from our conscious awareness is rising to the surface so it can be acknowledged and changed. We have the free will power to continue to energize and strengthen those vibrations within and without, that no longer serve us, or we can choose to transmute and transcend those vibrations into a higher vibration so we can birth the great transformation on Earth. Each person is responsible for  transformation from within their own beings before we will see it manifested in our outer realities.  Heaven is a state of consciousness, and it must be activated and integrated into each one of us so it can be brought down from the spiritual dimensions within our beings into our physical bodies. (our higher self or oversoul)"

Step 2: Become Aware

Now that you can start to see the bigger need to become aware of some things that influence the way you think and feel. -There are lots!

1. Tv and Movies- Your subconscious mind cant tell the difference between you watching tv or you actually experiencing what you are watching. While watching a scary movie, have you ever felt your heart start pounding? Or your anxiety increasing? This is because your mind thinks this situation is actually happening to you. Aside from this issue, MUCH of tv and movies are pure shit to be frank. Its mostly low vibrational crap- and its designed that way!  Reality tv especially.  It keeps you involved with gossip, stupid decisions, fighting etc. The Kardashians keep you involved in envy and a materialistic state of mind. Do you see what Im saying? I LOVED scary movies, but now, I wont watch them. I stick to things that expand your consciousness. Netflix has some really good shows that they have created.  Aside from those, I will let myself watch comedies and thats it. 

2. The News- Stop watching! Most of it isnt even true. The "news' is propaganda plain and simple. Much of the alternative news is propaganda as well. Even though I am a fan of the alternative it in moderation. If you stay glued to all the conspiracy theories, you will begin to live in a state of fear.

3. Religion- I go into religion on several other pages of my website, so Ill just do the basics here. Religions were created by men to 1-make you more controllable and subservient and 2- to make you believe that someone will come save you and with Christianity and Catholicism- that someone already died for your sins. This lets you off the hook of being held accountable and actually doing your spiritual work. It also tricks you into worshiping Jesus, who was just a man who became enlightened. This is blasphemous. They also throw communion into religion which is actually a Satanic ritual.  See how they do this? The negative agenda is very clever, so you must be aware of them.

4. The Negative Agenda- I go into this on other pages as well, so I will list the basics. The negative agenda are the "elites" (Royal family, The Bilderberg Group, Rothschilds, The Astor's, The Collins Family, The DuPont's, The Freeman's, The Li's,  Rockefellers, Van Duyn Family etc). Besides the Elites, there are politicians, bankers, ministers, popes, educators, scientists and then you have the Alpha Draco's and other ET races that have decided to join and you also have the Annunaki. Lucifer was behind all of them but I am sure he is no longer here and shifted into the negative 4th dimension in 2012. 

5.  Negative Entities- These include earth bound spirits, ET's, Demons, Fallen Angels etc. These entities are able to cause you trauma via psychic attacks and can actually attach to your energy field for life! Once attached, they feed you their thoughts, feelings and emotions. These entities influence you on a massive level. 

6. Ego-  Our ego is who we think we are. Our personality. In this life, I am Laurie...but this is not who I am outside of this body. Our ego’s are like negative, fear- filled children that that need to be loved and disciplined. We need to self correct our negative, immature, childish, fearful, reactive energies – and the only way we can do that is to first become aware of them working within us. When we step out of denial and allow ourselves to SEE where we have fallen out of alignment, we can then take dominion over our egos by integrating the light of our awareness into our fragments – bringing them all back into a state of oneness and unification.

First Internal Layer of Ego: This is the root layer of our unconscious mind and it functions like a hard drive for the ego. In this hard drive is the cellular memory storage from all of one’s lifestreams. This means that cellular memories from past lives, present lives and future lives may all be stored in this memory hard drive. These memories are not given value when they are recorded, whether one may perceive them as good or bad, these many multiple memories are stored on the root hard drive of every human being. Whether one was a fetus, baby, in between lifetimes, or unconscious when the body suffered “abuse”; it was recorded in one’s memory storage whether one currently remembers that event consciously or not. Because the planet was invaded and our individual memory and identity erased from those tragic events, most all human beings have four main areas of cellular memory record in their unconscious mind at varying degrees. Those four main areas are:





Some people will feel these painful memories but not know what caused them or where they came from. Others will suffer from shock and will have shut these memories down completely as a coping mechanism. Others are very successful clearing these memories through emotional clearing practices such as with hypnosis and past life regression. Since this 1D unconscious mind controls our autonomic nervous system and autonomic bodily functions, unhealed memory trauma in these four main areas creates many kinds of physical symptoms and disease.

Second Internal Layer of Ego: This is the instinctual layer of ego which for many people remains a part of the unconscious mind as many do not pay attention to the cause of their instinctual drives or addictions. The first part of healing is to be willing to pay attention to drives though dedicated self-awareness. The second layer is directly impacted by the first layer to the degree the painful memory is experienced in the person’s hard drive. This second layer could also be called the pain body. It is the location where unresolved pain memories will manifest as instinctual drives within the person’s ego. If the  storage memories are not identified or cleared, the pain of these memories creates “walls of separation” in the 2nd layer as a pain body. The pain body further creates walls of separation which manifest in the ego as seven primary mental and emotional states:



Lack of Trust/Self






These walls of separation isolate the ego self in the person and as the person identifies with that ego state, they become disconnected from their inner spirit. 

Third Internal Layer: This is the conscious mind layer of the ego of which we all perceive as a self or personality. If one pays attention to their conscious thoughts, one becomes aware if they are having negative ego thoughts:








 The third layer is directly impacted by the first and second layer to the degree the painful memory has created walls of separation and trauma. If the main areas of the walls of separation are not dismantled and brought into transparency for healing, these hidden influences control and manipulate the strength and power within the person’s Ego. Essentially the more weak and in pain a person is, the more strong their walls of separation (pain body) which create the judgments which build the Ego.

**It is important to understand as “real” as the ego personality may feel as a part of our human identity; it is a false or dual identity that is a “Dead Energy” structure.**

Step 3: Realize Where You Are

A big step in being able to change the way you think and view the world is understanding. WHY is this happening? Why does this work this way? 

You need to understand where you are and why.

I also go into the long story on another page, so I will sum it up on here.

Humans were never meant to be in this dimension. Humans started out in a higher dimension but fell in consciousness which caused them to fall in dimensions. Then...they fell again. Humans are a group consciousness and they are the group consciousness of Yahweh- only they dont know it! Yahweh made some mistakes long ago and this is basically his karma. Earth is a prison essentially. Yahweh cant be trusted by the rest of the universe, so until he proves himself, he will remain here-individualized and reincarnating over and over and over. 

Now, aside from human souls who are part of the Yahweh group consciousness, you have starseeds. We chose to come help Yahweh and to help Earth.  Its important for starseeds and humans alike to understand we arent here for fun and games. Sure, enjoy life every single day and be grateful for everything- however- we are all here to work. Humans are here to work on themselves. Starseeds are here to raise the vibration and start transforming Earth. 

To be perfectly blunt; we arent here to get married and have kids, go to college, get a good job. Sure, we all have to live life and support ourselves....but we cant get distracted by it. The majority of people think that those things are what life is about. -Its NOT. For humans, it is to evolve their souls. To deal with their karma and to rise in vibration. Souls will be released on an individual basis. 

It is important for starseeds to understand this and to not be distracted. It is VERY possible to get caught up in the reincarnation cycle and forgetting who you are and why you are here over and over and over. 

Step 4: Changing Your Thoughts

There are 3 parts of our brain: the conscious mind, the subconscious mind and the unconscious mind. We will be focusing our attention on the subconscious mind.

The subconscious mind is 30,000 times more powerful then our conscious mind. The subconscious hold every single memory of every single thing that has every happened to you (weather you remember it or not). Its hold your belief systems, your values, emotions and feelings, habits, patterns and addictions.

The subconscious mind cannot reject anything. It can only accept everything. It cannot distinguish between what is real and what is imagined. This is good and bad. Its good because you can trick your subconscious into reprogramming itself. Its bad because, most people have no idea that the things they don't want in life happen to them because THEY are attracting them.

It’s possible that your brain is presently in the habit of creating a pattern of negative thinking, where it seems to give a negative connotation to all its interpretations. In this case your brain is subconsciously in the habit of looking at reality in a negative manner and at the root of all its negative thinking is a negative subconscious belief.

The problem with subconscious patterns, is that you take it for granted and believe that it’s the truth of who you are. However, the truth is that “subconscious” patterns are simply thought patterns that have been thought so many times that they've become ingrained as an “auto” mode of functioning.

You can become free of negative subconscious patterns in your mind, by becoming aware of them and dis-identifying with them.

Starting right now, pay attention to all of your thoughts and emotions. This is the first step.

 For the next 24 hours, write down all of your negative thoughts and feelings no matter how trivial. You must start identifying which thoughts need to be corrected.

Some example of subconscious negative thoughts are as below:

"Why do bad things always happen to me"? (maybe bad things have happened to you in the past, but dont make this your present or your future)

"I need to compete with other people to be successful" (house, car, job, clothes,)

"No one can be trusted".

"Life is too hard".

"Im always broke".

"I am___________" (fat, ugly, stupid, worthless.. etc)

Remember that there is no truth to negativity because life does not support it. Negative thinking only stops you from having the life you are supposed to have.

Decide right now to stop being victim to your thoughts.

Review your list and think about the power you give to each thought.

After you see the pattern of your current thinking, its now time to change it.

You want to note all the negative things you catch yourself thinking and saying. Immediately reject it and replace. Remember, you subconscious cant reject by itself, it can only accept. So Instead of "Why do bad things always happen to me"? .........Reject it and replace it with "Good things happen to me daily"

In stead of "Im always broke"......reject it and replace with "I have unlimited sources of income".

Once I started monitoring my thoughts, everything clicked for me and things started changing. After 3 months, I dont even even need to monitor them now, its automatic. It takes 3-6 months to create a new and subconscious pattern of thinking, so this takes time and effort, but it will change your life.

You are a creator being. You create anything and everything. So each thought and word you speak, always imagine little computer codes circling around. If its something you shouldn't have put out there, take-it back and replace it.

When I became aware of the demon that was attached to me, he amped up the thoughts he would feed me (victim mentality, Im ugly, Im fat etc) I simply rejected each one and replaced with the opposite and eventually all the thoughts like that stopped. 

Once you gain control of your thoughts, you can start to reprogram. I have things that I say each and every day 2-3 times a day. You can use my list if you like, or make your own. 

*I AM a spiritual warrior

*I AM abundant

 *I AM sucessful

* I AM wealthy

* I AM courageous

* I AM safe

* My body IS healthy

* My pineal gland IS soft and functions properly

*My chakra's ARE open and energy flows freely

*My chakra's are bright in color and spinning properly

*My aura IS strong and colorful

*All trauma's and blockages have been healed and released.

*All negative entity attachments have been removed and released.

*It is now ok to assemble and activate my 4 strand DNA

*I AM loved

*I AM protected

* I HAVE will power and self control

....and so on. I do this several times a day, every day without exception. You want to stick with I AM statements and present tense statements. 

AVOID statements such as:

"I am going to be ........" (This keeps it always in the future and never right now)

"I am not afraid"  (your subconscious doesn't recognize words like not, cant, if you say "Im not afraid"....your subconscious hears "Im afraid". Use "I am courageous" instead.)

As an extra measure, I have all of these written on post its and taped them up around my computer desk. I spend the majority of my day at my desk. Since the subconscious sees even what you aren't focused on, I can keep feeding my subconscious mind these thoughts.


Now that takes care of your thoughts. For the emotional side of this, you want to FEEL it. 

Whatever you are trying to manifest, you want to spend time each day with your eyes closed and imagine this is your current reality. How does it feel? Think about the joy and happiness that comes with it. You want your body to actually think this is your reality. FEEL the excitement, the happiness, the love, your healthy body. Try and hold on to this all day. This will solidify the manifestation. 

Step 5: Changing Your Perception

Life was always harder for me. The simplest things were 2-3 times harder for me then everyone else. Many people would comment on this and joke that I was cursed. Im talking simple things like getting cable hooked up, putting together a table, my car always breaking down etc. Once I realized that these were tests, designed to teach me patience, I started gritting my teeth and smiling at them, taking a deep breath and continued trying...knowing I was being tested. Once I proved myself to be a more patient person, this all stopped. It literally stopped happening to me.

You see, anything that is a lesson will keep popping up over and over and over because its trying to get your attention. The lesson wants to be learned and then released.

Once you know all of these things and how to navigate life here, everything becomes so much more simple!! I wish I had known all of this 20 years ago!!!

I also started to see things in a different perspective. 

If there was a traffic jam I was in, well, it was for a reason. Maybe I needed time to think. Maybe I wasn't supposed to arrive where I was going just yet. Maybe my patience was being tested again. NOTHING happens for just no reason.

"Choir practice at the West Side Baptist Church in Beatrice, Nebraska, always began at 7:20 on Wednesday evening. At 7:25 p.m. on Wednesday, March 1, 1950, an explosion demolished the church. The blast forced a nearby radio station off the air and shattered windows in surrounding homes.

Butevery single one of the choir’s fifteen members escaped injury, saved by a fortuitous coincidence:All were late for practice that night

 Car trouble delayed two women. The minister and his wife and daughter were delayed by a dress that needed ironing at the last minute. Others were late because they paused to complete homework, finish a letter, or hear the end of a favorite radio show. One awoke late from a nap. Some could think of no special reason; they were just late.

At 7:25, with a roar heard in almost every corner of Beatrice, the West Side Baptist Church blew up. The walls fell outward, the heavy wooden roof crashed straight down like a weight in a deadfall. But because of such matters as a soiled dress, a catnap, an unfinished letter, a geometry problem and a stalled car, all of the members of the choir were late – something which had never occurred before.

Firemen thought the explosion had been caused by natural gas, which may have leaked into the church from a broken pipe outside and been ignited by the fire in the furnace. The Beatrice choir members had no particular theory about the fire’s cause, but each of them began to reflect on the heretofore inconsequential details of his life, wondering at exactly what point it is that one can say, “This is an act of God.”"

This is one of my favorite stories. It shows the point Im trying to make perfectly. You see, at the time, those cars that wouldn't start must have been frustrating for those people at the time....but it was happening for a reason- to save their lives. 

My daughter just missed her flight yesterday and was super upset because she now couldn't get to where she was headed for another 12 hours. I reminded her that everything happens for a reason and to trust the universe because no one gets to where they are supposed to be 1 second before they are supposed to be there. (She didnt hear me and stayed angry) However, today they found out that a massive sand storm had hit the area causing the event to be put on hold and caused a 10 hour wait for everyone to get into the event. (She then understood)

We never know at the time why something is happening, sometimes, we NEVER know, but it is ALWAYS for a reason. So, from here on out, start seeing seemingly "bad" things in a different light.

"Do not allow anything that interferes with your vision for the New Earth to enter into your consciousness. Everyone is on different levels of processing through their fears so if you see something on the news, on a Facebook feed etc. that disrupts your ability to remain focused on what you truly desire to create in the New Earth then remove your attention from it and re-focus on what you truly desire to see. Some people have processed through their fear and they are able to read and see things that are occurring without having an emotional reaction to it. However, most people have not accomplished the ability to do this. Many are completely unable to remain compassionately detached. When we can be in this world, but not of it (observing mode) then we will have attained a very high level of alignment and we will be able to SEE this world through the eyes of God/dess and be totally neutral about everything going on. However, most of us are still affected by the negativity on Earth – so it would be in our best interests to solely focus on the things that sustain and continue to evolve our vibrations into greater states of love. The more sensitive you are, the more you will need to withdraw yourself from all things that do not increase your light. A great guidance system for this is to pay attention to your emotions. Wherever your emotions are…..there is your vibration.

This is a great video on how to switch from a victim mentality to an active creator

The Scale Of Vibration

Every thought (conscious or otherwise) has a vibration frequency. This is scientifically proven. The state of depression that I was living in for the first 30 years of my life is about a 75 on the scale. The state of love is about a 500. The difference between the two is significant.

I would say in my life now, Im at about a 400. I am working on unconditional love right now. Obviously, 600-700 is ideal. But seeing our emotions on this scale really puts things into perspective, I think.

Understand that everything that is happening serves the purpose for people to awaken and to know themselves better. We are vibrationally attracting beings….we create it all. If it is in your personal world, it is there for YOU to learn something so YOU can evolve and heal your soul into greater states of being. If it is not in your personal world, then YOU have not attracted it to you to experience. Outer events you see on the news, stories on Facebook etc. are not yours to experience and process through unless you use your free will to become attached to the stories “out there,” which of course will now begin to affect your personal world as well."

*Once you have started to master your mind, it is very important to understand how the world is your mirror. Every person in your life is there to teach you and to help your soul grow. This is called shadow/mirror work and this helps us to understand why seemingly "bad" people are in our lives.* 

This is addressed HERE:



In the end, after 2 years of work, Anna DID heal her body and her mind using the meditations Dr. Joe Dispenza recommended. She is now a public speaker on healing your body and manifesting desires. 

You can find the meditations in his book "Becoming Supernatural". 


"Becoming Supernatural" by Dr. Joe Dispenza

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