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Hello! My name is Laurie. Ever since I can remember, I knew I was different. From about 3-4 years old I remember thinking that I was important and I was supposed to do something special, but I didn't know what. I knew I was different from the rest of my family. They were devoted Christians and here I was, this little kid saying that these bible stories weren't adding up and something was fishy. I remember being shocked in school by the teachers who were ordering me around and telling me things that I knew weren't true. 

I could always see clear auras around everything and everyone and thought that this is what everyone sees. I could also always see energy in the form of 'tv static' over everything. Again, I just thought this is how everyone saw things. 

I would go to skating rinks as a child and cry as I watched the little kids fall down with no one to help them up. Id cry when my mom killed ants or put mouse traps down. I would get super angry when boys would pull leaves off of trees and smash lighting bugs. This was just me.

My mothers family on BOTH sides were all 33rd degree masons. I know now that this wasn't a good thing. I may have been subjected to satanic ritual abuse as a child. I'm still unclear on what happened during this particular incident, but I do know that a demon attached to me at this time.

Ive always had paranormal experiences, from the terrifying to the hilarious. (All my forks disappeared one day!!) XD

Once I started college I had no idea what I wanted to do...I just knew I was supposed to do something MAJOR!

Speaking of majors.....I think I tried Every.Single.One. Psychology, Art, Advertising, Education, Real Estate, Cosmetology, Nursing....back to Psychology.....back into Nursing.........I did this for 20 years. I never found my niche. It wasn't until 2012 I started waking up. 333 had been following me for about 8 years and that triggered something in me to search for other things. 

I finally came across the information about starseeds and what is REALLY going on here (which most people dont even know about).  I found out that I am a starseed from Arcturus with incarnations also in Lyra, Andromeda and Hyades. 

Having this information meant so much to me. It meant that I was right this whole time! That I was NOT crazy. That I WAS different and that I WAS here for a special purpose. I was able to connect with others like me and to freely talk about this stuff among others who understand (instead of looking at me like I'm insane).

I was never interested in astrology. I do not like math or numbers!  But astrology chose me. I was vetted and watched without my knowing and then was chosen by someone who taught me this method from beyond Earth. I am one of the VERY few that have been chosen to use this method and feel truly blessed.

Read On For More About My Experiences

Meditation Experiences

Some of the strangest experiences have been during meditation. In 2012 when I started waking up, my youngest daughter, who is from Pleiades and also a crystal child was already meditating and I thought I should start. I had never meditated in my life and was not a very patient person. I just couldn't quiet my mind.  Eventually I found binural beats on youtube and used headphones. I would focus on just 1 of the sounds or tones and this would put me into a deep meditative state. I would feel so refreshed after, that I was meditating 1-2 hours a day at that time. I would say it was about 2 weeks  when I started to feel this pressure on the top of my head and what felt like drops of water on my arms. I would stop meditating and try to find the leak in the ceiling. I never saw anything but I couldnt figure this out. I eventually accepted it and kept going. I then started to feel pressure (like a thumb was pushing on it) and throbbing on my forehead and I would get very sexually aroused. (I had no idea what was going on with my body at this time).  I would say about 2 months in, my body started to feel very light, like a feather, and when I walked, it felt like I was gliding. (I NOW know that my crown chakra had opened and connected to a higher frequency, my 3rd eye was becoming active and I had just activated my kundalini. I now also know that my body felt lighter because my energy was at such a high vibration.) I would also catch myself not breathing during meditation- at all. Of course, once I became aware of this, I started breathing again. That happened a lot. Another month or 2 after this I started getting very hot on the inside- to the point where I was scared of spontaneous combustion- since I had no other idea what was going on. It was at this same time my daughter's kundalini started to rise and she experienced kundalini sickness and psychosis. This was one of the scariest things Id ever witnessed. My daughter was convinced that I was trying to poison her because she was evil. She stopped eating and drinking and since I didnt know about the kundalini or what can happen, I took her to a Catholic priest thinking what we had done made her susceptible to a possession. The church turned us away (no surprise). Since we didnt know what kind of help we needed, we just stopped everything. No more meditation, no crystals....we threw everything we had away for fear that this "new age" practice really was the "Devil's work" like my mom had said. 

I took about 2 years off from all of it until I learned what had happened to my daughter.  She simply hadn't cleared her chakra's and worked through some negative ego before her kundalini started to rise and once it did start to rise, she was attacked by entities in the lower 4th dimension. Now I know that we were raising our vibration at a very fast rate. -Too fast. I started meditating again. 15-30 minutes every once in a while while working on myself. This time I began to feel a cool menthol like feeling in my chest. (like when I was little and my mom would put Vick's Vapo Rub on me) I knew at the time this was my heart chakra and something was activating there.  This  still happens  when I meditate. (Now I know your heart chakra is what connects you to the 5th dimension/5D)

This past year I have started to see small silver and blue flashes of light in my home, usually at night and Im also seeing more things out of the corner of my eyes.  I believe my 3rd eye is slowly starting to de-calcify.  Another recent experience Ive been having during meditation is a pulsing or what feels like a heartbeat at the base of my spine that moves by body slightly back and forth. Im assuming this is kundalini energy. 

Childhood Experiences

When I was 4, I was in this Summer program called "Gym & Swim". We did gymnastics for half the time and took swimming lessons for the other half.  One day in the deep end, a girl went to far out into the middle of the pool and was struggling. She kept going under and no one was paying attention to her, so I swam out to her, grabbed her and pulled her back to the side. Most people dont remember being 4 years old, but I remember the whole event very clearly. The thing was....I hadn't learned to swim yet. 


When I was 7, my mom and baby brother and I all went to the store. My brother was in the shopping cart's seat and we were checking out. My mom was putting things on the counter and wasnt paying attention. I decided it would be fun to stand on the bar by the wheels and hold on to the handle and try and bend back far enough to touch the back of my head to my heels. I remember this very clearly as well, but I had not thought this through, lol. Had I been left to do this, the cart would have flipped over hurting or killing my baby brother and my neck would have been broken. As I was trying out my backbend, a very tall African-American man put his hand gently on my shoulder and said very calmly "hunnie, that will tip". My mom heard him and turned around to see what I was doing and freaked out. She gasped and said "Oh my goodness! Thank you so much! Thank you! Thank you!".... over and over. My mom and I watched the man walk over to the exit doors and he he just stood there. We turned back to the cashier and my mom was saying "Oh if he hadn't stopped her, I dont know what would have happened! Thank God he was there"! The cashier looked at her like she was insane. She had no idea what my mom was talking about. It was obvious that she did not see this man. As my mom was paying she glanced around at the other registers  to see who this man was waiting for. There was only an elderly couple checking out besides us. She paid and we walked out of the store. This man followed us. He never spoke, he never smiled, just walked out after us. He stood at the curb and watched us walk to our car. We kept glancing back and he just watched us then I glanced back once more and he was gone. No time for him to walk back inside. Just gone. To this day I believe him to be one of my angels that manifested into human form. 


A year after this when I was about 8, it was Christmas time and I had a school play to attend. After the play, I do not remember why, but I was livid with my mother.  I was so mad at her that I refused to buckle my seat belt and I wanted to be as far away from her as possible so I scrunched over and leaned on my car door. -What neither of us knew was that even though I had locked my car door, it wasn't latched. We lived about 6 blocks from the school and was a straight shot until we got to our street where there was a left hand turn. Well, we started to make that turn and in slow motion, my car door flew open and I began to fall out of the car. I remember reaching out my hand and yelling "Mooooommmm" (In slow motion voice) and her doing the same yelling "Laurieeeeeeeeee" (also slow motion voice). Then I was on the street. It wasnt so much me falling out of the car, because we had slowed down to make the turn......the issue was that there had been a car driving behind us not slowing down.  The car behind me did not see me fall out or hit the street. I remember headlights coming at me but I couldnt move. Then suddenly I felt hands grab me and stand me up. The driver had all of the sudden seen me pop up and swerved. I was hit, hard, but only by his front right bumper instead of head on. I was hit hard enough to knock me out of my shoes and was thrown in the air  and into the field next to us. I dont remember being hit or landing in the field. The next thing I remember, Im in the car being driven to the ER. My right arm was sprang. That was the only injury I had. Ironically, the man who hit me into the field was the owner of that field. I still I have the dress I was wearing that night. Just a small tear at the bottom. My shoes were never found. 


Shortly after this (strange how all of this happened around the same age) I experienced some kind of trauma. I still to this day do not know what happened but I know it involved a demon that attached itself to my energetic field. By that happening, I began to 'hallucinate' snakes and worms on anything in our house with a pattern. It was mainly the carpet (brown pattern- so I saw worms), our couch (the same) and my mothers bed sheets which had a large blue pattern (I saw green snakes on that). My mother thought I had a high fever and was hallucinating so she took me to the Dr and I was totally fine. No fever, nothing. So she brought me home and changed the bed sheets and draped a white blanket over the couch. She would have to carry me to the bathroom though because I wouldn't walk on it. This lasted 1 week and she said after that, my personality seemed to change overnight. I still dont fully know what happened. I do know that this demon stuck with me for many years before I became aware of it. 


Fast forward to when I was 13. I was very rebellious and quit frankly, an asshole. I couldn't take my mother's religious views anymore, so I moved in with my grandparents and into their VERY haunted house. I always felt something watching me in this house and I could spend days typing out all of the stories about that house, but I will focus on the most horrifying one. 

It was a school night and I had just done my homework and was not tired, but it was getting late so I turned off the light and laid down. The instant I laid down, I felt a presence enter the room and I became paralyzed.  I couldn't open my eyes (thank God, lol) but I knew he was standing on my left side and he was very tall and looking down at me. My blood had run cold and my heart was going to beat out of my chest. I had never felt such terror in all my life. I felt this being was pure evil. If this wasn't bad enough,  he said to me "Im watching you".  That was it, but it was enough. I tried to scream and move my head from side to side and eventually he left and I could move. I ran to my grandparents room and would not go back to my room until my grandma agreed to sleep with me. I kid you not, she slept with me until I was 16! I have had before this, many sleep paralysis episodes, and this was not one of them. I was not tired and had not fallen asleep. Once I became an adult, I was told of the history of this house and all the strange stories. I still to this day would never sleep alone in this house. (my oldest daughter and I visited this house 2 years ago and while sleeping in the living room, my daughter was choked while trying to go to sleep)

Alien Encounters?

In 2016 I went outside by a lake we had in our backyard and used the meditation I mention on another page about how to try and connect to your starseed race. My husband and I both did this to connect to Pleiades, even though Im not Pleiadian I figured I would try since Pleiades happened to be in alignment this night. After about 6 minutes I felt what I can only describe as a laser beam of energy on the right side of my head and it slowly "scanned" my brain while moving to the left. My husband felt nothing during this time, but I am certain someone "up there" scanned me.

Not too long after that incident, I woke up one morning to find the picture below on my cell phone.

This picture appeared on my cell phone at 1:06am. (This is the original, unedited picture) My husband goes to bed at 10pm and thats when I watch tv and have my alone time. I normally go to bed around 3am. I've always been a night owl.

I had been watching tv (American Dad...a guilty pleasure of mine) and my cell phone was beside me on my computer desk the entire night. I never fell asleep and I experienced no missing time. At no point did my cell phone fall or even move. I am one of those people who are rarely on their phones and just have it for emergencies.

Around 3am, I shut off the tv and lights, grab my phone and went to bed. Putting my cell phone on the night stand beside me. It was when I woke up the next morning that I saw the pictures (second one is below). Both were timestamped at 1:06am when I was watching tv. I couldnt recall anything out of the ordinary happening.

For the last 2 years Ive been trying to get answers and I have heard everything from "Your cat took the picture" to "its a car" to "your phone fell and took a picture of your computer" to "Its a picture of your fluorescent light". #1- it would have been impossible for my cat to have bumped my cell and taken a picture. The camera wont work unless my cell is unlocked with my fingerprint. #2- I wasnt outside and neither was my cell, so it couldnt have been a car. #3- If my phone had fallen off the desk, I would have had to pick it up off the floor, but I didnt. #4- It really does look like a fluorescent light, but we didnt have any in that house....and what would the lights in the background be? And what is that orange thing?

This is the second picture. I lightened it a bit so you can see it better. This was taken right after the previous picture, also at 1:06am. At first I thought this was a picture of mini blinds...but we dont have any mini blinds. We have curtains. It looks like the same picture but triplicated. If you cover 2 strips with your hand and just look at the one strip, it looks (to me) like a close up part of an alien head and eye. Was I taken and then returned at the exact same second with no memory? Had I experienced something, I know I would have grabbed my phone to take pictures. 

This happened to me just last month (August 2019). I woke up to see these "scoop marks"? on my leg. At first I just thought I was laying on something in bed and it was just an impression but 4 hours later when I looked again, they were still there. They stayed for 24 hours. Didnt hurt at all. Kinda looks like a small melon baller was used.

Here are 2 pictures of those markings (and my pug lol). A month after this (Sept 2019) it happened again.


Shortly after the above happened, I began having an itchy spot on my right shoulder blade. It was only in this 1 spot and it was itchy enough to where I had to buy a backscratcher for this hard to reach place. Still in 2021, its only ever itchy there. But now, I start to get "flares" of pressure and tingling. I decided to play with it as I do when I get the high pitched frequency in my ear. So when it began to happen, I said "Stop it, you do not have my permission". -And it stopped. I waited for it to happen again and I said the same thing...and it stopped again. Ive been doing this for months now and every time I say it, it stops. So someone or something understands what Im saying.

I also had my youngest daughter come over to see if she could see the implant. She has an incredible gift where she can see through someone's body. She saw a small, square, flat thing. She couldnt tell what it was and she said she didnt get a malicious intent from it, but there is definitely something there. She also couldnt see if this was in my physical body or astral body. I plan to have her try and remove it. If she can remove it successfully, I am going to urge her to share this gift with others. 

Missing Shoes & Talking Numbers??

On February 21st 2020, my husband and I flew from Phoenix to Tampa for a wedding. I brought a specific outfit for the wedding along with 2 pairs of shoes because I couldn't decide which to wear.  We got in late Thursday night and checked into the hotel. Nothing exciting. On Friday we had the day to ourselves so we spent the day out and about. I was wearing a blue shirt, jeans and the black heels I brought with me to wear to the wedding. (The other shoes were black flats) It was chilly but we went down to the beach area anyway and I had to run in these heels to get out of the cold wind several times! My husband saw me wearing these shoes all day as did others. We get back to the hotel late that night and I take off these shoes and put them next to the other shoes and we go to bed.  In the morning (Saturday), we start getting ready for the wedding. I go to put my heels on.......and they are not there. We tore that hotel room apart but my shoes were gone. (We never left the room and maid service did not come since we had the 'do not disturb' sign on the door). We spent an hour looking for these damn shoes. There are not many places to hide in a basic hotel room....but...we never found them. I wore the flats. We go to the wedding and come back. No shoes. We pack up the next morning (Sunday) shoes. We decided to leave and check out and head to the airport. 

All this time Im posting on Facebook about my missing shoes. It was just so bizarre! How could shoes vanish overnight when we never left the room and no one came in? Anyway, one of my friends on my Fb post says "wouldn't it be funny if you get home and they are in your closet"? My husband and I laughed at this, because obviously, we both knew I had worn these shoes all day on Friday...........................Sure enough...we get back home Sunday night...and there are my freaking black heels in my closet. The very ones I wore in Tampa on Friday. (and no...I do not have 2 that look similar) There was simply no explanation for this. So im just standing there with my mouth open staring at these shoes and nearly peeing myself and wondering if they went through a wormhole or if an entity was messing with me...or did I change timelines to a timeline where I never brought those shoes? But that couldnt be, because everyone saw me wearing the shoes, so it wasnt  a timeline change. the end I just had to shake my head and life continued.

So...a few days later, Im driving on the highway and I have a 40 minute drive so I start thinking about these f**king shoes and Im seeing  the numbers everywhere (as usual) (111, 333, 888 etc). So then I get an idea. If the universe (or whoever) is talking to me through these numbers...maybe I can ask a question and get an answer. So, out loud, I address my soul family (Arcturians mainly) and I ask them if they took my shoes and transported them in order to get my attention. (I had addressed them out loud weeks before saying that I want contact with them during waking hours) I said if you did, please answer with 555 or 5555. If you did NOT, please answer with 111 or 1111. Within 1 minute, I saw 555. I have done it since with other things and I always get an answer.

So...mystery solved! The aliens took my shoes!


So on the way to the comedy club tonight, April 3rd 2021, My husband Brian and I were talking about the mark of the beast in the bible and I was saying how the vaccine could be seen as " the mark" (even though I am not religious) the description in the bible fits with the vaccine and the vaccine passport and he kinda just rolled his eyes and  was like 'whatever'. We were coming to a red light when a car changed lanes and got in front of us and so we stopped behind it. The license plate said "DaBeast". I kid you not. My husband just stared with his mouth open and all I could do was laugh.

Other Experiences

I am asked a lot how I found out I was a starseed.  As soon as I started waking up around 2012 and read about starseeds and seeing "the numbers" I knew I was one.  While most people were only just starting to see 11:11 and 12:12, I had been seeing 333 for many years, but only ever 333. A few years ago I had a starseed astrologist do my my chart and she told me I was Andromedan and another said I was from Orion. I read about all the races and most aligned with Arcturians. A bit later I traveled to see a Shaman and while I was there, she told me that her guides told her to teach me how to "journey". Shamanic journeying is the inner art of traveling to the invisible worlds beyond ordinary reality in order to retrieve information for change in any area of our lives, from spirituality and health to work and relationships. During my journey I had asked if I was an Arcturian. I did not get an answer at that time and we left for home. My husband and I had pulled on to the highway and I closed my eyes to meditate on the drive home when my chin began to move down by itself and my head pulled backwards. I could feel my skull changing shape and while this was happening, a picture of a blue Arcturian flashed in my mind's eye. And then it was over. I had my answer! I could LITERALLY feel my skull changing shape. It was the most profound experience I have ever had!

In 2017 I was walking with my youngest daughter in a grocery store when all of the sudden, I felt a sharp stab/sting on my left hip. Like Id been stung by a very large bee or stabbed with a very large needle. We were looking around and investigating my skin, no one was around us and there was no mark on my skin.  The spot hurt the rest of the day and no mark ever appeared. The very next day I began to have wide spread pains throughout my body. I was later diagnosed with Fibromyalgia, but Ive always wondered if I was injected with something that I couldnt see by someone I couldnt see. 

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