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This is a powerful lot of 4 Orgonite disks to off set the harmful EMF's of smart meters. The last picture was taken from my apartment balcony. I made this set and put them underneath the rocks at the bottom. Not only will this help me, but everyone who lives in this building and my building.
These are about 2" across and about 1" thick.
These are full of quartz crystals, copper bb's, aluminum and brass shavings.

Metal shavings when effectively insulated with resin, perform in a similar way to electrical inductors in conducting and storing the ambient electromagnetic radiation in the body of the orgonite.  
The crystal component in the orgonite converts this electromagnetic charge into heat through the process of electro-striction (crystal naturally vibrates/oscillates when subjected to an electrical current or field), which effectively converts the EMR (electromagnetic radiation) into heat which escapes harmlessly allowing more EMR to be removed from the area in a continuous process.
EMR disrupts the etheric field and removing EMR allows the positive etheric energy to return.

Smart Meter Busters

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