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The Lost Cubit was discovered in April of 2000 by German astrophysicist Hans Becker and later was extensively researched by the well known metaphysical researcher Slim Spurling. The Lost Cubit is a previously unknown cubit length which fills a harmonic gap between the Sacred and Royal cubit
lengths of Ancient Egypt. Research and calculations made by Becker indicate that the Lost cubit may well have been deliberately omitted from ancient records due to its important and powerful esoteric significance.

The Lost Cubit is derived from the sum of the polar and equatorial circumferences of the Earth divided by the speed of light. The Lost Cubit therefore relates to cosmic harmonics in a special way. Due to its dual ability to resonate with cosmic energy frequencies and earth energy frequencies, The Lost Cubit is the secret key to extraordinary health and extreme longevity.

The Lost Cubit has a natural resonant frequency of 177 mhtz which corresponds to the frequency of DNA, thereby facilitating DNA repair and  DNA activation and ascension. It is becoming more widely accepted by scientists that DNA acts as an antenna for light energy, and therefore the harmonic frequencies of light and 

Combining this with orgonite yields a POWERFUL Healing and protection frequency. See video on the energetic effect this had on a pendulum. 


These are ground pyramids, meaning they are meant to be buried in a very specific way. OR one can be used during meditation, for pain, headaches or to protect from harmful EMF's and psychic attacks.

To use as ground pyramids to shield your home, you want the package of 6. You will want to map out your property and place these in the exact same mathematical measurement in the shape of the star of David. See illustration. The math is important. Each pyramid will be wrapped with wax paper with sacred words. Leave this on and bury with it. If you live in an apartment, measure out the star of David in your home and place pyramids at points (see illustration).


This listing is for a bundle of 6, wrapped pyramids.

These measure 2.6" high and 3.7" wide.


What is Orgone?

Orgone is energy that could be positive (healthy orgone) or negative (deadly orgone). Orgone energy is known by metaphysical and quantum physics disciplines by a host of different names such as chi, prana, etheric energy, bio magnetic energy and scalar energy.

Dr. Wilhelm Reich (1897-1957), a psychoanalyst who discovered and researched ORGONE, is known as a founding farther in this technology. The orgone energy discovered by Dr. Wilhelm Reich is said to convert harmful and dead life energy “DOR” (dead orgone energy)” into positive, fresh life energy “POR (positive orgone energy)”.The term/notion of ORGONE was derived by Dr. Wilhelm Reich, of the terms “organism” (organic energy).Orgone energy (also known as chi or life-energy): a universal, omnipresent, vibratory life force originally proposed in the 1930s by Wilhelm Reich. Orgone is everywhere and Reich measured this energy-in-motion over the surface of the earth.He even determined that its motion affected weather formation.
Nikola Tesla also spoke of orgone energy, as an ether energy.



What is Orgonite?

Orgone energy is similar to what the ancients have called prana, chi, or universal energy. Orgone is created by layering organic and inorganic materials that are able to harness this vital life force energy and amplify it so you can actually feel a sensation with it. Orgonite is a combination of crystal and metal in resin. When adding crystal into the mix, the crystal matrix is locked in an amplified state of its own frequency. The encased metal filters the negative frequencies. This combination creates a high-frequency output and a negative-frequency filter all in one piece. When Orgonite is within range of a source of negative energy (like electromagnetic frequencies—EMFs), it will efficiently and continuously transform it into positive energy.

Living beings—people, animals, trees, other plants—don’t do well near these frequency blasters (electrical grids, cell towers, 
satellites beaming down on us, HARP, not to mention everything in our home such as wifi and microwaves) The frequencies are incoherent with the planet and its life forms. People are sicker, not sleeping well, depressed, anxious, worn down. It is a real concern. Orgone energy is one way to offset some of the harmful effects. These are wonderful to have by your computer, tv's, wifi can cable cords, under your bed as you sleep...and so much more. When I have a headache, I lay down and put one on my forehead for about 5 minutes and my headache is gone! :) 

Metal shavings when effectively insulated with resin, perform in a similar way to electrical inductors in conducting and storing the ambient electromagnetic radiation in the body of the orgonite.  
The crystal component in the orgonite converts this electromagnetic charge into heat through the process of electro-striction (crystal naturally vibrates/oscillates when subjected to an electrical current or field), which effectively converts the EMR (electromagnetic radiation) into heat which escapes harmlessly allowing more EMR to be removed from the area in a continuous process.
EMR disrupts the etheric field and removing EMR allows the positive etheric energy to return.

Lost Cubit Coil Orgonite Ground Pyramid Set

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